Wandless - A Harry Potter Fanfic

Chapter 7

Chapter 6 - Neville's Determination and Deathday

"Wait, how much did you say you earned?" Ron asked hoarsely at breakfast

"Rounded all up, I earned around one thousand and forty-five galleons and ten sickles," Vincent said earning a horrifying look from Ron, "Is that a lot?"

It was currently October, a month since Vincent arrived at Hogwarts. His so-called title of the Magic Chef had spread throughout the school. People from the four houses actually started paying him to make meals for them, including some Slytherins. Vincent didn't discriminate and gave anyone food as long as they paid.

Today, Ron was curious as to how much he had received so far. Ron literally broke on the inside hearing that Vincent, a muggle, had made more money than what Ron had received his entire life.

"Maybe I should become a cook," Ron muttered half-heartedly causing Vincent and Hermione to both give each other worrying glances

"I've just promised Headless Nick that I'd attend his Deathday party," Harry said plopping down next to them, "I'll miss the Halloween party if that's the case."

"Deathday party?" Hermione looked interested, "that sounds fascinating."

"Bit depressing celebrating the day you die," Ron commented

"Okay then," Vincent got up, "Well I'm heading off."

"What have you got?" Hermione asked

"I promised someone that I'd spend time with them," Vincent said

"Oh, ok then," Hermione said with disappointment which Vincent noticed

"Hey Hermione, lets hang out at the library later okay?" Vincent said

Hermione's head jerked up as she nodded enthusiastically, "Ok then, after lunch, don't forget!"

She then blushed at her own outburst, covering her face with the book she was reading. Harry and Ron both laughed at the scene while Vincent just smiled.

"See you later then."


"—and that is a Crumple Horned Snorkback." Luna concluded her explanation of the creature

Ever since Vincent met Luna, they would often talk. Vincent found that he enjoyed listening to the odd girl as she rambled on about a lot of interesting things.

They were currently at the edge of the Forbidden Forest feeding horse like creatures known as Thestrals. They were skinny bone like horses that had similar bone like wings.

"Hey Vincent," Luna asked as she pet Nyx who was on her leg, "do you think I'm weird?"

"Yep," Vincent said causing Luna to give a bitter smile, "but I like you like this, your someone that is enjoyable to talk to, but most of all you're a good person. Anyone who says otherwise is a damn fool."

Vincent gave the small girls head a ruffle causing her to pout slightly.

"Also, have more faith in yourself, your pretty cute you know."

Luna had her head down in slight embarrassment.

"Geez, your too honest and kind for your own good," Luna complained making Vincent chuckle wryly

Luna usually had this aura of dottiness around her which was the main reason people made fun of her. During the past month, she started showing different faces and emotions when talking to Vincent. She would chatter to her hearts content to someone that actually listens. While she never really cared about other people's opinions, she did however desire friends.

"I know it's rude to ask," Luna began, "but who did you see die?"

Vincent silently pet the Thestral who had lowered its head for him.

"I'm a vigilante remember?" Vincent said as he threw a fish, the Thestral caught it in its mouth, "let's just say, you can't save everyone."

He understood why Luna was so curious. When he first saw these creatures with Luna, she told him that only people who have seen death can see Thestrals.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Luna lowered her head

"It's fine," Vincent gave a small smile, "I'm just one person. I can't be expected to save everyone, but even still, it hurts. Seeing a person that you try to save die before your eyes, it's disheartening."

They both sat there in silence as Vincent pat the Thestral. For a young boy to go through that, it must have felt horrifying. Luna opened her mouth to say something before Vincent started talking again.

"But because of that, my resolve to save others became stronger," Vincent said, "I'm not that arrogant to think that I can save everyone. If I can protect those close to me or in my sight, then I will."

Luna gave a smile at Vincent's claim. She admired that the boy didn't mope over his failures, in fact, it was precisely because of those failures that his the person he is now.

"So," Luna decided to change the topic, "have you heard of Nargles?"


