Black Heir: First Year

First Year

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"UP! UP!" the matron's rusty bell rang out through the old wooden hallway that held the boy's rooms. "6 O'Clock! Get Ready!"

The noise soon faded away as the lady went to wake the others. The matron, Mrs Heftner, was an elderly portly woman, who had been there for most of her life. There were 12 rooms in the younger boy's hallway, and all were occupied. The three stories, 1 for girls, one for boys and the ground for, made for the kitchens, dining and the matron's dreaded office. There was a gloomy office in the building, and the greys and sad blues didn't help.

"I'm up," Leo groaned to himself as he pulled himself from a tangle of bedsheets and an unhealthy amount of pillows. His short wavy hair currently resembled a bird's nest his eyes were half-closed. Reasonable for one who had snuck out late at night. He hoped the old harpy wouldn't find out. He swung his legs over the rickety single bed and resolved to find a better mattress; he felt like he slept on stones. Standing up, he took a fresh pair of blue jeans, a shirt and his blue hoodie and headed to the showers. The earlier they got ready and went out, the fewer chores the matron would give them.

He walked out of the bathroom, snuck down the hall and out the back door of the orphanage. They were located just out of town in a rural area and the kids had plenty of space to run. Along the left of the yard, there was an old crumbling stone wall that separated the orphanages land from the neighbour, with a small creek running in between. This wall was Leo's destination for the morning. The top of the wall was just high enough up the only way you could reach him was if you started at a lower part and walked along the foot-wide wall. The right side of the wall had grass just in case you feel, but on the left was a twenty-foot drop onto the rocks lining the creek. Needless to say, when he was on the wall, none of the kids could throw rocks at Leo.

Leo loved to be in high places. Standing on the edge of the wall or climbing the tallest tree in the field just to read, or interact with the birds. He loved it. He sometimes wished he could fly.

Leo never worried about getting hurt or bruised. His wounds healed quicker than the other kids, much to Mrs Heftner's confusion. The old stern woman wasn't a bad caretaker. She'd been working with children for almost forty years and it was in her opinion that knew all there was to know about children. Being a particularly peculiar child, Leo was Mrs Heftner's greatest frustration.

He sat on the wall, gazing out into the warm summer morning. Like most kids, Leo loved the summer holidays. It meant no school. And no school meant more time to spend with his very few friends and practice soccer. What he didn't understand though, is why he couldn't get adopted. Why couldn't he be a tiny bit normal? Weird stuff would just happen around him. Something up too high on a shelf would float down and when the kids used to throw rocks at him it was as if the air around him hardened and the rocks simply bounced away, sometimes even hitting the person who'd thrown it.

When Leo was a baby he'd almost been adopted a few times. The first time was just a few months after he'd been left at the orphanage, he was around 2. The people who'd taken him home laid him down to sleep and came back a few minutes later to see his stuffed animals dancing around as he laughed. He was brought back to the orphanage before the night was even up. Six other times a family took him home to stay and brought him back within the week. The last time Leo had been eight and he swore to himself that he was not going to let anything unexplainable happen again. He was going to stay with the Johnsons and they were going to be his new parents… but the Johnsons had an older son who didn't want his parents to have another kid.

After their first dinner as a family, Leo excitedly went to his new room to explore. The Johnson's kid followed him in and started saying mean things. Saying Leo was worthless and unwanted. Then suddenly there was a scream and Leo stayed cowered into the corner not looking up until he heard his new parents run into the room and Mrs Johnson screamed. Leo saw the boy hanging upside down in the middle of the room, a horrified look on his face as he yelled and cried for someone to let him down.

When Leo saw this he was instantly startled and let go of that feeling inside of him that he felt sometimes when bad things happened around him. Just then the Johnson boy fell to the ground and his mother scooped him up into her arms. Leo went over to his bed and grabbed his small suitcase holding the few belongings that hadn't been unpacked, and walked to the front door of the house. It only took a minute for Mr Johnson to appear. He didn't say a word as he drove back to the orphanage.

Leo heard Mrs Heftner yelling out the back door for her. "Leo Black! You get back in here for breakfast! And you better not be up on that wall again!" Leo looked up startled. He jumped down from the 3-metre wall, a feat he completed easily but would have given Mrs Heftner a heart attack. Leo ran back inside the boring house, where he wished for something exciting and wonderful to happen away from this mundane existence.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!"

Slightly frustrated Mrs Heftner stood up and walked to the door. She took a deep breath putting a fake smile on her face before she opened the door. The person standing on the other side was not what she was expecting. She was gazing at what seemed like a man but looked too short. Suddenly remembering her manners she picked her smile back up. "May I help you?"

The man gave a big grin and held out his hand. He had a squeaky voice. "Yes, Ma'am. My name is Filius Flitwick. I am a professor at a very elite private school. I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time to discuss one of your wards."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Come in, come in. Would you like some tea, Mr Flitwick?"

"I would love to have some, thank you." Mrs Heftner walked to the sitting room with the Professor following her.

This man was from an elite private school? What could he possibly want with one of her wards? Maybe one of the children had rich relatives Mrs Heftner wasn't aware of and now they were wanting to take command of their long lost nephews schooling. And maybe they would like to thank Mrs Heftner for her kindness and make a generous donation to the school. But which of the children still had a family?

Mrs Hefner led the Professor into the sitting room, her manners back in full force. "If you would please have a seat Professor, I will be right out with your tea."

Mrs Hefner quickly bustled away to the kitchen to put the pot back on the stove while she thought of all the possible outcomes the arrival of the mysterious professor could have for her.

Filius Flitwick sighed as he waited in the muggle sitting room. It was one of his favourite things to do every summer, when he and Minerva got to take acceptance letters to the muggle-born families and explain to the oblivious parents their child they always thought was a little different was, in fact, a witch or wizard. But retrieving this boy was a different task and was difficult for a few reasons. For starters given the woman he'd just met was not the child's family, Filius would be unable to disclose particular information, and considering the excited look the woman had given him when Filius spoke of a well-established school, he was sure the other woman would be rather curious.

But that wasn't the only factor that would make this difficult. When he told a child and their parents about the wizarding world it was an exciting discussion. Telling the child about all the things that made their world so grand was wonderful. But with the young boy, Filius was about to meet, telling the full story would not be a happy time. Surely the boy will ask of his family. How else would he be a wizard if not of from her parents?

