Flying Flitwicks

  • The Gifted

    Being 'Pure' was a necessity for the oldest Wizarding families. Being 'Pure' meant keeping their Gifts alive. AU.
  • Inflorescence

    The Boy-Who-Lived is dead. You-Know-Who is alive. Harry Potter wants justice, but how can achieve it when the Wizarding World lost its hope? Two-shot, BWL twin.
  • Marauding Hour

    Out of detention ideas, Dumbledore tasks the Marauders to open one of the things missing from ol' Hogwarts: a wizarding school radio. Why does Minerva look like she's about to burst with anger?
  • Epiphanies

    It was daunting how she always felt like an intruder when he was officially hers. Ginny Weasley waited for him to return into her arms. And return he did, though she wasn't sure if he even bothered to bring his heart with him.
  • Congratulations

    Lily Potter née Evans smiled softly at her son. "What took you so long to accept the position? We've been waiting for a long time." In which Harry retires from the political world and finally accepts the mantle of being Headmaster of Hogwarts. No Dark Lord. AU British WW, bigots and all that jazz. Drabble. Prompts: Headmaster Potter – dunderheads - snitch