"What are you working on?" Vincent asked

"I'm just adding a few finishing touches to my charms report." Hermione said as she proceeded to write a couple more pages

Vincent's eyes twitched slightly as he watched Hermione's 'finishing touches' to her work. He felt like saying something but decided against it. If Hermione felt like it more, than who was he to interrupt.

"More importantly," Hermione took a glance at Vincent's pile of books, "I'm curious to what you're working on."

"Oh this?" Vincent showed Hermione his book, "It's a bunch of potion ingredients. I've been experimenting and have tried creating different potions. Here, these are the combinations that didn't blow up."

Hermione took the book before realising what she was holding.

"I can't look at your original creations," she said, panicking slightly, "what if I sell the idea off as my own?"

"Would you?" Vincent asked with a bit of amusement in his eyes

"Wha-no!" Hermione said, "I'm just saying not to go around giving this to random people."

"Well I trust you," Vincent said

Hermione smiled wryly knowing that Vincent trusted her. Creating an original potion may not be as major as creating a spell, but it would still be something that most wizards would become well known for. In short, creating an original potion would result in the wizard having some fame.

"Let's see here," Hermione sighed as she put down her homework to look at the notes, "well, it's not like his potions would be revolutionary or anything—!"

Hermione's eyes slightly widened as she read the notes. There were a total of eight original potions that he had made, including the one he used against Snape which was simply labelled Leg Strengthening potion.

"Leg strengthening solution, a variant of the strengthening solution. Increases the users leg strength. By how much however I am unable to calculate."

"Sleep potion, a variation of the sleeping potion, one drink of this will instantly make the person fall asleep, but with the added effects of ridding all impurities in the body as well as ridding all manner of exhaustion or stress. Side effects, can induce a small headache as well as diarrhoea which is expected to be caused by the body expelling the impurities."

"Microscope potion, allows the user to see far distances and has the added effect of improving one's eyesight slightly."

"Metalmorph potion, a work in progress. Allows the user to transform his or her body parts to metal at will. At the moment it transforms the body entirely to metal for five minutes, but at the cost of making the entire body unable to move."

"Zero space potion, makes the user weightless as if in space. No negative side effects known yet although weight has been lost during tests."

"Dragons breath potion, after consuming, the user will uncontrollably sprout fire from their mouths. Interestingly enough, while the fire doesn't harm the body, it does cause an incredibly spicy feeling in the throat."

"Lightning tempering potion, extremely hard to make. Has the effect of strengthening the body permanently, but at the risk of the user being in excruciating pain. Overly relying on such a potion could lead to permanent brain damage, if not death."

"Waterwalk potion, allows user to walk on water for nine minutes. No side effects or additional benefits."

"While there are a couple of questionable ones, the sleep potion will definitely be popular if the information goes public," Hermione thought, "but a majority of these effect the human body, what could Vincent be aiming for—?!"

"Vincent?" Hermione asked, "are you trying to make a potion that gives you magic?"

"Your definitely the smartest in your year Hermione," Vincent said as he took his book back, "it's never been done before, but that's why I want to try it!"

"You do realise that if you do succeed, the whole wizarding world would be thrown into chaos?" Hermione warned, "If this gets into the wrong hands, a wizard could use this to raise a whole army of wizards among the muggles."

"Don't worry," Vincent said as he made a note on the book, "That's why if this does succeed, I will destroy all the notes relating to it."

Hermione looked slightly relieved when she heard him say that. A potion like that could cause a war between muggles and wizards.

"How did you get these accurate descriptions?" Hermione asked curiously

"I drank most of them myself obviously," Hermione froze as she stared at Vincent who looked up, "hey, I made sure that they were safe beforehand before consuming it."

"Your still reckless to consume self-created potions," Hermione said putting her hand to her forehead, "especially that one called Lightning tempering potion."

"I tested them on insects beforehand," Vincent explained, "with the lighting tempering potion, the beetle that was tested on became extremely hard."

