ReMastered: Hope to Cope

Hope to Cope

Author's Note: I started this story under a different pen name, Gr33nJ3w3lRain. It was my last story I worked on until I stopped working on fanic for over 10 years. I started this story after my dad died and I want to finish it for myself. I wish I could recover my old account but my email account I set up with it was deleted a long time ago when my mom disconnected with our service provider that provided that email address. I never knew it would be important to return to that account until now. I am going to repost this chapter and the next four chapters with some serious revision/editing from the originals. Then on to future chapters until it is complete.

Chapter One: The Hot Line

Five days 22 hours 43 minutes and 18 seconds. It had been five days 22 hours 43 minutes and 18 seconds since her father had died, and Lily Evans had been in cooped up in her room five days 20 hours 20 minutes and seven seconds. She only moved from her bed to use the restroom only accessed by her bedroom and to retrieve the food and water left outside her door three times a day by her mother.

Time did not stop when her dad died. The moment her world came crashing down, life still continued all around her. The clock's minute hand charged forward in the hospital room where they called time of death of her father. The sun rose and it set outside of her bedroom window. Everything else went on, but not her. She was stuck.

Lily's heart was shattered into a million pieces. She was somehow alive with a broken heart. She was now living in a world her dad didn't exist in. To put it best, Lily was a living corpse; a zombie in the world of the living. But in the next two hours, Lily would have to will herself to get out of bed and dressed, or as her mother said "force would be used if necessary," in order for her to attend her father's funeral.

For the two hours to come, Lily just laid on her bed lifeless with her bloodshot eyes barely open from crying too hard. Her poor eyes had been put through the ringer the last six days. To cry when it physically felt impossible anymore because no more moisture should be left to collect in the tear ducts was a terrible burden on her emerald eyes. And the tears always came, they never ended. When the time came for the Evan's family to leave for the funeral, Lily's mother stormed in her room frustrated to see her daughter had not moved from where she had last seen her two hours ago. Lily was awoken from her daze as she witnessed her mother threaten to rip apart the stuffed bear her father had given her two birthdays ago. Lilly somberly rose from her bed and began to get dressed, but not before snatching her precious bear away from her mother.

The funeral was a blur for Lily. Too many people came up to her, for a hug and to offer their condolences, for her to remember many faces. The people who talked of her father to her were few, but everything they said floated in one ear and out the other. The only words she could vaguely recall were the ones read during her mother's eulogy about her father. Her mother said that Lily was her husband's pride and joy and that should always be Daddy's little girl. After the funeral was over, Lily was surprised to be greeted by her headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

He did not offer her any condolences on her loss. It was unnecessary. His sparkling pale blue eyes conveyed the message clearly.

"Lily, I know now does not seem the best place or time to say so, but I will have no other opportunities before the school semester begins." Dumbledore said slowly.

Lily just eyed him suspiciously and nodded her head to grant him permission to continue to his point.

"Since Voldemort's rise to power, a teen wizard and witches hotline called Hope to Cope has been established to offer teens a safe place to talk about the loss of loved ones. The people you would talk to have special training to help those in grief. I know you may not want to call now, but I insist you do so before school starts. It is an outlet for your grief which I suspect you may not be able to share so easily at home. Even if you're not ready to talk, or don't feel like you trust the person you are talking to, you can just have a normal conversation, and gain trust with them. Of course, you can also use an alias when you call; I'm willing to bet most people do. Before I leave, you must promise me you will at least make one call before returning to Hogwarts."

Lily was not sure how to react. Her thought process was muddled and on the fritz trying to process everything he just informed her of. All she could do was blankly stare at him and agree so she could finally return to the safety and comfort of her bed.

"I will, Professor Dumbledore." Dumbledore, in response to her answer, gave a small sigh of relief and a sad smile as he handed over a small white card to Lily.

"Good. Goodbye, Lily"

"Goodbye, Professor Dumbledore." Lily watched as Dumbledore walked away. Then she started reading the card in her hand.