But the McKinnon heir had to know. Filius had been asked by Leo's late mother to explain all he knew if no-one else had done so.

Filius rubbed his worrying head as the bustling woman re-entered with a tray full of tea things and promptly made her guest a cup.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Mrs Hefner. Now the matter I wished to discuss with you is rather important. One of the children under your care is going to be of age to attend the school I am employed with this fall. His name was put down in our books the day he was born, and although he has no family to claim him, his identity is still known to us and it is my job to make sure he is in attendance this fall."

Mrs Hefner was looking even more surprised and was still rather a speechless point so Filius continued.

"Now, I've already made all the arrangements. I will take the child with me today and take him shopping for his school supplies. Our school is very particular about the necessary equipment required. Don't worry, funds for schooling have already been set aside. After we have gathered everything he needs I will bring him back here to be placed back in your care until the start of term on September first. I already have the ticket for the train and have arranged transportation from here to Kings Cross. I also have the paperwork from the ministry releasing the child into the school's custody. After his departure on September first, he will be a ward of the school and your care will no longer be required. Does that sound like an acceptable plan?"

Flitwick had finished speaking but Mrs Heftner looked nowhere ready to respond. He sighed and took a sip of her tea. Grimacing at the flavour he set the tea down and stood up. "I don't suppose you could take me to see the child now, could you?"

Finally finding her voice Mrs Heftner asked the only question she could think. "What is the child's name?"

"Leo Alphard McKinnon-Black."

Leo was absorbed with the book he was reading. The hight of the treetops was enough to hide him from a few of the more annoying children, but he was still visible enough for the matron to call him if need be. But he was so absorbed in the fascinating science book that he didn't notice the matron walking his way, not even when his name was shouted twice.

It wasn't until the woman and the strange man stood below the tree that Leo took notice.

"LEO BLACK!" He jumped several inches in the air, which was a dangerous reaction given he was at least 10 metres up a tree. "Get out of that tree this instant before you break your neck!"

Leo rolled his eyes at the matron's screeching and threw the book off the tree, which landed on the ground with a thump. He climbed expertly down the tree, grabbing branches left and right. He jumped the last 2 metres and landed gracefully on the ground trying not to smile at the gasp of horror his guardian let out. She quickly snapped out of it and introduced the man standing by her side.

"This is Professor Flitwick, he is here to offer you a place at the school where he's employed."

Leo glanced at the short professor who was wearing a top hat and a posh bathrobe and held his sap filled hand out for a handshake.

"Pleasure to meet you, sir," Leo remarked with his roughish grin.

"And it's a pleasure to meet you, young man." the man shook his hand but it seemed, much to Leo's dismay, that none of the sap had stayed on. "I must say, you look extraordinarily like your father. Though, he did prefer to keep his more curly hair very long. Annoyed his wife - your mother - to no end."

Black's black wavy hair and his light grey-blue eyes were, as Flitwick noticed, exactly like his father's. He had high cheekbones and an aristocratic face, though most would say the McKinnons had similar features.

"Did you know them?" Leo's eyes filled with curiosity, hoping to learn of his family a bit more.

"I did, though I believe I should tell you another time, seeing as we have a lot to get done over the rest of the day," Flitwick smiled and turned to the matron, who had been trying to swat a pesky fly for the last moments.

"We should be off then, Miss Hefner, I'll bring him back by the end of the day, and I hope you will drop him to the station on the 1st?"

"Of course," the old lady wiped her grey hair off her face and gave a sickening smile to the professor.

Flitwick guided Leo to the main road, just outside the orphanage where a taxi was waiting. The Professor allowed him to slide in first. Then the Professor climbed in the car and told the driver to take them to a street in London that Black had never heard of. As they drove down the road a horrifying thought popped into Leo's head.

"Um, Professor? Where am I going to get the money for my school supplies?"

"Oh, don't you worry about it. The McKinnon and Black families are ancient and have piles of gold and riches." Professor Flitwick's eyes shone as he said that, before looking back at Leo, with a bright grin. "You don't think your parent's left you with nothing? Did you?"

"You're the first person I've ever met who's claimed to even know who they are," Leo wanted answers.

"I know you must have many questions rolling around inside of you, and I promise to answer as many as I can eventually. Honestly, there's just so much that I need to tell you, I just don't know where to start."

Filius was lost. Should he start by saying that Leo was a wizard? Though he couldn't talk to him about magic with the cab driver in hearing, at the same time, her family's position wouldn't make sense without knowing about magic.

"Who were my parents anyway? I don't even know their names," Leo put up his fake mask of sadness, the look that he used to get away with asking too many questions. But the diminutive professor had to know something, and Leo would find what was going on no matter the cost.

"Your mother's name was Marlene McKinnon. I taught her and your father when they were in school. Your mother was one of the brightest students in her house and she truly loved to learn. She had long light and wavy brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. Your father was a man by the name of Sirius Black. He and his friends were quite the pranksters back in their school days. I put him in detention more times than I can remember. Your Mother and father were complete opposites, but alas towards the end of their schooling they fell in love, and a few years after graduation were married, and then you came along not long after that. Leo Alphard McKinnon Black."

"Then what happened to them?" Leo's eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"That, I cannot tell you until we enter the bank," Flitwick said, ending the conversation.

Leo was about to ask another question, but the driver interrupted them.

"All right, we're here. That will be thirty-five pounds"

Leo wasn't exactly sure where he was. There were on a street with only a few shops nearby, and a small pub that those passing by didn't seem to notice. The sign said "The Leaky Cauldron".

"We're going here?" Leo chuckled, hoping the professor was joking. "You realise I can't drink, right? Though that would be fun."

The man rolled his eyes at him.

"Alright now keep close to me. What you are about to see might seem a little confusing, but trust me when I say I will explain everything to you until it makes sense. Sound good?" Without waiting for a response the Professor pushed open the door to the small pub and pulled Leo inside.

For a famous place, it was very dark and shabby. A few old women were sitting in a corner, drinking tiny glasses of sherry. One of them was smoking a long pipe. A little man in a top hat was talking to the old bartender, who was quite bald and looked like a toothless walnut. The low buzz of chatter stopped when they walked in. Everyone seemed to know Professor Flitwick; they smiled at him or nodded respectfully. The bartender reached for a glass, saying "The usual, Filius?"