"Hard?" Hermione asked

"Well, it was sort of an accident," Vincent said, "I accidentally dropped a book on it one day. It survived without a scratch and the book had a beetle sized dent in it."

"Wait, what happened when you drank it?" Hermione asked

"Well, it was the only one I didn't drink," Vincent pulled out a vial filled with an electric yellow liquid, "Snape classified it as a forbidden potion. Anyone who drinks it has a monstrous increase in strength, but there's a chance of death if the user isn't strong physically or mentally. The beetle survived because I barely gave it any."

"So, you could die?!" Hermione said alarmed, "Vincent, promise me you won't be too reckless."

"Hermione, I-"

"Promise me."

Vincent looked at Hermione who had a pleading look. Vincent tuned his head to the side while putting his hands up in defeat.

"Okay, I promise," Vincent sighed, "I just can't say no to you."

"Great, now hand over the Sleep potion," Vincent froze as he looked at Hermione holding her hand out

"Excuse me?" Vincent blinked thinking he misheard her

"As compensation for making me worry, give me a Sleep potion," Hermione said with a smirk

Hermione felt like messing with Vincent for once. Vincent had scared, embarrassed and worried her countless times throughout the past month, and she felt like getting back at him. She didn't expect him to reach into his bag and pull out a milky white potion.

"I made it taste like milk to make consummation better," he explained as he handed her the potion, "I'm sorry to have worried you."

"I was joking, you didn't have to give me any!" Hermione said slightly panicking, Vincent sometimes took things way too seriously

"But I was going to give it to you anyway," Hermione froze seeing the innocent look in Vincent's golden eyes, "I've seen you work extremely hard at nights making you exhausted in the morning so I thought that maybe I could help. Also, I probably didn't help making you worry like that."

"Vincent," Hermione felt extremely grateful as she took the potion, "thank you-"

"Don't thank me, we're friends, right?" Vincent felt fulfilled seeing how happy Hermione was

"Okay then!" Hermione nodded pocketing the potion before thinking, "that Dragon breath potion, was that the cause of what happened a couple of weeks ago?"

"...Please don't mention that."

..Half a month ago..

"Oh, hello Mr Wong," Lockhart said hopping into Snape's office, "have you seen dear Professor Snape?"

"No sir," Vincent said placing a cup filled with a red like liquid on the desk

"Wonder when I'll get my new vials," Vincent thought packing up, "starting to run out of— wait, where's my potion?"

"Hmm, this is drink is delicious," Vincent started sweating as he looked at Lockhart taking a huge gulp of the drink, "tastes sort of spicy, ginger perhaps?"

Vincent glanced at Nyx who was pointing her finger at the door, indicating them to make a run for it.

"Oh, look at the time," Vincent said hurriedly he walked out, "sorry Professor, I promised to meet Neville today, you know, to help him with potions."

"Don't worry my boy," Lockhart said, "go help young Longbottom."

Vincent walked down the dungeon before running into Malfoy and his gang.

"Oh look, if it isn't the little—" Malfoy began

"Oh, look it's rat," Malfoy's eyes twitched, "well I'd like to exchange insults with you, but I've got to go before the dragon comes so seeya!"

"Wait wha—" Malfoy stood confused as Vincent ran off, "dragon, what dragon?"

"Um, Malfoy?" Crabbe said tapping on Malfoy's shoulder

"What is it?" Malfoy turned around to see a completely near naked bald man running towards them with fire raging out of his mouth

"Ahhhhhhhhh," they screamed as they ran for it

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHH," the creature seemed to scream as it chased them from behind

Lockhart felt like crying, his entire outfit was nearly burnt off leaving him barely clothed. His body wasn't affected by the flame, but his hair was. Being extremely close to the fire, the hair that Lockhart treasured was turned into cinders. He couldn't even talk properly as the insanely spicy feeling in his throat was extremely painful.

