Oh, Harry

Appearances and Letters

Chapter 4: In Which Someone Appears and Letters are Received

Fred Weasely looked up at his twin from the letter he was reading, shaking his head. George peered over his shoulder to skim the contents, before leaning back and humming.

Percy approached them, a suspicious narrowing to his eyes directed at the disturbingly contemplative look on his brothers' faces. Before he could speak, however, he was handed the letter. Percy meandered away, reading of his parents' change of plans

George and Fred left the common room in quiet contemplation. As they made their way through the castle, the thoughtful look of the boys drew many nervous stares. Professor StrongArm stumbled over his robes when he saw the twins approaching. However, the boys remained calm and quiet as they wandered outside.

A young bespectacled Gryffindor boy stood on a hill, stroking his snowy owl as he stared off into the distance. Fred looked around, seeing that it was mostly private apart from the Boy-Who-Lived, who was barely in earshot, and turned to his brother.

"It just feels a bit off eh?"

"Yeah," George agreed. He paused for a moment, thinking. "Feels like we should do something. I mean, not that I'm mad that we're staying at Hogwarts, it'll be a blast. It just…"

"Feels like we're forgetting something?"

"Exactly," said George with a small frown.

The twins tapped their chins together, stumped. The black-haired boy launched his owl into the sky and watched as his feathered friend pelted through the air without so much as twitching her wings.

All of a sudden, a robed teenager appeared in front of the Weasley twins. He was a few years older, sporting a head of messy dark hair and a pair of vibrant green eyes behind an old pair of glasses. The teen stuck out his hand.

"Hello, Mr. and Mr. Weasley!" he exclaimed happily. "My name is Mr. Potter, your future sponsor, and I am here to help you take your first step into the career that you envision" The self-proclaimed Potter looked far too pleased with just about everything. He passed the twins a mid-sized pouch, which clinked happily as it dropped into Fred's hands.

For the first time ever, the twins found themselves shocked into silence as they examined the generous gift that had landed in their possession.

"Oh, and for the current predicament leaving you two feeling uninspired! Might I suggest that you think back on your parting remarks to dear Ginevra Weasely were, as the Hogwarts express swept out of the station?"

Their eyes widened. Fred and George immediately bent their heads together, overlapping fragmented sentences spilling out as the two rapidly conversed.

Adjusting a top hat which had not existed a moment ago, the supposed Mr. Potter strutted over to a bewildered first year who had been watching the conversation. The teen knelt down to Harry Potter's height and whispered into his ear. With the exception of slowly widening eyes, the young boy remained in a state of frozen confusion.

"YES!" Both twins yelled in harmony, having finally found the mischievous inspiration they so craved. Full of excitement, the boys sprinted up the hill.

"Thank you Mr. Potter! Your support is greatly appreciated!" George said, vigorously shaking Potter's hand.

"Indeed! We look forward to future partnerships dear fellow!" Fred exclaimed as he grasped the teen's other hand.

"Well," said Potter, "in that case, I'll be off! Good hunting boys." And, tipping his hat and flashing a smirk, Mr. Potter was gone, disappearing just as suddenly as he had appeared.

The Weasley twins turned to Harry, matching grins of excitement spread across their identical faces.

Harry gazed back, looking mildly alarmed. "Wot."


A young Ginny Weasely looked up as Errol, her family owl, tumbled through the open window of the Weasely's kitchen. The bird came to rest flopped on a stool, somehow avoiding injury yet again from his bizarre flying. Ginny spooned a last bite of porridge into her mouth before hopping to her feet and moving to the owl, who carried a letter.

The past several months had been difficult for Ginny. With Ron finally at Hogwarts, she was left completely alone with her parents for the entire school year. It was great seeing Charlie during the holidays, she had missed her dragon-obsessed brother, but it was now nearing the end of January, and her boredom and loneliness had just about returned in full force.

Her brothers would occasionally write home, but it was never the same. Especially when Percy wrote; he seemed to think every letter was a formal essay that could somehow land in the hands of the Minister himself. Ron was better, but also seemed to hit the opposite end of the spectrum with his lazy handwriting and rushed messages.

It was letters from Fred and George that Ginny looked forward to the most, filled with funny tales of pranks and mishaps, and promising exciting adventures that awaited her in Hogwarts next year.

However, the past month had seen much less correspondence between the siblings. Even over the holidays, Ginny only received a note wishing her a happy Christmas, which was very uncharacteristic of them. Her brothers typically enjoyed flamboyant and boisterous celebrations and gifts, and for them to deviate from their energetic norm left Ginny disappointed.

Scooping up her family owl and depositing him on the table, Ginny opened the envelope curiously. Unfolding the parchment, she saw only one word written.


Looking up, the youngest Weasley spotted another two owls, carrying between them a white, porcelain object, which sparkled in the rising sun. Ginny watched with a small sense of horrified fascination as the birds soared through the open window, and set down their delivery on the kitchen table with a clunk. She quickly moved to untie them, and the birds took off again with little delay. A note was attached to Ginny's gift.

Happy Christmas Gin! Sorry it's a bit late, but we hope you enjoy our loving present anyway.


Fred and George

Shaking her head in disbelief, Ginny began to laugh.

One random morning, Harry received a letter. This was unusual, but a pleasant surprise none-the-less, and so the boy excitedly tore it open.

It was a single, small piece of battered parchment. In a scrawl that was distinctly recognizable as Hagrid's handwriting were two words.

It's hatching.

Ron peeked over Harry's shoulder in between bites of his toast. "What's hatching?" he asked.

Harry shrugged, showing the note to Hermione. "No idea."

Hermione squinted at the writing, as though a closer examination would somehow reveal more information. "Maybe it's a chicken or something..?" she trailed off, unsure.

Harry shrugged again. "Maybe," he agreed, "but we'd better be getting to Herbology. Sprout did not play nice the last time someone was late."

Ron shuddered at the memory of a poor Hufflepuff who had chosen the wrong day to irritate her head of house. The girl's arms had been stained green for weeks.

Hermione put away her "light reading" as the two boys scarfed down the remainder of their meals. The trio hurried to catch up to their housemates, all thoughts of Hagrid's vaguely foreboding note forgotten.


Percy Weasley looked like his head was about to explode, face, hair, and robes all in clashing shades of red. "So just because you two weren't going home for the holidays anymore, you thought it would be a good idea to actually mail Ginny a fucking toilet seat?!"

Fred and George had never looked more delighted.

AN: I dare you to find any point or purpose to this so-called plot of mine. If you can't tell, I am very much enjoying myself. More chapters, coming soon.