Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe

Mom's Home

Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe

Chapter Three: Mom's Home

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Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe*Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe*Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe

Helen came home while Jake and Daria were cooking dinner. Jake had silently marveled at how his oldest girl had improved her kitchen skills. She was quite good at cutting and slicing, mincing, and arranging ingredients to go into the pots and pans when they were supposed to. When he asked her about how she'd picked up those skills, she smiled and told him that some of the skills from potions class carried over.

"Like those bat-wings we saw last August?" said Jake. "Eeeuw!" He hadn't forgotten their trip to the apothecary shop when they both visited Diagon Alley.

Daria barely kept herself from rolling her eyes. He must think I'll put some of those into the pot for dinner, she thought. "Relax, Dad, I'm careful. If I don't know what some of those things do, the last thing I want to do is eat them for dinner."

Thank God, thought Jake.

The front door opened and Helen came in.

"I'm home!" she said.

"Hey, honey! We're in the kitchen!" said Jake.

Helen came in and gave her daughter a big hug. "Daria, it's so good to see you! Welcome home!" she said.

"Thanks, Mom. It's good to be back," Daria replied. For now, at least, said that unpleasant voice in her head.

"So how was school?" said Helen. "How was everything?"

"It was—different," said Daria. "I was in a weird castle up in the middle of the Scottish Highlands miles away from anything that had to do with the Twentieth century with a bunch of kids from all over the British Isles."

"Did you make any friends?" said Helen.

"I think I did," said Daria. "You remember that family I stayed with over Christmas break? I'm friends with Anahita and Violet. I'm also friends with Dahlia Banks and I think I'm on good terms with some of the older kids.

"Also, Lita Ashworth has a message for you."

"Who is this Lita and what sort of message?" asked Helen.

"Lita Ashworth is part of an old wizarding family," said Daria. "Her message was "Hello, Cousin Helen! It looks like Grandfather Barksdale's given name was an old family name and we're related."

"Interesting," said Helen.

"And how do you like school?" she asked.

"It was strange but I think I do," said Daria. "I mean, back here I only had one teacher for all my subjects and then I started having teachers. Now I've got a bunch of them teaching different subjects."

"Do you have any favorites?" said Helen.

"Classes or teachers?" said Daria.

"Classes," said Helen.

"Well, I like Charms and I like Herbology and I like Potions," said Daria. "I also enjoyed my Defense Against the Dark Arts class."

"Defense Against The Dark Arts?" Helen said warily.

"Well, it looks like there are evil wizards and witches around," said Daria. "It helps if a girl knows how to protect herself."

"But Daria, do you really need to know that stuff?" said Helen.

"I think some of it would help," said Daria. "Do you remember those gang-bangers who tried to kidnap me and Dad a couple of years ago? And that nut-case who broke into our house last year? I think I need to learn this stuff. A little magic would have helped keep us safe without waiting for cops who might or might not show up. I don't want to go around picking fights with the meanest wizards around, but I do want to know how to protect myself."

Helen took a deep breath and stared at her daughter. "If you say so," she said.

Daria knew what that meant: that was one of the ways Mom said that they'd talk about that topic again later.

"I'm thrilled that you're learning magic, but I want you to promise me something, Sweetie," said Helen.

"What sort of promise, Mom?" said Daria.

"I want you to promise me that you'll never use your thing to bully or terrorize other students," said Helen.

"No need to worry about my being a bully, Mom," said Daria. "I hate bullies. And I don't see any reason to pick on other kids." She quirked her mouth. "Not even Quinn."

"Not even your sister. Especially not your sisters," said Helen. "Promise?"

"I promise," said Daria.

A smell started drifting over from the electric range. Uh-oh, thought Daria. "I think I need to check the stove," she said.



They sat down to dinner a short time later. Daria rescued the steamed vegetables and the evening meal proved quite edible.

Nice to see that the frozen lasagna stayed in the fridge, Daria thought.

Her sisters talked about day camp. Both Quinn and Veronica were more outgoing than she was, but Daria noticed that while Quinn talked more about the kids she met and what they liked, Veronica talked more about the different sorts of activities Camp Craig offered: not just swimming, but things like kickball, soccer, and crafts. If she was the scholar and Quinn was the social butterfly, it looked like Ronnie was the athlete and adventurer.

"So how do you like your teachers, Daria?" asked Helen.

"I like some of them," said Daria. "Some of them I don't."

"Could you tell us about the ones you do like?" asked Helen.