The next day, Vincent heard the rumours of the near naked man spewing fire as he ran around terrifying all the Slytherins till Snape stopped him. Vincent was also treated to a well-deserved glare by Snape and a small detention seeing that it was Lockhart who stupidly drank whatever liquid he found in a potion's masters office. Lockhart however, managed to regrow his hair with a potion, but was unable to look at Vincent properly for the next week or so.


"Yeah," Vincent thought, "that'll scar any man. Luckily for him, no student recognised him."

Vincent and Hermione spent the rest of the afternoon comparing notes and just talking to each other every now and then. Neither of them minded the silence every so often as it gave off a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

"Well, I'm off," Vincent said packing his stuff up, "See you at dinner."

"Thanks for today," Hermione said, "it was, nice."

"No problem," Vincent waved as he left the library

Vincent walked along the corridors earning a few glances and whispers among the students. Among Hogwarts, Vincent's fame as the Magic Chef not to mention his duel against Snape had exploded with popularity. Some even compared his fame to Harry's. He had even heard rumours of a fan club but had yet to see any signs of it.

"Heh, Longbottom, still dragging that fat buttocks around as usual?" Vincent stopped as he walked outside of the castle

Neville grit his teeth as he stood up to Malfoy and his gang. His back was against the wall and his study material was laying on the ground. His face had a large bruise with his clothes all ruffled.

"I'm, worth ten of you Malfoy," Neville said through his gritted teeth

Malfoy glared at him before giving a smirk, "Whatever helps you sleep, Crabbe, Goyle, beat him till his mother can't recognise him. Oh wait, your mother probably can't recognise you anyway—"

"SHUT UP MALFOY!" Neville said with anger

Malfoy just smirked as Crabbe took a swing at the boy.

Neville closed his eyes, waiting for the pain only to feel nothing. He opened his eyes to see Vincent grabbing Crabbe's arm.

"Yo, Neville," he said, "You ok man?"

"Um, yeah," Neville tried straightening his clothes to hide the fact that he was bullied to no avail

Vincent just sighed, "Let's talk after I beat these guys."

"Crabbe, Goyle, attack him!" Malfoy ordered

Crabbe punched with his free hand only for Vincent to dodge to the side. He was then elbowed in the stomach causing him to bend over in pain. He felt two hands on his head causing his face to sink lower as it connected with Vincent's knee. His head jerked back as he fell to the ground clutching his broken nose.

Goyle stupidly tried to do a high kick at Vincent who responded by sweeping his legs off the ground causing Goyle to fall hard. He was getting back up before his sight was met with a fist that crashed into his face, knocking him out.

Vincent turned to the stunned Malfoy and walked slowly towards him.

"My fathers—" Malfoy started before a fist sent him crashing to the ground

Neville watched all of this in amazement. He's been bullied by Malfoy for so long. So, seeing Malfoy and his gang get completely destroyed by Vincent stunned him somewhat.

"Man, it's been ages since I last clobbered someone," Vincent said shaking his hands, "that felt good, hey Neville this is your right?"

Neville nodded silently as he took the books from Vincent. They then proceeded to walk away from the beat-up trio.

They reached the giant door to the castle before Neville finally said something.

"Uh, thanks for the help Vincent," Neville said, "you were amazing, you completely smashed Malfoy and his crew!"

"Don't worry about it," Vincent said as they walked

Nyx popped its head out of Vincent's pocket scaring Neville somewhat. He still hasn't forgotten the pixie incident from a month ago.

"H-hello Nyx," Neville said earning a wave from the pixie as it sat on Vincent's shoulder, "V-Vincent, can you help me with something?"

"Hm, if it's within my capabilities then yeah," Vincent said without much thought

During the past month, Vincent got to know a majority of students. He still usually hung out with Harry, Ron and Hermione, but every now and then he would talk to someone outside the group. Neville in particular had been helped several times by Vincent when it came to potion making, while Vincent often compares Herbology notes with him. It came as a surprise that Neville excelled at the subject.

"C-can you teach me how to fight?!" Neville said stopping Vincent in his tracks

Vincent blinked, "Sorry, what?"