"I can't, Tom, I'm showing a muggle-raised student around," said Professor Flitwick, nodding to Black. "Good Lord," said the bartender, peering at Leo, "this is -?"

The bartender, Tom, had suddenly gone completely still and silent. "You look exactly like him," whispered the old bartender." Tom looked at him with pity in his eyes and turned back to Flitwick. "Does he know?"

Flitwick shook his head, "I'm waiting until we get to Gringotts to tell him. Is it really that obvious that it's him?"

"Yes, you should get a glamour up," Tom told Flitwick, before holding his hand out to Leo. "Tom the barman, Mr McKinnon, nice to meet you. I'm sorry if others give you a hard time once they find who you are."

Leo didn't know what to say. How did the man know his name? A moment later, Professor Flitwick whipped out his wand and cracked it over his head, causing a feeling like cold water to run down Leo's back. For a moment it seemed that his ears were clogged with cotton, for he couldn't hear anything of what the professor was saying to Tom. Flitwick took him to the back of the Cauldron and took out a stick (Leo was sure it was a magic wand) and tapped a few bricks.

Leo saw several brightly coloured and loud shops, people with weird hats and even stranger clothes walking around.

'Where do we go?' Leo questioned him cheerfully.

'First, we need to go to the bank, Gringotts,' Flitwick said. 'It's run by goblins, a formidable warrior rave. I'm a part goblin.'

Leo was soaking up every bit of information, and every sight they were seeing along the way.

'How come they're all wearing weird dresses?' Leo asked innocently.

'They are called robes, which people in the wizarding world wear casually,' Flitwick replied, a bit frustrated.

'I'll have to wear them too,' Leo said, mortified.

Flitwick gave him a small glare.

It was long, long enough that Leo couldn't see an end through the crowds of people, and filled with the oddest assortments of shops he had ever seen. Leo wished he had about six months and eight sets of eyes.

There was a shop window filled entirely with cauldrons, bronze and silver and gold, some of them stirring invisible contents. A brightly coloured bookstore advertised an appearance by a man with curly blonde hair and brightly sparkling teeth. One display was nothing but a purple velvet cushion with a long stick perched across it. Even the little ice cream stand on the corner advertised things like "Pumpkin Pasties A La Mode" and "Bertie Bott's Grass Stain" right next to flavours like Raspberry and Chocolate. And then there were the people, almost all donning velvetine cloaks even in the summery weather. Accessories ranged from giant purses to pointed hats, all glinting with a sort of magical sense that caught Leo between a snarl and a grin.

It was a towering building of snowy white that cast an imposing shadow over the little alley, fronted by huge, brass doors that looked, to Leo, suspiciously like eyes. Standing beside the door was a short kind of man, a goblin he realised, with a pointed beard who Leo was having trouble focusing on, because yes, Gringotts was difficult to miss.

'Wow. Is that Gringotts?' Leo looked up at the towering building.


They stepped toward the double doors, pausing to look at the inscription.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than Treasure there.

Flitwick walked through the large doors, and the Goblins gave him feral looking grins and nodded their heads respectfully. Inside was a long marble counter with hundreds of scary little creatures sitting on tall stools behind it. The creatures were doing things like scribbling in large ledgers and weighing coins on brass scales. The creatures bowed his head respectfully as Flitwick passed. Leo took his cue and pretended not to notice their sharp teeth and long pointed fingers.

Professor Flitwick went up to the teller.

"Heir McKinnon-Black would like to look at his accounts."

The goblin and Flitwick started speaking in a language, that Leo thought sounded gobbled and confusing.

"Follow me, please." The banker walked from around the desk and down a long corridor. He kept walking as the white marble corridor lead to a corridor of rooms, full of labels. The goblin and Flitwick were talking in their language and Leo was further behind them, looking at the doors they were passing. The first section read Noble, in grey writing. A few names of these doors were Rosier, MacMillan, Bones, Rowle and Vanders.

"Sir! What are these for?" Leo called out to Flitwick, who turned and gazed at the doors around them.

"We will explain it in time," Flitwick called back, before turning to the goblin and talking in the very weird language.

They reached a door saying, in graceful gold writing,

Account Manager Ripfang

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

The Noble and Most Ancient House of McKinnon'

The corridor was full of doors that had similar inscriptions. The goblin opened the door and let Flitwick and Leo pass inside.

The room they entered was round and large. It had a large cabinet on the right side, where many books and artifacts rested. The wallpaper was green and yellow, a horrible combination of colours. There were also two crests hung up on the walls; one with a raven surrounded by seven stars and the other a boar's head with a shin bone in the mouth.

Below the crests read two motto's, underneath the boar: Audentes Fortuna Juvat, which Leo recognised as fortune assists the daring, and under the Raven crest Toujours Pur, French for always pure.

Leo was suddenly relieved he took both the Latin and French courses that were offered to him. There was a large mahogany desk toward the left-hand side. Leo realised the desk was positioned there because it was significantly easier to defend yourself. Sitting behind the desk was a goblin, who had been talking with Flitwick for the last minute or two.

"Heir McKinnon-Black," the goblin, Ripfang, Leo remembered, gave him a terrifying grin greedily. Leo had no idea what this person (can I call him a person?) meant, but agreed to play along, bullshiting his way through things worked well. Sometimes. "I see you are now of the age where we can explain things. Though it is a pleasure to meet the new McKinnon heir, we have been friends and allies for centuries."

"Pleasure to meet you, Account Manager Ripfang," Leo replied, though he was sure that he was interrupting. "I hope to continue this friendship in good favour."

"Of course. Now have a seat. We have quite a lot to get through," Flitwick and Leo took seats in front of Ripfang's desk. "Have you explained the war?"

"No," Flitwick's squeaky voice turned serious. "I was told to leave that until we reached the bank."

Leo looked between the two, recognising the small message. Flitwick had no choice in this matter and was forced to keep quiet or face unruly consequences. Leo listened to his account manager as he explained the war. A Dark Lord, by the name of Voldemort (usually called You-Know-Who), had waged war on the magical world. He was very evil and killed a lot of people so people were so frightened that they refused to say his name. He amassed a small army of Death Eaters (a weird name) and planned to overthrow the muggle-born community of magical Britain. Apparently, some people believed the magical purity of their blood made them better than others. Definitely grounds for inbreeding, Leo had said to himself. People who descended from a long line of wizards they would be considered pure-blood, sometimes there are children born to muggle (non-magical) families who have magic in their blood, and these kids are called muggle-born.

