ReMastered: Hope to Cope

Author's Note

Author's Note:

Hello to the few followers I have on this story! ^_^ I haven't updated in awhile and I apologize for this.

I have been back and forth on this decision, but finally decided I plan to take a break from finishing this story until June 2020. I began this story with the intention of finishing a story I had not completed on my last FF account. The chapters in this story, especially past chapter five, have been a therapeutic process in channeling my own grief to be honest. I feel the strongest pull on this feeling in the summer time, so I feel it would be most appropriate to finish this story then. This story will be finished next summer. Sorry for the delay, but I promise the chapter quality will be more impactful than if I force the words now to write.

Thank you for reading and I will be back at you with the final chapters next summer! - Lalaland972