"Is this ok?" Neville asked as he wore protection gear

"You'll be fine, Hermione made them after all," Vincent said

Hearing that it was Hermione that made them, Neville relaxed.

After the events of yesterday's fight, they both decided to train early in the mornings at the front of the Whomping Willow. Vincent asked Hermione to create some makeshift protection armour which she did after finding out it was for Neville.

"Don't judge him too much," Hermione said, "may be extremely unreliable, but Neville is probably one of the bravest people I've ever met."

Vincent smiles to himself when he recalled that conversation.

"Alright Neville," Vincent said, "I've never taught anyone how to fight before so this is just as new to me as it is to you."

"So today, I'm just going to beat you up."

Neville stood there confused, "Excuse me, what did you say we were doing?"

"Oh, that was a little too direct," Vincent laughed embarrassed slightly, "I'll beat you up, and all you have to do is defend."

"Isn't that the same thing?" Neville felt like crying

"You asked me for help, don't tell me your backing out now?" Vincent said seriously

Neville looked at the ground for a while before looking Vincent in the eye, "No, let's do this!"

"That's the spirit!" Vincent got into a fighting stance that resembled a boxer

Neville also imitated Vincent as he held his arms up.

"Let's start!" Neville's vision spun and before he knew it, he was on the ground

"Again!" Vincent ordered

Neville gritted his teeth as he stood up.


Neville found himself on the ground again with all the air knocked out of him.

Nyx just sat at the side drinking a smoothie while watching the show.


After being knocked down three times.


Four times.


Seven times.


Ten times.




Vincent watched Neville struggle to climb back up and he sighed.

"Ok Neville, last one."

Neville grit his teeth as sweat soaked his shirt. He lost track of how many times he's been knocked down. He clenched his fists as he kept his eyes on Vincent as they both got into positions. Even though he hasn't managed to block a single hit, he has learnt something.


Neville watched extremely closely as Vincent rushed towards him. He took one deep breath. If there was one thing he learnt. Never take your eyes of your opponent.

Just as Vincent's fist closed in, Neville rushed forward, surprising Vincent slightly. Neville felt the fist graze past his headgear, but his attention was on the other arm. He hurriedly brought his arms up to block as the fist crashed into them sending a jolt through Neville's body.

Neville pushed through and was about to punch Vincent in the face when a blow came from below, sending him flying to the side slightly.

"Dang it, I forgot about the legs," Neville said as he just lay there panting, "that was all I've got."

"That last block was plain awful and the dodge from before was extremely risky," Vincent commented as he sat down next to Neville, "good job."

Neville felt bitter hearing the criticism from Vincent, before freezing at the last part.

"What did you say?"

"Hm, I said good job," Vincent said as he took out a flask which he passed to Neville, "have some."

Neville completely consumed the drink before his eyes widened. The drink was extremely delicious, tasting like warm chocolate chip cookies. He felt extremely fulfilled as he finished it.

"What was that?" Neville asked, "a new potion?"

"In a way, yes, it is a potion," Vincent earned a confused expression from Neville, "Well, it's something that I made for fun. I thought, since potion making is like cooking, then why can't cooking be like potion making. That drink you just had is part of a new invention of mine called comfort water."

"Wait, that was water?!" Neville thought with amazement

"Well it was made by enhancing water with magic while boiling," Vincent explained, "trust me, it's a lot more complicated than it sounds."

"Living up to your title of Magic Chef?" Neville smiled which Vincent returned

They sat in silence as they watched the sun rising in the distance.

"Seriously though," Neville said, "I did awful didn't I?"


"At least have more tact about it!" Neville complained in his mind

"But I did mean it when I said good job," Vincent said as he took a swig from the flask

"I don't hear those words too often," Neville said, "I'm clumsy, I screw up and I'm a coward. I don't know why I was put into Gryffindor. But, even with all that, do you think I can become strong?"

Vincent paused before giving a small chuckle. He remembered how a small golden eyed boy asked a wizened old man a similar question.