"Now this is where your family comes in," Ripfang explained. Leo could tell that he was tired of the explanation. "You come from a very old line of wizards. Which is why you are a pureblood. Your father's family was The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and your mother's The Noble and Most Ancient House of McKinnon. Your family history is important, and it is not a goblin's place to deal with such petty wizarding matters."

"Yes. Which is haven't been talking about wizarding matters for the past ten minutes," Leo replied sarcastically, unknowingly acting like his estranged father. Flitwick rolled his eyes yet didn't say anything.

The goblin glared before continuing.

"Your father Sirius Black was estranged from the Black Family. This family has a history of being placed in Slytherin, but he was placed in Gryffindor house."

Leo had a confused look.

"The Hogwarts houses?"

"I'll explain later," Flitwick quickly said, signalling for the goblin to continue.

"Once it became evident to your great-grandfather, Arcturus Black that Sirius was becoming hurt, he immediately made him the heir to house Black. During school, Sirius befriended the Potter Heir, James Potter and was even made the godfather to his child, named Harry Potter. He ran away at the age of 15 to live with James Potter, further estranging himself from the Black name."

"How do you know this?" Leo asked.

"I was good friends with your mother, Heir McKinnon," Ripfang explained. "Your mother treated me and the goblin nation with respect and as equals. Your father eventually followed, but he still held distrust."

"Please call me Leo," Leo decided, having the goblins as friends would be useful. From what he had learnt from his limited time here, the goblins were warriors and feared from the others. They also handled everyone's money and probably knew all the gossip.

The goblin nodded before continuing his story.

"Your father's family was and still is known for being dark and using dark magic. But, your father made sure to tell everyone how opposed he was to his original family values. He joined Dumbledore's light faction on the Wizengamont, like the house of lords in non-magical Britain, even though house Black was always part of the Neutral or Dark Factions. He was then one of the Light's staunchest supporters."

"Now the worst part was his arranged marriage to one Marlene McKinnon. They didn't hate each other but didn't particularly like each other either. He didn't want to marry or have a child and last I heard was that he planned to make Harry Potter his heir, but James and Lily Potter objected. A year and a half later, the Potters, except for Harry Potter, died. Harry Potter survived the killing curse which is a feat no-one has ever achieved and was named the Boy-Who-Lived. They were under a charm called the Fidelius charm, which meant that they needed a secret keeper. Only the secret keeper would know where they lived, and they were the only ones who could tell others the location. Your father was the decoy in this charm and Peter Pettigrew was the real keeper. When your father heard that the Potter's had died, he went after Pettergriew and attempted to capture him. He was then arrested for allegedly killing Pettigrew and 12 muggles and betraying the Potters, even though it was Pettigrew. Sirius Black currently resides in Azkaban. He was called Lord Voldemort's right-hand man, and never received a trial. Your mother was killed by death eaters the day after. Your mother's family had been killed in an attack led by Lucius Malfoy, and it was unsafe to stay with your father's side. Albus Dumbledore had been attempting to take you away and become your magical guardian, but you were placed in a muggle orphanage on your mother's will because no guardian was available."

The goblin stopped his explanation, instead bringing up a piece of parchment (they were old fashioned...) and a ceremonial dagger.

"We need you to cut your finger so a drop of blood will fall on the parchment, so we know if you have any lines you can claim."

Leo Alphard McKinnon Black

November 7, 1979


Mother: Marlene Beatrice McKinnon (deceased)

Father: Sirius Orion Black III (Azkaban)

Magical Guardian: Filius Flitwick II


Godfather - James Charlus Potter, Blood and Magic (deceased)

Godfather - Frank Cristopher Longbottom, Blood and Magic (unavailable)

Godmother - Mary MacDougal (deceased)

Godmother - Bellatrix Ursula Lestrange, Blood and Magic (Azkaban)

Heirs to:

Black (blood and magic, father)

McKinnon (blood and magic, mother)

LeFey (by blood, father) - never claimed by family

Magic (no blocks)

Magic core - developing, above average

Wandless Magic

Natural Occlumency

Animagus (ability to become)

Close Family Members

Regulus Arcturus Black(paternal uncle, deceased)

Andres Henley McKinnon (maternal uncle, deceased)

James Charlus Potter (maternal second cousin, paternal second cousin twice removed, deceased)

Narcissa Druella Malfoy nee Black

Bellatrix Ursula Lestrange nee Black

Andromeda Cassiopeia Tonks nee Black

Nymphadora Tonks

Draco Malfoy

Other Information:

Dark Magic affinity

8 seats on British Wizengamont

5 seats on Italian Court

2 seats on French Court

'Andromeda's disowning was a ruse,' was Leo's first thought to himself.

"So you are who you say," the goblin ignored Leo's shocked look and didn't bother answering his questions. "Here are your properties, investments and money. For all his faults, your father was very good at investing and knew how to use his money."

"But Le Fay?" Leo had heard the stories of Morgana Le Fay.

"We suggest you do not claim that, or at least, do not let anyone know you have claimed it," Ripfang said, and Flitwick seemed to agree.

Flitwick didn't seem shocked at the list; he knew the Black's had accumulated a lot of wealth. But the last McKinnon was startled.

Black Vaults

Vault 8 - Black Family Vault (heirlooms, books, jewellery, diamonds, swords, armours, artworks, clothing, wands)

Vault 7 - Black Money Vault (195,998,000 G 13,850,000 S; 950,000 K)

Vault 624 - Black Heir Trust Vault (300,000 G, never touched)

Vault 629 - Sirius Black Vault (Books, Armour, 7,600,000 G)

Vault 632 - Marlene McKinnon Vault (Books, Jewellery, Armour)

Vault 637 - Narcissa Malfoy Trust (5,835,000 G)

Vault 638 - Bellatrix Lestrange Trust (7,576,321 G)

Vault 640 - Draco Malfoy Trust (50,000 G, never touched)

Black Properties

Black Townhouse - 12 Grimmauld Place, London

Black Villa - Italy

Black Chateaux - (undisclosed location)

Black Country House - (undisclosed location)

Black Farm House (undisclosed location)

Black Manor - (undisclosed location)

Black Breakaway - USA

Holiday House - Spain

House - Japan

Black Beach House - (undisclosed Location)

Black Investments

Nimbus Broom Company 12%

The Daily Prophet 18%

Borgin and Burkes 25%

Custom Wands 260BC 54%

Cavern's Pub - 63%

Leaky Cauldron - 8%

Twilfit and Tattlings 27%

Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions 23%

Honeydukes 38%

Zonko's Joke Shop 37%

Greengrass Apothecary 26%

Maurice's Books 46%

Marauders Jewellery 25%

Popovich Wand Store - 32%

Various in Knocturn Alley

*There are more I just can't be bothered to list them

"Holy shit," Leo exclaimed as he saw the list, ignoring the reprimanding look from Flitwick. He had nearly fallen off the chair when he saw how much he had been left by his family. "How?"