"Well, I really like Professor Flitwick," said Daria. "He teaches Charms."

"Charms?" Quinn said sardonically.

"Charms are part of spell work," Daria replied. "He's a good teacher and I like the guy."

"Any others?" said Helen.

"I also like Professor Sprout," said Daria. "She teaches Herbology."

"Is that like biology?" asked Quinn.

"Study of and taking care of magical plants," said Daria.

"Any others?" said Helen.

"I like Professor Sinistra," said Daria. "She teaches Astronomy. I'm not sure about the use when it comes to Astrology, but I'm getting a good tour of the solar system." She remembered that Professor Sinistra had given her a homework assignment: plotting the movement of the Moon across several constellations during the summer. She thought she could do it, but she'd need someplace to make her observations.

Daria saw Quinn give her an irritable look. "So like do you guys have computers at your school?" she said.

"No," said Daria. I wish we did. I could use them for writing and to crunch numbers, she thought.

"Well, we do," said Quinn. "The school got a new computer lab this fall."

"Nice," said Daria. "Where did they put it?"

"In one of the old classrooms on the west side," said Quinn. "I've got an e-mail account and they're teaching us Windows. We've got Windows 3." She gave Daria a smug look.

"Good for you," said Daria. She felt a brief twinge of jealousy. Unlike some of her classmates, Daria had no intention of turning her back on the Mundane world. Computer skills were high on the list of things she wanted to learn to master.

At that moment the phone rang. Quinn and Helen both got up to answer it, but Quinn got to it first.

"Hello?" she said. Then she made a face.

"Daria, it's for you."


Julia dialed the number again and listened to the buzz at the other end. There was a click after the third ring and somebody picked up the receiver: she'd connected: she hoped that it wasn't that girl she'd spoken to the other day.

"Hello?" she said.

To Julia's consternation, it was the same girl she'd spoken to the time before.

"Is this the Morgendorffer residence?" she said. "Could I speak to Daria, please?"

Julia overheard the sounds of what was probably the family's evening meal, followed by the girl saying "Daria, it's for you."

"Thanks, Quinn," said Daria's voice, and Julia sighed with relief.

"Hello?" said Daria.

"Hallo, Daria, it's me," said Julia. "Welcome home. I called you the other day and your sister said that you were out."

Daria frowned. That was something Quinn didn't bother to tell me, she thought.

"My Dad and I had some delays getting back," she said. "We didn't get back to Highland until this morning and I didn't get to the house until this evening."

"Are you in Highland?" she said.

"My Mum and the film crew arrived the day before yesterday," said Julia. "We're staying over at the Hotel Settles."

"Nice place," said Daria. "I never stayed there, but it looks nice."

"So what are you doing during the day?" said Julia.

"I don't know yet," said Daria. "Both of my parents work, we don't have a nanny, and I might or might not have to join my sisters at day camp if I don't find an alternative real quick. I know Big MAC has summer classes, but I don't know when."

"There doesn't seem to be much to do around here," said Julia. She'd spent most of the last couple of days trailing after her Mum, although she did slip away yesterday afternoon to explore downtown Highland. She discovered that there wasn't much: a few government offices, someplace called the Hotel Aylshire, a public library, a few stores selling old clothing and purported antiques, but little else.

"I did warn you in advance," said Daria.

"Can I come and visit?" said Julia. "This weekend, perhaps?"

"Only if you're prepared to deal with Morgendorffer lunacy at point-blank range," said Daria. "But Saturday's out."

"What's important with Saturday?" said Julia.

"A lot of the local stick-people drop by the informal get-togethers at the Los Girasoles Restaurant on the second and fourth Saturday nights," said Daria. "That's about eleven blocks from where you're staying. I'm not the only girl in town, you know."

"So where do you live?" asked Julia. It would be nice to have a bolt-hole in case Mum and Derrick start fighting, she thought.

"Let me ask my parents," said Daria.

Julia listened as Daria set aside the receiver, then overheard an older woman, presumably Daria's Mum, exclaim "I'd love to meet some of your classmates. Of course she can come over!".

"OK, here's my address," said Daria. "I live at 16 River Run Cove. That's a cul-de-sack off River Run Road. It's about three miles from downtown."

Author's Notes:

This is a period piece, keeping with JK Rowling's timeline. It's now the summer of 1991.

The Morgendorffer home is not the small, one-story green house shown during a flashback to Daria's Highland years of MTV. It is a larger, rambling house that sits above River Run Road and the stream and creek bed below.