• Lelouch's Shy Classmate

    Lelouch is the most popular student at Ashford Academy and he's tired of all the attention and Milly's teasing. Ashford Academy gets a new student, named C. C., who has autism. Lelouch tries to comfort her, but she tries to avoid him.

  • True Love Never Bothered Me Anyway

    Elsa has moved to the Enchanted Forest. Honeymaren is there to help Elsa adjust to her new surroundings. The bond between the two of them quickly grows.

  • Hermione's Reaction And Review

    Hermione Granger is smart enough to notice the flaws of her classmates and teachers. She used to be afraid of giving them advice, in order to avoid seeming like Ms. Know It All, but she can tell that her advice is needed.

  • A World Hermione Could Never Understand

    Hermione was hoping for a nice, pleasant day, but her classmates give her a chaotic day.

  • Lelouch And C C's Weirdly Beautiful Love

    Lelouch and C. C.'s relationship might be full of nonsense, but it's an incredible kind of love.

  • The Real Natsuki

    Natsuki's a tough, but shy person who often hides her true feelings. However, her anger towards her enemies and her love for Shizuru start becoming clearer.

  • The Great And Powerful Bond Of Trixie And Starlight Glimmer

    Trixie is quick to judge her new classmate, Starlight Glimmer. However, Starlight proves herself to be the type of person that Trixie likes. In fact, a magical bond quickly grows between the two of them.

  • Elsa's New Home

    Elsa has moved to the Enchanted Forest. Honeymaren is there to help Elsa adjust to her new surroundings. The bond between the two of them quickly grows.

  • The Return Of Blaze

    After being gone for a long time, Blaze returns to Sonic's home planet. She reunites with both Sonic and Cream. Cream wants Blaze to be her aunt, while Sonic wants Blaze to move in with him.

  • Thank You For Making Me Happy

    Natsuki doesn't have an easy life, but Shizuru gives her special feelings of happiness.

  • Justice vs Fighting

    Bulma tries to get Goku and Vegeta to stop fighting each other. Meanwhile, Piccolo has a sneaky plan.

  • Is Responsibility A Requirement At Hogwarts?

    Hermione, Harry and Ron all have responsibilities, but Harry and Ron don't take their responsibilities very seriously. Because of this, Hermione has to save them.

  • Lelouch, I'm Pregnant

    C. C.'s news puts her and Lelouch into an awkward, confusing situation. C. C. hopes to forget about the situation, but Lelouch has something else in mind.

  • Eccentric Double Date

    Lelouch and C. C. go on a double date with Natsuki and Shizuru. In order to have a good time, Lelouch will have to turn down his wacky behavior.

  • Lelouch Wonders Who the Doctor Is

    Lelouch and C. C. go to London. While there, they meet Rose and the Doctor.

  • A Proposal At Hogwarts

    Harry, Hermione and Ron are on their way to their school reunion at Hogwarts. Ron plans on proposing to Hermione at the reunion, but he needs Harry's help.

  • A New Relationship

    Ayano used to consider Kyoko her rival. Now that school's over, Ayano sees Kyoko as something else.

  • Don't Hate On Lelouch

    Almost everybody that Lelouch knows has a hard time putting up with him and his silly behavior. However, C. C. is a major exception, because she loves him with all her heart.

  • Lelouch Has A New Enemy?

    Lelouch starts becoming paranoid about a new opponent being after him.

  • Lelouch, C C's Clumsy Boyfriend

    Lelouch and C. C. might be in a happy relationship, but it's a relationship that's full of antics.