"Your father's side of the family are smart enough to make smart investments," the goblin gave greedy look. "Your father was a genius and a gambler. He took most of the fortune and invested in many different companies he thought would do well. Most succeeded, some failed but he has increased the Black Fortune greatly. If Gringotts hired wizarding accountants, I am sure your father would have been a big hit."

"What's a Nimbus? And Knockturn alley? Is there a way I can start investing too?" Leo asked the questions at a rapid pace, receiving good replies from his account manager. Though it was a shame he couldn't start investing until he was 15; he did have plans.

The goblin took off another paper from his messy desk and handed it to Leo.

McKinnon Vaults

Vault 10 - McKinnon Family Vault (heirlooms, books, jewellery, diamonds, swords, armours, artworks, clothing, wands, portraits)

Vault 12 - McKinnon Money Vault (undisclosed amount)

Vault 198 - McKinnon Property Holdings (artifacts, books, portraits, furniture, manor holdings)

Vault 568 - McKinnon Heir Trust Vault (400,000 G)

McKinnon Properties

McKinnon Manor - (undisclosed location, half-destroyed)

McKinnon Chateaux - (undisclosed location)

Marlene's Retreat - (undisclosed location)

Beach House - (undisclosed Location)

Marauder's Hideaway - (shared with House Black and House Potter)

Townhouse - New York (near MACUSA)

Cottage - a town in Amazon, (near Castlebrux)

McKinnon House - 18 Finchley Avenue, Chelsea

Apartment - Iwo Jima, Japan

House - Japan

Breakaway - Sydney

Safari Farm - Uganda, Africa

McKinnon Investments

Nimbus Broom Company 18%

The Daily Prophet 13%

Quality Quidditch Supplies 38%

Custom Wands 260BC 12%

Twilfit and Tattlings 8%

Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions 27%

Honeydukes 12%

Three Broomsticks 42%

Zonko's Joke Shop 13%

Greengrass Apothecary 26%

Longbottom Greenhouse and Apothecary 30%

Bone's Armoury - 49%

Maurice's Books 46%

Wizard Optition - 49%

Beasts and Kritters - 69%

*There are more I just can't be bothered to list them

"Now I just need Filius to take the oath to be your guardian and you need to get your heir rings," the Goblin brought out yet another piece of parchment - 'how many did they have?' and handed it out to Flitwick who raised his wand and spoke what had been written.

"I, Filius Flitwick, swear on my magic, honour and life that in my capacity as Heir Leo Alphard McKinnon-Black's magical guardian, I will not steal from House McKinnon or Black, I will not knowingly commit a wrong to their heir, I shall allow Leo Alphard Black any freedoms he requires and will protect him from evils that I am able to. I will keep the secrets of House Black and House McKinnon. So I say, so mote it be."

His wand flashed white and a faint glow appeared over him. Leo masked his look of surprise and decided to leave his questions until later, maybe he could get a book on the topic. Ripfang was currently getting two boxes with his family's crests on them.

"Put these on then you can finish and I can get back to my business. Time is money."

"Which fingers?" Leo stood up from his chair and grabbed the first ring. It had his family crest of Ravens and Stars printed on a black stone, with a silver rim.

"The McKinnon on the middle, and the Black on the index finger, same hand," the goblin replied, becoming noticeably annoyed.

Yes. He would need books. Lots of them.

Leo slipped on the black ring, a feel of awareness but also calmness clouded him, making him feel colder. The second ring was gold, with red and silver and blue engravings. There was a purple stone in the middle, with a dark blue outline of the crest. As he slipped it on, he could feel shivers running up his spine, but it soon faded away and the warm magic wrapped around him like it was protecting the last of its kind.

They had been at the Alley for nearly an hour, and they still didn't have all the equipment. Leo had gotten a few extra spellbooks, his parent's diaries, a dagger, a copy of the 'Marauder's Map and an Animagus Diary from his father. The most important thing he had found in the Black Family vault, was a wand from his Great Uncle Alphard, who he was named after. It was Pine and Acromantula venom and Flitwick had told him to get two holsters and make that wand his spare.

"Can we have a look at wands now? That way we only need books and robes."

"Of course," Flitwick said in his ever-cheerful voice. They weaved through the crowd of people until they found a shabby looking shop.

The wand on the dusty purple pillow in the display gleamed in the afternoon sunshine, and hazy dust motes swarmed behind the glass.

Leo felt so excited as he stepped into Ollivanders shop that he could hear the blood pounding in his ears with every heartbeat. He could feel the latent magic of the place. All of that potential packed into so little room…. The air buzzed with it. An old man looked up from a book on his desk when the bell announced them. "Mr Black. Here for your wand?"

"I wonder what else people come here for," he remarked, stepping closer to the desk.

Mr Ollivander came around the counter. "You look exactly like your father, you know. Though let us hope you find a few of your mother's traits. I can still remember when they came and got their wands here, oh, twenty-some years ago now. Your father, a Blackthorn and Dragon Heartstring core, good for duelling and capable of the fiercest magic. But your mother, Hawthorn and Dragon Heartstring, for particularly talented people. Wands like her's were very good for healing, a career which she pursued. Though I suppose you already have a good wand with you today? The Black family does get them custom made at the age of fourteen."

He paused for a moment, while his blue eyes jittered to a panicked Flitwick and back to an indifferent Leo.

"Which hand?" the man suddenly asked, going behind his dusty counter prepared to get boxes out.

"Right hand," Leo said confidently, wanting nothing more than to get this over with.

