Wandless - A Harry Potter Fanfic



"Hey old man, give us your money!"

"Do it fast and you won't get hurt!"

Two muggers surrounded an old man. It was clear why they targeted him with his luxurious robe. He had long flowing white hair and conducted himself in a comfortable manner. Anybody could tell that he came from a well-off family.

The old man just looked amused at the scene, as if everything happening before him was a joke.

"Please don't hurt an old fellow like me," he said giving a warm smile, "you young have a long life ahead of you, don't ruin it with this."

One of the muggers hesitated slightly which didn't go unnoticed by the other two.

"We finish what we start, don't hesitate now!" his fellow mugger yelled, "Now go up there and-!"

Someone grabbed the man from behind trying to distract him.

"Old man get out here!"

The elder was surprised to see a young boy hanging on hard around the man's neck. He had dark brown hair and a pale skin colour. What made the boy stand out was his eyes. The boy had bright yellow eyes that seemed to pierce through the darkness. While the elder stood intrigued, the muggers partner moved in and started beating the kid down.

The boy felt pain as the men were beating down on him, but he felt no regret. If the pain meant that the old man would get away, then he could deal with it. Just as he was about to blackout from the pain, a bright flash or light knocked the two assailants back. They didn't get back up again.

The boy struggled to get up only to see the old man that he was trying to protect. The old man held a thin stick that had a ball of light at the tip. The boy blinked wondering if this was real before realising the man was talking to him.

"Are you all right young man?" he asked

His voice was so soothing. When the boy heard it, he calmed down somewhat. He felt like everything was going to be alright.

He nodded, "Yes sir,"

"Good, now where are your parents?" the boys eyes turned sad

"I was abandoned on the streets, I have no family," the elder just sighed and looked at the boy in pity.

"I can't take care of you," the boy just looked down making the elder sigh again, "but here's something that could perhaps be of use to you."

The old man waved his wand around and had two sheets of metal fly towards him. The boy then looked in amazement as the sheets started moulding into two silver batons. The old man then removed the impurities in the metal before lending them to the boy who received it not knowing what to do with them.

"Along my travels, I met people that used weapons for both good and bad," he said, "These have no blade, no point and no edge. I hope that you use them to protect yourself. I don't want a young boy like you to become a killer."

The boy looked at the two metal rods about the same size as a ruler and nodded towards the elder. At this point he was still processing what was happening.

"I'm going to have to rewrite your memory of this event," the boy looked up in panic, "don't worry, you have nothing to fear."

With how calming his voice was the boy felt like he could trust him. He looked at the two bodies beside him.

"They're not dead right?" he asked

"No, but they will have a massive headache in the morning and no memories about tonight," the old man smiled slightly before thinking, "He's a good kid, despite the beating they gave earlier he still cares about their wellbeing."

The old man pointed his wand at the boy's head. Before he could utter the spell however the boy looked up.

"What's your name sir?" he asked despite knowing he'll forget it

The old man thought for a bit before saying slowly, "Albus, Albus Dumbledore."

"Albus Dumbledore," the boy didn't want to forget the name, "my names Vincent, Vincent Wong. I'll see you, again right?"

"Only time can tell."

The last thing Vincent saw was a blinding flash of white before darkness took him. He woke up the next morning wounds healed and two metal sticks by his side.

...4 Years Later...

"Professor are you reading the muggle's newspaper?"

Professor McGonagall walked up to Dumbledore and looked at his desk. She was intending to give Dumbledore the resume for the new Defence against the Dark Arts Candidates. The last one, Professor Quirrel suffered from the dark wizard Voldemort's possession. She still couldn't believe that three students stopped him from getting the philosophers stone. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

"Oh Minerva," Dumbledore gave a smile to McGonagall, "remember that one incident four years ago, when muggles tried to rob me."

"That would be something Rita would write about," McGonagall murmured, "Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of our time being mugged in an alleyway."

Dumbledore just gave a small chuckle, "there was a boy there that I saved."

"Vincent Wong, a foreigner," McGonagall narrowed her eyes, "you made him two metal sticks moulded by you personally. What is this newspaper about him?"

Dumbledore chuckled a bit more and passed the newspaper to her. McGonagall looked at the headline and her eyes widened at the headline.


The picture showed a hooded figure jumping across buildings. It was too dark to see his face, but McGonagall did see two stick like objects in his hands.

"The boy seems to be doing well." Dumbledore smiled, happy that he was hearing about the boy from four years ago.

"Doing well?! Dumbledore, he's out there fighting villains with nothing but two sticks, he will die!"

Dumbledore slightly winced under her barrage of comments while he was wondering how Vincent was doing at this moment.




Vincent was watching with a blank expression at what was happening before him. It took a moment before he lost it with the bickering.


...Authors Note...

Hey guys, I'm a new and aspiring writer here. I'm not even sure if Harry Potter is being read anymore, but I'm doing this just because I could. This story is also on Wattpad along with a few other stories if you guys want to check it out.

Thanks for reading my story, Hope to see you soon.