The Gifted

Lull Before the Storm

A/N: The Gifted is a Harry Potter AU that plays on the question why wizards and witches are so determined to keep their bloodlines 'pure'. In this story, certain bloodlines are blessed with Gifts that automatically places them higher in the political and social strata.

This was written in 2016. I can't stop editing this so I might as well post it. I hope you'll stick around x


Lull Before the Storm

27 November 1979

The gentle morning breeze swept into the room and comforted the couple in their shallow sleep. Its caresses felt like whispers on his skin, urging him to wake up. Almost like a spell, it entranced him as he stirred in his sleep.

James Potter yawned and raised his arms, fingers-crossed high above his head until he heard a cracking noise. He grinned sleepily as he realised he must have looked like Mr. Mistoffelees, Evans' dearly beloved departed cat. Continuing his charade as a cat, he moved to retract his arms, accidentally nudging a solid object beside him in the process. It felt a bit warm and, taking a quick sniff to identify the unknown 'object', he discovered it smelt like a combination he was immensely familiar with: flowers, books, and love.

If someone were to ask James how a person could smell like love, he wouldn't be able to give them a proper answer. He didn't know how a person could smell like love, but she did.

Nay, she was—is—love for James, and he bloody adored it.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, only to be bombarded with hair in the colour of sunset. He quickly pursed his lips to stop himself from laughing. Sunset? Godric, Sirius was right. He was truly turning into a puddle of goo.

Careful not to wake the woman beside him, he stroked her hair, which shimmered like fire in his fingers. He began to hum a tune as he tried to recall events from last night: a dinner at Lily's favourite Muggle restaurant (Adil, wasn't it? He could still taste the curry from his burnt tongue and stained fingers), a spontaneous check-in at a hotel (they had too many beers to Apparate back to the cottage), a Magical Vow, and an act of passionate lovemaking to end the night.

James' blood ran cold as he backtracked in his thoughts. A Magical Wedding Vow?

"Evans? Ev...Lily...Lily Potter?" he muttered in disbelief as he searched for the ring he bought before they had even graduated from Hogwarts. Sitting delicately on her hand was a thin silver band lined with tiny rubies and emeralds. He felt her hand squeeze his own and he automatically returned the pressure.

"Yes, James Potter?" she mimicked his tone without opening her eyes. "Already bailing on me?"

"Never," he responded quickly with a tone of urgency. "Never. Did you really say yes?"

Lily squirmed closer to bump her head against his own. "Of course I did, you prat. Is there a reason not to?"

James felt his confidence crack a bit. "Well, it's a bit sudden, you see. First, I'm a prat. You've made that very clear." He grinned playfully at her to keep the atmosphere light, but he couldn't stop himself from keeping the shame crawl up his spine. "We didn't even plan a weddingyou've told me about your perfect dream weddingand you deserve it! There wasn't anyone to witness it! I know it wasn't necessary, but it would've been nice to share with the gang, yeah? For old times sakes?"

James chewed nervously on his lip.

"My parentsoh Merlin—I do not even want to go there. Would your sister even bother to attend? We probably would've sent her an invitation to our...hypothetical wedding. And that stupid, discriminatory, pretentious, old law as well–"

James trailed off when Lily finally opened her eyes. Her eyes were undeniably James' favourite feature (and weakness, according to several sources). They were extremely expressive and always so…alive. He liked how her emerald orbs sparked in anger, how her eyes lit up whenever she was excited, how they stared at him in a daze while in the throes of lovemaking, and, currently, how they were gleaming with amusement.

"We'll figure it out, James. As long as I have you beside me, everything will be alright."

She sounded so certain, leaving absolutely no room for argument, that James couldn't help but believe in her words.