"Very well, very well, hold it out – like so, if you please, yes –" he pulled a small tape measure out of a pocket. Proceeding to make a series of measurements that got more and more unorthodox as they continued. Shoulder to the wrist, elbow to thumb joint, shoulder to waist, around his head, kneecap to the chin, between his nostrils, it attempted to measure between his legs, and Leo was about to grab it and slam it onto the desk.

It would look bad on me and Ollivander might get angry.

Leo's ring was starting to influence him and he started thinking about the consequences of doing that.

"Well, let's just take a start with these then, shall we?" Ollivander had a wealth of wands placed on the desk, and a gleam in his eyes.

Mr Ollivander handed him wand after wand to test out. Before Leo could do anything much, they were snatched away from him again, with another quickly replaced it.

"Ebony and unicorn hair, eight and a half inches, springy! No, no, willow and dragon heartstring, ten inches, very stiff," he flitted here and there among the shelves, pulling boxes out seemingly at random. "No, of course not, ash and phoenix tail feather, six and three-quarter inches, pliable! No? Well, then, a bendy nine-inch maple and dragon heartstring? No, no, not at all! Actually! Not to worry,' the man speaks to himself. "I think I have just the one.'

Ollivander hurried to the back of the store, past many shelves of wands, leaving them to their own devices. The pile was lower than before. Half the Wands hadn't been used. Leo was starting to think that the man might be a bit crazy.

"Ah, here we go," Ollivander brought our another dusty box. "This was made by my great grandfather and has two cores, one is very rare to come across."

"11 inches, Red Oak with Thunderbird and Dragon Heartstring core. The oak shows that it's the perfect duelling wand, for people who are adaptable and witted. It's great for making trademark spells. Combined with the Thunderbird Tail-feather it is perfect for Transfiguration, Curses and Defence. But as a word of warning," Ollivander paused slightly, taking in the shocked look from Flitwick, while Leo was compelled to keep his thoughts hidden. "They have been known to fire curses pre-emptively when hidden dangers are present. And combined with the Dragon Heartstring, you may have a higher affinity to the dark arts."

Leo gripped the wand gingerly, expecting it to be yanked out of his hand yet again as countless others had before. Instead, a warm sensation spread up from his fingers. All the hairs on his body seemed to stand up at once. Waving it experimentally, a fountain of golden sparks jetted out of the tip. He stared at the bit of wood in amazement. Ollivander looked a bit surprised and deep in thought, "I expect great things from you Mr Black, great things."

Almost as soon as they'd headed out, Flitwick turned to him. "Congratulations on your wand, Mr Black."

"Thanks," Leo said, remembering the piece of wood had placed in his second holster. He would need to find a place to keep it when he went back to the orphanage, he didn't want anyone else touching his things and he would need to find more comfortable clothes to keep his holster under. Speaking of which.

He'd noticed the odd stares people had been giving him when they thought he wasn't looking. He couldn't help coming into Diagon Alley with hand me down orphanage clothes, but that didn't mean he'd leave looking like this.

"Where can I get a fresh set of clothes?" he asked, eyeing the elegant robes he saw people walking around in. They seemed a bit impractical for everyday use, but he'd take them over the clothes on his back.

"Right there." Flitwick pointed at a shop with a display of moving mannequins modelling fine clothing. "You need to get your school robes anyway, and then you can head to the book store nearby. I need to run an errand for a friend, so I will meet you back in the Leaky Cauldron."

Leo nodded, double-checking if his letter with the list of supplies he'd need for first-year was still in his pocket.

He walked into Madam Malkin's shop, a bell ringing to announce his entrance. The walls were painted in a pattern of stars against a green sky. He was no connoisseur, but even he thought it looked a tad garish, especially in a clothing shop.

A squat woman in mauve attire smiled warmly at him. "Hogwarts, dear? Got the lot here - some of your year mates being fitted up right now."

The students in question glanced at the new arrival.

Leo returned her smile, glad she didn't look over his old wear too much. He reasoned she probably saw her fair share of wizards who'd been raised by muggles. He focused his attention on the three other kids in the shop. Two boys were standing on stools, being fitted by two ladies for their robes. They were both built tall and lanky, though one boy had pale skin and brown hair. The other, tanned with cropped black hair. The last student was a girl sitting on a provided sofa, blond, shoulder-length hair visible even as she buried her face in a book with studied disinterest.

Leo stepped onto the stool with confidence, looking every bit the pureblood heir.

"First-year?" the boy beside him, the one with a pale complexion and brown hair asked.

Despite himself, Leo made sure to hold his grin and gave a small smile instead. "Yeah."

Leo studied the boy, who in turn, seemed to study him. It was subtle, but years of listening for footsteps and trying to sneak out the orphanage honed his skills.

"My name's Theo," the boy said. He seemed to wait a moment as if expecting some reaction but continued upon not seeing one. "Theo, Heir of House Nott."

"Theodore," the boy to Theo's right said with some amusement.

Theo shot the other boy a look. "Unless they're gits like Blaise over here."

The boy called Blaise choked back a laugh before turning to Harry. "Blaise, Heir of House Zabini, at your service."

Leo blinked at that. Houses Nott and Zabini? He didn't know the names, of course, but he guessed they were at least Noble Houses.

"Leo, Heir of Houses McKinnon and Black. Pleased to make your acquaintance." He could feel his heir rings influencing him in the proper etiquette. He thought his companions flinched, but if they had, they recovered with practised ease.

"Leo McKinnon-Black?" Theo repeated as if he wasn't sure he'd heard right. "Forgive my rudeness, but where have you been this whole time? We were told you were taken by the goblins on behalf of the McKinnons for safety. A lot of people thought you were dead."

Leo noticed then that the ladies checking Theo and Blaise's cloaks were doing their best to look uninterested in the conversation. It seemed Flitwick had forgotten to tell him a few things. He slipped into a genuine laugh. "I can assure you I had never met a goblin until I went into Gringotts."

"And he isn't pale enough to be a ghost," Blaise mused.

"I don't know, Blaise, he could be an inferius," Theo added.

Leo repressed a frown. He had no idea what that was, but he didn't want to ruin their impression of him any more.

"Or a zombie," Blaise offered. He seemed to have caught Black's confusion and thrown him a bone. "Although we usually don't get those in Britain."

Ah. Now Leo understood. "Nope. Been alive the whole time. I had to live with non-magical people secret."

"My condolences," Theo said.

"And mine," Blaise added.

Leo was sure they were talking about living with non-magicals and he decided to paint them positively. "No need. Have you gotten your books?"

