Don't Hate On Lelouch

Chapter 1

Note: Code Geass is an anime that was done by the studio Sunrise.

Lelouch Lamperouge got up and started getting for his day of school. While getting changed, he accidentally put on a clown costume, instead of his school uniform. He danced to the kitchen and started stuffing bread into the toaster. He grabbed a carton of milk and was going to drink it, but he tripped and spilt the carton on the living room's rug.

C. C. came by and saw Lelouch lying on the kitchen floor, while dressed like a clown. She also saw that the living room rug was covered in milk. She folded her arms and asked, "What's going on?"

Lelouch had an embarrassed look on his face, while saying, "I'm sorry about this. I was going to drink some milk, but I accidentally spilt it."

C. C. glared at Lelouch's peculiar sense of fashion, while asking, "Why are you dressed like a clown?"

Lelouch looked down and finally realized what he was wearing. He said, "Oh no. I accidentally put on a clown costume."

C. C. raised one of her eyebrows and asked, "How could you change into a clown costume without realizing it?"

Lelouch smirked and said, "Perhaps it's one of the side effects of having a geass."

C. C. had an amused look on her face, while replying, "Lelouch, you're the most adorably silly guy I know."

Lelouch responded, "That seems to be the case, because I'm dressed like a clown."

C. C. replied, "Go change into your school uniform, while I clean the living room floor."

Lelouch lightly smiled and responded, "Thank you. I really appreciate it." Lelouch went to his room. He tried to change into his school uniform, but he accidentally got on a princess dress.

Lelouch went back to the kitchen, while not realizing he was wearing a blue dress. He grabbed the bread out of the toaster. The toaster didn't cook it, because of how clumsily Lelouch stuffed it in there. Because of that, he threw the toast into the garbage can and started eating some donuts and gummies. He grabbed a bottle of soda and started drinking it.

Lelouch walked by C. C. She looked at him and noticed he was wearing a dress. She smirked and said, "Ashford Academy's dress code sure has changed, hasn't it?"

Lelouch replied, "I don't know what you're talking about. The school still has the same dress code."

C. C. sighed and responded, "You're wearing the wrong outfit."

Lelouch looked down and realized he was wearing a dress. He said, "I better get my school uniform on."

Ten minutes later, Lelouch was finally wearing his school uniform. C. C. finished cleaning the living room rug. She looked up at Lelouch and gave him a big hug. She said, "I hope you have a wonderful school day."

Lelouch replied, "Thank you, C. C. I probably couldn't get ready without your help. Even though I'm eighteen, I act like a goofy kid."

C. C. responded, "You will have to grow up, Lelouch. I'm your girlfriend, not your guardian, so I can't always clean up your messes."

Lelouch replied, "That's fair, but I appreciate how you're always there for me. You're the best."

C. C. blushed and responded, "You're welcome."

Lelouch said, "I need to hurry."

Lelouch was about to run out the door, but C. C. said, "Ahem."

Lelouch turned around and asked, "What's up?"

C. C. pointed to Lelouch's backpack and said, "You almost left that behind. You were about to go to school, without any pencils, paper, or textbooks."

Lelouch put his hand on his head and replied, "I feel like the prince of fools."

C. C. smiled and responded, "Whether or not that's true is debatable, but I personally think you're the prince of charm."

Lelouch smiled back and responded, "Thank you. I think you're the princess of charm."

C. C. replied, "Then let's start ruling a kingdom."

Lelouch responded, "Sounds like an excellent plan."

Lelouch ran to school. He walked by Rivalz, who was on his motorbike. Lelouch asked, "Can I borrow your motorbike? I might be late for school, if I walk."

Rivalz replied, "I was planning on skipping school, so okay." He parked his motorbike and threw the keys into Lelouch's hands.

Lelouch started driving Rivalz's motorbike. While driving around, he saw a stack of comic books, which were on the side of the road. Lelouch jumped off the motorbike, so he could check out the comic books. He didn't turn off the motorbike, so it started driving away from Lelouch. A wrestler came by and stole the motorbike.

Lelouch said, "Oh no." He paused and said, "I lost Rivalz's motorbike. I better start running, so I don't end up being late."

Lelouch was an expert on several subjects, including being a costumed vigilante and C. C.'s cute boyfriend, but he struggled at running. He often lost Ashford Academy's races. Because of Lelouch's lack of running talent, he showed up to class a half hour late.

