• Black Heir: First Year

    Leo Alphard McKinnon-Black, the son of notorious Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon. After living in an orphanage, he learns about his magical abilities and strives to be best. His first year of schooling, as he finds he is heir of two houses, the history of his parents and prejudice of the wizarding world. Making allies in all houses, pranking, Animagus and helping his godbrother.

  • Forgotten Promises

    On the night of Halloween, Jimmy Potter is praised for 'defeating' the Dark Lord. But what happens to his 2 year older brother Hadrian? The true BWL? Lily and James and Sirius, thinking he is a squib, send him to live in the middle of London by himself at the age of 7, with nearly no visit from the magical world. Now, can the handsome the Black Heir, step out of his brother shadow?