Hope to Cope

A Teen Wizard/Witches hotline

Gives teens the hope to cope

With the loss of a loved one



James Potter waited in the confinements of his bedroom for the return of his father. James was on edge, the question of him being suspended from Hogwarts was still lingering thick in the air. He paced his bedroom floor swearing at himself and his best friend Sirius for being foolish for their actions and being caught. His nerves were getting the best of him. In these times, sweets calmed him down. He looked over to his desk and saw the chocolate frog next to a stack of homework that would be due before school started up again. The thought of how high that pile was stacked was not doing any service to calming him down. He decided to give in to the chocolate temptation for the sake of wanting a moment of peace. The thought of the chocolate on his lips and the pleasure in his taste buds was already changing his outlook on the situation. Once James started to open the chocolate frog box, he heard the front door open and slam shut. He listened as his father's gruff footsteps echoed through the hall to his room and grew louder as he approached James' room. Finally, the door to James' bedroom was pushed open. His wait was over. His fate had been determined.

"James… first off I want to say how disappointed I am in you for using magic outside of Hogwarts when you know that is against the rules-" James father started to say in a disapproving tone as he walked into the bedroom.

"Father, I-" James interrupted.

"Let me finish, boy." His father cut him off. James nodded in response. "You better thank Merlin that I've friends in high places that have allowed this indiscretion to slide by under the radar." James' hazel eyes widened in disbelief at his good fortune. His mouth was slightly ajar and for once he was speechless when in a conversation with his father. That was a short-lived moment as the chocolate frog broke free of its container James' had already partially torn open. It popped on his father's head from the desk in his bedroom. It was an impressive leap while startling to the son and father in conversation. The frog only stayed for a second before exiting through the doorway and down the hall of the Potter's manor.

"That was my dessert…" James said softly with a touch of sadness in his tone. He was rather looking forward to eating it in celebration when the conversation was through. His father rolled his eyes in response and drove back the nature of their conversation to a serious one.

"You, James Henry Potter, will be spending the rest of your summer performing community service for repentance of your misuse of magic. A hotline called Hope to Cope is short of volunteers this summer. They deal with teens that have lost loved ones in this war with He Who Must Not Be Named. Starting next Monday, you will report for service. They will teach you what you need to know to help support those poor kids that call in. Who knows, it might just change your outlook on life. Merlin knows you have more privileges than most do."

James gazed at his father in amazement. He knew his father wasn't really the type to get mad and yell, but he did expect a little more anger from his father in this conversation. In fact, James had prepared all day for this moment knowing full well to take whatever criticism his father brutally gave him, but now he learned all the mental preparation was for nothing.

"Father, I really am sorry. I should have known better. It is that just with Sirius sometimes I get a little ahead of the rules and myself. I will do better." James told his father calmly. James did not want to make a promise he could not keep so he didn't offer his father a promise he would not get in trouble with Sirius again. That was as if to make a promise the sun wouldn't rise tomorrow or the sky wouldn't be blue when you looked at it next. It was pointless to promise something that wasn't true.

James' father seemed to be pleased with his son's sincerity, so he smiled at him. "I know you are sorry, son. Let's just put the past behind us. Oh, and on Monday you need to arrive at nine in the morning sharp. I will not tolerate any monkey business when it comes your community service; do not drag along Sirius with you or your other friends. Am I understood?"

"Yes sir, crystal clear." James watched his father leave his room. When he was alone, he let out a big sigh of relief. He survived that conversation and he could still attend his last year at Hogwarts. That was good, but…he did not want to waste the summer talking about depressing matters over the phone. He wanted to continue to enjoy the summer with his mates before his last year in school. He did not want to do the bloody volunteering! It did not make sense that he was being forced to perform this particular community service. He didn't want to help. He was not the right person to lend an ear and console a bloody stranger over such a depressing matter. He asked himself, shouldn't only those who want to help those grieving be on the hotline service? To him it made perfect sense that someone like him was not a right fit, but he knew he had no say in the matter. Come Monday morning, he would just have to suck it up and pretend to listen and care for someone else's depressing problems.