Lelouch looked at the teacher and said, "I'm sorry for being a little late."

The teacher replied, "You're more than a little late. You should be more respectable and honorable."

Lelouch shrugged his shoulders and asked, "What does that have to do with being late?"

The teacher sternly said, "Just sit down, Mr. Lamperouge."

Lelouch sat next to his best friend, Suzaku Kururugi. He waved to him and said, "Hi bro. I missed a majority of this class period, so I need you to explain this class to me."

Suzaku briefly stopped working on his math assignment and said, "Lelouch, I can't help you. This math assignment is really important and challenging, so I need to focus."

Lelouch replied, "Come on, old friend. Tell me what the assignment is and how I'm supposed to do it."

Suzaku responded, "I'm sorry, but I can't help you with that. Please stop interrupting my work."

Lelouch grabbed Suzaku's worksheet and said, "Let me look at your stuff."

The teacher walked by, with an angry look on his face, and said, "Suzaku, you're helping Lelouch cheat?"

Suzaku nervously replied, "That's not what's going on. Lelouch grabbed my paper, without any kind of permission."

Lelouch responded, "I wasn't planning on copying his answers. I wanted to look at his paper, so I knew what this assignment is about."

The teacher angrily replied, "I don't believe such nonsense. Both of you are getting one percent, for this assignment. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

Suzaku whispered, "I'm ashamed of myself, for becoming friends with Lelouch." Lelouch had a sad look on his face, while feeling like he really messed up.

After math class was over, Lelouch walked by Shirley Fenette's locker. Shirley had been through a lot recently, so Lelouch had been trying to be a caring friend. He was surprised that Shirley wasn't at her locker. He knew her locker combination, so he opened her locker, and said, "Shirley, are you in your locker?" He looked around Shirley's locker. Of course, she wasn't in there, but Lelouch was genuinely surprised about that.

Lelouch grabbed a can of ketchup, out of his jacket, but he accidentally spilled it on the hallway floor. Lelouch dug around Shirley's locker, so he could find something to clean the mess up. He grabbed Shirley's swimsuit and used it to clean up the mess.

Shirley walked by and said, "Hi Lulu."

Lelouch replied, "Hi Shirley. Are you okay?"

Shirley responded, "For the most part, but I need to hurry and get to my swimming class."

Lelouch handed her swimsuit to her and said, "I got it covered in ketchup."

Shirley had an offended look on her face, while saying, "Lelouch, why would you mess up my swimming outfit?"

Lelouch replied, "I'm sorry about that. I made a mess and I needed to clean it up."

Shirley sighed and responded, "I'll have to wash as much of it as I can, before class starts."

Lelouch replied, "Best of luck."

Shirley responded, "I'm a little ashamed of you, Lulu." Lelouch had a mopey look on his face, while lacking in pride.

An hour later, Lelouch was about to walk to his next class, but he forgot which classroom he was supposed to go to. Milly Ashford walked up to him and said, "Come with me, Lelouch."

Lelouch had a confused look on his face, while asking, "What's going on?"

Milly answered, "You were scheduled to bake the school sweets today."

Lelouch replied, "Okay then."

Lelouch and Milly walked into the kitchen. Milly said, "You're supposed to bake fifty cupcakes. I hope you can take care of that."

Lelouch proudly replied, "I'm the prince of cupcakes."

Milly responded, "I hope you live up to your self-title." She walked out of the kitchen.

Lelouch started getting the cupcakes ready. However, he didn't know where the frosting was, so he used mustard. After putting mustard on fifty cupcakes, Lelouch tried to find the oven, but he struggled to find it. He looked around and saw a boxes of matches. He thought that setting the cupcakes on fire would cook them, so he lit a match and threw them at the cupcakes. However, the fire carried to the ground and burnt the fridge to the ground. Lelouch grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. The cupcakes were ruined, so Lelouch threw them away.

A few minutes later, Milly returned. She walked up to Lelouch and asked, "Where are the cupcakes?"

Lelouch nervously laughed and said, "They're in the garbage can."

Milly looked around and saw the fridge was a pile of dust. She folded her arms and said, "You really messed up."

Lelouch proudly replied, "I'm the prince of antics."