"Nope," Theo answered, the p sound popping loudly. He smirked. "Why? Do you want help?"

Yes, Leo thought, but instead, he said, "I just thought it'd be more interesting to do it together. I've always liked books."

And never had the money to buy them, his inner voice added.

He watched the appraising looks of his two new companions. They seemed surprised someone raised by muggles could play their game.

"I'm up for it," Theo said.

"Same," Blaise said. "Now we just need to ask our Ice Princess, who's been doing well at pretending not to listen."

The two attendants flinched, but Leo's eyes went to the blond girl with the book in her hands. He'd been wondering if the three of them knew each other. Confirmation was nice.

The girl lowered her book by two inches to peer at him with icy blue eyes. "I don't mind," she said, before lifting the book back up. The cover was plain leather, and Harry couldn't help but wonder if that was deliberate.

"It's settled, then," Theo spoke. He noticed none of them were willing to introduce her, but he supposed that was fair. For all he knew, she might've been a literal princess. He'd rather not rub anyone the wrong way on his first day knowing he was a wizard.

Theo and Blaise's measurements finished before his, so they took seats on each of the girl's flanks while they waited. As his measurements finished, he asked if Madam Malkin could also provide him with everyday clothes for his measurement. She happily agreed.

Theo suggested for him to pay the extra fee to make sure his robes grew with him for a year, and he'd agreed, both for practicality and to sate his curiosity. After paying for their purchases, the four of them headed back out and pulled out miniature travelling trunks from their pockets, which grew to full size so their owners could put their clothes in before shrinking back down.

His companions found their required books shortly after they entered Flourish and Blotts. Leo had taken a moment longer since unlike them he wasn't used to shopping in a magical bookstore.

They found themselves gathering in the least crowded section of the store - the history section - and looked over their purchases.

"Bugger, these are simple," he heard Theo say under his breath as he leafed through his copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1.

Leo perked up at that. "So you've already practised, then?"

Theo gave him a look. "Underage wizards aren't allowed to perform magic at home."

Blaise had then had to explain that the Trace was a spell used by the Ministry of Magic to regulate the use of magic by underage wizards. Leo noted that Theo hadn't said he hadn't practised. He also noted that his spare wand wasn't registered.

"I heard Muggleborn wizards start rocky, but the first year is forgiving enough that they manage to catch up. And most of us are still growing our magic, anyway."

"Yeah," Blaise chimed in. "At least you seem to be interested."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Leo asked, tuning into the conversation. "Imagine you've been living like a muggle for ten years. Then you suddenly learn you can do magic."

"You'd be surprised how many people take it for granted," Miss Greengrass said. She considered for a moment, then shrugged, somehow managing to make it look graceful. Leo wondered again if she'd been given lessons on how to be so elegant. He had gotten a few books on the Traditions and Etiquette from his vault and needed a few more from the shop.

"Are there any books on traditions?" he asked Greengrass, who was staring at him.

The girl nodded, then took a book off of the shelf and handed it to him. He was about to ask what it was when his eyes scanned the title: Traditions of Wizarding Britain.

"Here," Miss Greengrass said. "You can start by going through this if you want to fit in."

Leo blinked at her and then offered a smile. "Thank you, Heir Greengrass." The Black heir could feel his rings influence his thoughts.

"Pleasure," she told him, with a bit of bite. "Though I'm surprised the heir to two noble and most ancient houses needs to learn traditions."

He should have made a crafty remark, but this was just the right opportunity. "I was told that potions make it greasy and smelly. And I'm surprised that for a person whose family owns an apothecary has such beautiful hair. " His handsome face contorted into a grin as Zabini broke into chuckles.

She seemed to consider him for a moment. "Daphne, Heir of House Greengrass," she said.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance," Leo supplied, he allowed his ring to guide him by taking Daphne's hand and offering a kiss. Daphne not only seemed satisfied but gave a small blush at his actions.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Theo and Blaise's exchange loaded glances. The Heir of Black and McKinnon was educated. Or at least they thought. It lasted only a second before Theo turned back to him with a smirk.

"Well, if we're giving you book recommendations to get you up to speed, I have a few suggestions."

Leo left Flourish and Blotts many Galleons lighter and he felt every knut spent had been justified. Despite his friends' (if that's what they were after only two hours of shopping) assurances, he couldn't help but feel he would be at a disadvantage. A bit of reading and practising would get him better adjusted before the term started. Flitwick had told him he was spending his last month in the orphanage, so he had to make sure nobody saw him.

As he saw no reason to split off from his new companions, Leo followed them to the Apothecary, he noticed not the Greengrass one, where he purchased two sets of first-year ingredients instead of the required one, because Theo had warned him the Hogwarts Potions master reportedly had a temper so it paid to practice. He'd purchased a standard cauldron and another one enchanted to resist melting.

"Would you like to join us? We're heading to Florean Fortescue's, the ice-cream parlour," Blaise had asked this. It was nearing 3 p.m. and there were fewer people in the alley.

"I have an errand to run, but I'll join you later if you are still there," Leo told the three, who were still standing outside the potion's shop. Leo also needed to get a pet, one that he had been mentioned as he skimmed his grandfather's diary. It said that it would 'guide the heir of Black', should no-one be able to. Whatever that meant. The shop belonged to the Black Family and he had asked the goblins to send a notification ahead to the owners, and he was unsure whether his new friends wanted to venture into Knocturn Alley.

"Which errands could you need to run? I thought you had just been introduced to our world," Daphne inquired, ever insightful.

"Just business for the House of Black," Leo's smirk was now sinister, and the three started to look worried. "We don't have many ventures in Diagon Alley, but you're welcome to come. Though you might want to be careful, it could get nasty"

Theo, Blaise and Greengrass paled at his words, after all, the Black family was known for being dark. Nearly all of its members were either in Azkaban or had died fighting. Leo took one glance at their terrified faces, before breaking into bouts of laughter, drawing weird looks from passers-by. "Honestly," he said between his giggling. "I'm an 11-year-old, I just want to get a pet, not murder someone."

"We'll come with you," Greengrass rolled her eyes and glared, while Theo and Blaise smirked and gave another glance at each other. "I swear you're going to get into Gryffindor."

"Five galleon's Gryffindor," Theo immediately said, holding out his hand at Blaise.