"Yes, your indeed clumsy, and you do screw up," Neville winced again at Vincent's honesty, "but your definitely not a coward."


"I asked a few people yesterday, what do they truly think of Neville Longbottom, and guess what they said," Neville gulped as he listened to Vincent, "many of them said that you were clumsy and that you do screw up, but they also had a lot of good things to say about you. Your honest, caring, a hard worker and the bravest person they had ever known."

"Brave, me?" Neville said

"Your weak Neville, but despite that, you still stand up to others for what you believe is right," Vincent didn't notice that Neville's eyes were reddening, "I was told of when you stood up to Harry, Ron and Hermione last year, if that's not bravery, then I don't know what is. If anyone should be in Gryffindor, then it's you. So, the answer is anyone can become strong when they put enough effort in. You Neville, can definitely become strong."

Neville started sobbing as Vincent patted his back. All his life, people had looked down on him for being a failure. Hearing someone encourage him was just extremely heart-warming.

Vincent just gave a smile while helping the boy up. What Neville needs the most is not actually strength, but self-confidence. Vincent wants to help him build that up through their training.

"Let's get breakfast shall we?" Vincent said earning a nod from the tearful boy

"By the way, how did you get people to talk about me?" Neville asked curiously

Not many people would honestly talk about what they feel about others, so Neville felt curious to how Vincent got others to open up.

"Oh that," Vincent said as they walked back, "I gave them a free meal."

"..." Neville looked speechless as he stared at Vincent, "that'll do it."


Weeks flew by and it was finally Halloween. Vincent's life at Hogwarts felt extremely fulfilling to him. He spent every day taking private lessons from Snape and even ended up perfecting the Metalmorph potion. His skills in battle has also improved tremendously in that he would beat Snape at least twice a week.

Neville also had made tremendous progress in his combat skills and had even started putting some slight muscle. Vincent had been suspicious about it at first but realised that it was an effect of his Magic Drink. He discovered that it heals and strengthens muscles making it a perfect sports drink for exercising. Although barely noticeable after the first consumption, after a few weeks Neville was able to last longer in his training sessions going from his usual two seconds of sparing to a whole minute. Given, Vincent held back not wanting to injure the boy, it was still shocking, nonetheless.

He also spent most of his days with Harry, Ron and Hermione and would hang out with Luna every so often.

"Hey Harry, why are you so gloomy?" Vincent asked curiously

"Today's Nicks Deathday party," Harry mumbles as he looked at all the decorations in the hall

"Oh, that's really too bad," Vincent said in sympathy before noticing Harry's pleading stare, "ohh, no, I am not coming with you, you can't make me—"


"Tell me how you convinced me to come?" Vincent grumbled as they made their way to the party

"Hermione," both Harry and Ron replied at the same time

Vincent glared at Hermione who just blushed as she turned her head to the side.

They walked past Great Hall which was filled decorations such as the giant pumpkins provided by Hagrid. Vincent sighed as he stared longingly at the hall.

"Farewell my love, till I see you again," he thought sadly as he walked off

There was candles leading to the party. Although it was extremely gloomy considering the soft, ghostly blue flame casting dark ghostly shadows. It was grew extremely cold as they continued onward with Hermione shivering.

"Here, take it," Vincent handed her his hoodie, "don't think I've forgiven you though."

"Oh, but what about you?" Hermione asked

"I'll be fine," Vincent reassured, "spent most nights on the streets that were colder than this."

"Th-Thanks," Hermione said as she put on the hoodie

It was slightly big for her, but it she didn't seem to mind.

"It's so warm," she thought with a smile

"Hey Mrs Norris," Vincent said as he patted the dusty coloured cat

Vincent was rather fond of the cat. Even though everyone hated it because it was Filch's, Vincent thought it was rather cute.

The cat mewed in delight as it revelled in Vincent's palm before walking off.

"Don't get what you see in it, I just want to kick the bloody thing," said Ron earning an eye roll from Vincent

They soon heard an awful sound that resembled thousands of fingers scraping against the blackboard.