Milly used enjoyed silly antics, but she wasn't amused by Lelouch's latest slapstick. She said, "You ruined today's snack and the entire fridge. You should be more mature."

Lelouch sighed and replied, "I'm sorry about that. If I did something good, you might forgive me."

Milly handed Lelouch a lunchbox and asked, "Can you hand that to Principal Ashford?"

Lelouch answered, "Sounds easy enough." While walking to the principal's office, Lelouch felt like he had to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, he accidentally dropped the principal's lunchbox in the toilet. He flushed the lunchbox down the drain.

Lelouch went into Principal Ashford's office and said, "Milly wanted me to drop off your lunch."

Principal Ashford asked, "Where did you put it?"

Lelouch answered, "I accidentally put in the toilet, so I flushed it."

Principal Ashford facepalmed and replied, "You're going to have detentions, during this week's lunch breaks."

Lelouch responded, "That's a fitting punishment."

After school, Lelouch went into the Student Council room, because there was a big meeting. He looked around and saw Suzaku, Shirley, and Milly, who were all mad at him. He nervously sat down and said, "Hi, guys. I'm ready for the meeting stuff."

Suzaku looked ticked off, while replying, "I don't wish to be rude, but I don't think you should be at today's meeting."

Lelouch had a confused look on his face, while asking, "Why not?"

Suzaku answered, "You've caused so much slapstick today. If you stay at the meeting, you'll probably throw the meeting table out the window and stuff like that."

Milly looked a little sad, while saying, "I'm sorry Lelouch, but I think this meeting would be better without your antics."

Lelouch replied, "I understand." He started heading home, while feeling ashamed of himself. Almost everybody at school was fed up with Lelouch, but he knew that C. C. would always love him. C. C. was the hero that made his days shine brightly.

After arriving home, Lelouch did a tap-dancing routine in the living room. He danced to C. C. and asked, "May I have this dance?"

C. C. smiled and said, "Of course." Lelouch and C. C. started dancing with each other. Lelouch constantly fell and knocked stuff to the ground, but C. C. helped him keep the dance under control.

Lelouch asked, "Did you like the dance?"

C. C. replied, "Yes, I prefer dancing with you than watching you accidentally break a good percentage of the living room, while doing a solo dance."

Lelouch said, "I need to get some stuff at the convenience store."

C. C. replied, "Okay."

Lelouch kissed C. C. on the hand and said, "I'll see you in an hour."

C. C. kissed Lelouch on the lips and replied, "I always look forward to our dates. There's nothing I enjoy more than my time with you." Lelouch and C. C. blushed at each other.

A few minutes later, Suzaku Kururugi knocked on Lelouch Lamperouge's house door. Lelouch wasn't home, so C. C. opened the door. Suzaku had an angry look on his face, while asking, "Where's Lelouch?"

C. C. answered, "He went to a nearby convenience store."

Suzaku frowned and said, "Lelouch is going to pay when I meet up with him."

C. C. jokingly replied, "You seem like a bucket of sunshine today."

Suzaku said, "That stupid Lelouch keeps messing up my life."

C. C. asked, "What does he do that's a problem?"

Suzaku was surprised by how innocent C. C. made Lelouch seem. He said, "Lelouch constantly lies to me, breaks my cars, steals my stuff, and he keeps mailing his own parking tickets to me."

C. C. sighed and replied, "Lelouch has a few flaws."

Suzaku responded, "Come on. You should realize that Lelouch is a fool. He's the most immature, selfish, and annoying person that I've ever dealt with. How could you tolerate his antics?"

C. C. replied, "Lelouch isn't perfect, but he's a good person. He sometimes uses his eccentric brain for slapstick, but he mostly does heartfelt and heroic things."

Meanwhile, Lelouch was dancing in the convenience store. He knocked over dozens of items to the guard. He grabbed a few magazines and started reading them. He thought that the magazines were boring, so he threw them at one of the employees. The employee slipped on the items that landed on the floor and crashed into the donut section. Dozens of donuts fell on the ground. One of the customers slipped on the donuts and crashed into the cookie's aisle.

Princess Cornelia walked into the store. Lelouch considered Cornelia to be one of his archenemies, but she had no evil intentions. She saw the messes that were on the floor, while saying, "I don't expect convenient stores to look like eloquent palaces, but I expect better than this."

One of the employees replied, "I'm sorry, Princess Cornelia. I don't know how this happened. It's an honor to have you here." Cornelia started shopping.