"Ten Slytherin," Blaise and Theo shook their hands while Leo looked on at the strange exchange. He made a mental note to check out the houses.

Leo started heading for the darker side of town: Knockturn Alley. Traffic in the narrow alley seemed to be light, barely any witches or wizards could be seen in the dark place.

"So this is Knocturn Alley," Greengrass voiced, walking in the middle of the group of boys. "Such an ambient place."

They kept walking in the eery silence before their destination loomed before them: the seedy, rundown storefront of Beasts and Kritters. The store sign read closed, but Leo walked through as a small bell signalled their arrival. Theo and Blaise stood behind Leo and on either side of Greengrass. The store was full of the scariest creatures, most of them were illegal. There were cages of lizards and snakes on the dusty cupboards at the back of the store. The sides of the store were full of owls, hawks and ravens. There were cages of fairies and pixies, salamander eggs, Cerebus and more. The store was dark, but you could see the dust flying everywhere and the numerous shelves that held poisons and acromantulas.

"We are closed," a cold voice said, as Leo ventured to the front desk.

"Not for me, surely," Leo stood there with his arms crossed, forcing the attendant to look up from his newspaper. The man was a good 7 ft and towered over the 11-year-olds with ease.

"Heir Black," the man smiled pleasantly, his rotten and crooked teeth showing. He gave a deep bow and left from behind his desk. He looked scary. With his twisted teeth, angular face and different coloured eyes he didn't seem like someone you wanted to mess with. "The goblins told me you were coming. I must say, I was wondering if your grandfather made the right choice leaving his raven here."

At that exact moment, a raven as black as night dove in and landed on a perch in the front corner, it's eyes looking into Leo's own.

"On the house," the attendant said, looking around at his friends. Leo nodded at this and gave a small smile. "So is everything for your companions."

"Thanks! I never got your name?" Leo replied cheerfully, ignoring a look from Daphne who was shaking her head.

"Arlon Wincons," the man said, unperturbed by Leo's nature. "I must say, you look extraordinarily like your father."

Leo nodded at this and started walking through the shop, paying close attention to the lizards, which Theo had said he was interested in.

Meanwhile, at the counter, the attendant was talking with Blaise, adding to their small betting circle; they'd even drawn Madam Malkin and Mr Flourish from the book shop into it into it too.

"I'll put 10 galleons on Gryffindor," Mr Wincons replied, putting his name and the money down on a piece of parchment. "That boy acted exactly like his father as soon as he came into my store. Asking my name."

"That's 3 for Gryffindor, one for Hufflepuff and two Slytherin," Blaise replied, hoping that the odds would be in his favour for Slytherin. "Thanks for that."

A rattle and a shriek drew their attention from more uncomfortable topics, "Ah, not her again. Oy! You stop that!"

The shop keep trotted over to a large birdcage, and because everything was interesting, they all followed to see what was causing all the racket. "Whoa!" well worth the trot. "Is that a griffin?"

The small creature in the cage had a white eagle-like head with short brown wings all attached to a lithe feline body.

"Not quite but close," the shopkeeper said, "This is a griffinette," he explained. "They're a pygmy sort of griffin found only on one small island of the Greek Archipelago."

"Wicked!" Blaise exclaimed.

The shop keep laughed, "Aye, they are a bit. Not as rare as that may sound. Breeders have been playing with them for over a century since they were discovered. They're harder to find outside of Greece, but not that hard. Had this one for a while. Bit of a pest she is!" he said, banging against the cage, earning an angry hiss from the creature within.

"How big do they get?" Leo asked, marvelling at the little amalgam beast.

"Not too much bigger than she is. Maybe another six or eight inches. Bout as big as a medium-sized dog," he said, banging the cage again only to snap his hand back when she tried to snap his finger off.

She released the bar almost instantly, brushing her beak as she'd just tasted something foul.

"She doesn't seem to like the cage," Leo observed.

"She shouldn't. It's made of lead. Griffinettes hate the taste of lead. It's the only thing they won't eat."


"Oh yes," the shopkeep grinned. "Griffinettes are rather like a Billy goat in that regard. Damn near nothing they won't eat. Probably their best and worst feature. You don't have to worry much what you feed a griffinette, and if you don't feed them, they're good at feeding themselves. Problem is, they ain't picky. A bird is about as appetizing as a teapot to a griffinette. They'll chase a mouse as soon as chew on a boot. Don't make no difference to them."

"Whoa," what an appetite. "How much do they eat."

"Bout what you'd expect something that size would eat," he said vaguely. "And don't let the birds head fool ya. They're more cat than a bird. Sleep most of the day if you let'em."

"What do you think Blaise?" Theo asked after he stood there staring a while.

"Are they good pets?" Blaise asked, much to Daphne's chagrin.

"Not a bad pet for a young wizard," the shopkeeper offered. "Easy to feed. Pretty friendly once they get to know ya. Just got be careful not to leave anything you mind losing where they can get at it."

A minor drawback in the grand scheme, but did he need a pet, want a pet, feel responsible enough for a pet. His misgivings became entirely moot when the little bird cat sat up in her cage, stared at him with those big doleful eyes and said "Prek."

Not being a teenage girl, Blaise had never believed in the nonsense that is love at first sight. Still didn't. He'd been looking at her for several minutes before she gave him the look and he fell in love. Hardly first sight.

"Can't believe nobody else wanted you," Blaise mused to his new pet as they sat in Fortescue's. "You're such a sweety."

Interesting isn't it how cute animals can turn even the most reasonable people into baby-talking imbeciles. When you think about it, babies aren't so different, except they grow up into the baby talking imbeciles.

"No regrets on that one then," said Theo, chuckling at the new pet owner. He had found a lizard and Daphne an Owl she named Artemis.

Leo spent the rest of his holidays reading his parent's diaries, learning from his grimoire, his spell books and learning about wizarding traditions and etiquette. He had managed to evade all other's, by learning a simple notice-me-not charm and had started exercising and practising duelling. It made the magical core stronger. He was still unsure of why he needed to get the raven. From his grandfather's diaries, he had learnt that the animal had been in the Black family for generations. He learnt about their allies and what their motto truly meant. The McKinnon family and the Black family were often neutral on the Wizengamont and wars, until his father shifted Black's position to the lights and many of his family had supported the Dark Lord. He learned that magic was based upon intent, and that magic could never truly be classified as 'Dark' or 'Light'.