"That can't be music right?" Vincent said horrified as they turned the corner

"Welcome friends," Nearly Headless Nick greeted gravely, "oh please, come inside."

The groups eyes widened as they saw the hundreds of ghosts in the room. There were many that were dancing on the dance floor to the awful music.

"Should we look around?" Harry asked already regretting coming here

"Yeah, sure," Ron nodded as did Vincent and Hermione

They walked around, trying very hard not to walk through any ghosts before Hermione froze.

"Oh no, turn back, I don't want to talk to Moaning Myrtle."

"Who?" Harry asked as they looked around

"She haunts a toilet on the fourth floor, it's awful if you need to go to the loo—"

"Hey, where's Vincent?" Ron asked

Harry and Hermione froze before looking for their golden eyed friend. They soon spotted him staring at the dinner table with a pale face. The trio looked at the table and saw a whole table full of monstrosities.

There was fish burnt charcoal black, cheese covered entirely with blue mould and more unspeakable things laid out on the table. There was a huge milking cake in the middle with tar like icing forming the words,

Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington,

Died 31st of October 1493

"Not edible, this food isn't edible," Vincent kept muttering until Nyx gave him a slap on the face

"Ow, thanks Nyx," Vincent said, "but this food, it shouldn't even exist!"

"Vincent, are you ok?" Hermione asked with concern

"Yeah all good, just that I can't stand looking at this food."

"Let's go somewhere else then."

Hermione dragged Vincent away from the food only to freeze when she realised that she inadvertently led Vincent to the dance floor.

For whatever reason, the music became bearable all of a sudden as it tried to sound romantic.

Vincent blinked when he saw Hermione turn scarlet before smiling.

He gave a bow before holding out his hand, "Would like to dance, milady?"

Hermione blushed deeper before timidly grasping onto his hand, "Please take care of me."

Neither of them really knew how to dance so they just copied the ghosts around them. They stepped on each other's toes a few times before finally getting the hang of it. Harry and Ron both had their mouths open, stunned as they watched the bookworm known as Hermione Granger dancing. They were then interrupted by Peeves the ghost as it started talking to them. Ron however would glance back with a frown every so often.

"This ain't so bad right?" Vincent said causing Hermione to give a small smile

"What, want to come to another Deathday party?" Vincent shivered

"Definitely not," they both looked at each other before busting out laughing

The song ended causing both of them to walk off the floor.

"Thank you, that was fun," Hermione said grinning

"Yeah, it was." Vincent answered as they walked to where Harry and Ron were

"I can't stand much more of this," Ron said as Nearly Headless Nick tried to give a speech, only for the ghosts to be distracted by a game of Headless Hockey to the side, "let's go back."


The four of them started walking back before Harry stopped, turning deathly pale.

"It's that voice again."

"Wait what?" Vincent asked confused only for Harry to take off running

"It's going to kill someone!"

The rest of the group looked at each other before racing off after him.

They all ran up a few stairs before coming to a floor covered in water.

"Is there something wrong with the plumbing?" Vincent thought before bumping into Harry, "Harry, what's wrong—?!"

Vincent and the rest froze when they saw the walk.


"What's that thing—hanging underneath?" Ron asked with a quiver in his voice

The four of them looked at the dark shadow underneath the message before jumping back in shock.

Mrs Norris was hanging by her tail from the torch bracket. She was stiff as a board, eyes wide and staring.

"Let's get out of here," Ron said

"Shouldn't we try and—" Harry began awkwardly

"Trust me, we don't want to be found here."

It was too late. From either side of the corridor where they stood came the sound of hundreds of feet climbing the stairs. The sound of chattering and footsteps died down suddenly as the students spotted the hanging cat, leaving the four of them alone in the middle.

The silence was broken when someone shouted.

"Enemies of the Heir, beware! You'll be next, Mudbloods!"

Malfoy pushed to the front of the crowd smirking at the hanging cat.

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