Lelouch said, "It doesn't seem like Cornelia knows that I'm here. This is a good time to get my revenge on her." He grabbed a hundred-ounce bottle of soda and poured it on Cornelia's hair.

Cornelia angrily turned around and saw Lelouch. She asked, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

Lelouch proudly said, "I'm the most flawless human of all time."

Cornelia was annoyed by the soda that was dripping down her face. She shook his fist at him and said, "You ruined my darling hair."

Lelouch laughed and said, "Your hair was a joke."

Cornelia grabbed Lelouch and punched him to the ground. She said, "You need to pay for your crimes."

Lelouch replied, "I'm an immature scoundrel, so I refuse to do that." He grabbed bags of food and flung them at Cornelia.

Cornelia said, "You're a piece of garbage."

Lelouch proudly replied, "I'm the prince of charm." He broke the drink aisle in half. All of the drinks crash landed to the ground. Various employees and customers fell to the ground, because of the drinks. Lelouch grabbed tons of soda bottles and threw them at Cornelia.

Cornelia angrily asked, "Do you know what growing up is?"

Lelouch answered, "It's one of the main things in life that I plan on always avoiding."

Cornelia kicked Lelouch in the face and said, "Stop your dumb slapstick before you face my wrath."

Lelouch heroically said, "I'm too magnificent to ever be negatively impacted by your attempts at wrath." Cornelia punched Lelouch. Lelouch fell to the ground and started resting his eyes.

Cornelia folded his arms and said, "You're the worst excuse for a family member that the family of Britannia has ever dealt with." She kicked Lelouch.

Lelouch said, "I need to do something to make myself look like the big hero." He fell again and his box of matches fell on the ground. He tried to grab the box, but he accidentally lit one of the matches. He ordered everybody to get out.

Everybody ran out of the store before they got hurt. The store burnt to the ground. The store owner grabbed Lelouch and angrily asked, "Why did you do that?"

Lelouch said, "To save the store from Cornelia's wrath."

Cornelia replied, "This is one of the most pathetic things that you've ever done."

The store owner said, "Me and my staff might go broke, because of your stupid antics."

Lelouch replied, "But now you won't have the evil Cornelia as a customer, so I'm still the big hero." The store owner and his employees started chasing Lelouch. Lelouch used smoke screen to escape.

Lelouch went home. He looked around and saw Suzaku. Suzaku had been waiting for Lelouch to come back home so he could get revenge on him. He angrily said, "You owe me over two hundred thousand dollars Lelouch."

Lelouch replied, "You need to forget about the money, bro."

Suzaku angrily asked, "Do you plan on paying me back?"

Lelouch laughed and said, "No." Suzaku kicked Lelouch into a wall. Lelouch grabbed his house door and broke it in half. He threw the broken pieces of the door at Suzaku.

C. C. went into the living room and saw Lelouch and Suzaku beating each other up. She folded her arms and asked, "Can't you gentlemen forgive each other?"

Lelouch said, "Suzaku's too stubborn to let his anger go away."

Suzaku replied, "You keep giving me trouble. You're a master at lies and slapstick. Plus, you're the worst at apologies and gratitude."

Lelouch responded, "I'm not paying you back, until I feel like it."

Suzaku replied, "I feel like taking vengeance on you." He picked up Lelouch and said, "You have a nasty habit of taking valuable items and throwing them out the window. I know the ultimate payback for that." He threw Lelouch out the window. C. C. gasped. Suzaku walked out.

C. C. ran outside and looked around for Lelouch. It was dark out, so it was hard to see, but she recognized Lelouch's eloquent hair. She gently held Lelouch in her arms and asked, "Are you okay?"

Lelouch answered, "I guess. I'm not feeling amazing, but I think I'll be fine. It seems like everybody's hating on me today."

C. C. smiled and said, "Not everybody, because I love you. You bring chaos to other people's lives with your immature slapstick, but you always bring love to my heart."

Lelouch smiled back and replied, "You do the same for me. You're the best thing in my life."

C. C. still had Lelouch in her arms. She said, "I'll take you back inside and we can snuggle, while watching whatever silly TV show you want."

Lelouch replied, "I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend." Lelouch was far from perfect, but C. C. felt like she was in paradise when she was with him. There was nothing in life that she valued more than him.