The Roselynn Rivers Saga: Book 1 the start of the adventure

Book 1 the start of the adventure

Chapter 1: Strange Things

It was a crisp fall day at the wooded plot of land that belonged to the Rivers family. Claire, Michael, and their five-year-old daughter Roselynn lived on the outskirts of London. Rose loved to run around their little slice of the world and, much to her mother's dismay, climbing trees was one of her favorite activities. That's what she was doing now as her mother fruitlessly tried to call her down Rose went higher and higher

"Roselynn Summer Rivers! You get down here, NOW!" her mother yelled, reaching the end of her patience. Rose rolled her eyes, her mum was always such a worrier.

"Fine!" she called back and as she started to climb down something happened that had never happened before, Roselynn's foot slipped on her branch and she tumbled out of the tree. She could hear her mother screaming as she headed twords the ground she closed her eyes, terrified. Suddenly, she felt herself slowing down. Her mother stopped screaming and Rose opened her eyes cautiously and gasped in shock. She'd stopped falling and was instead floating gently down to the ground

"What the?" she mumbled, this was impossible but it was happening. The strange force that had stopped her fall deposited her on the ground and she sat there in shock. Her mum didn't move either for a few minutes they stared into each other's eyes then her mother ran forward and picked her up off the ground "A-are you ok, Rose?" she asked, holding her close "Yeah, mummy. I'm ok..what happend? I was flying!" Roselynn said, half scared, half excited. Her mum looked at her in total amazement "I idea." she answered. Roselynn quickly got over her fear as they headed back to the house for dinner, and to meet her father who would be home from work soon. "I can't wait to tell daddy!" Roselynn said, skipping happily behind her mum "I wonder if I could do that again!"

When Roselynn told the story of dinner her father didn't belive it but her mother backed her up. He was shocked but smiled at his daughter as she contiued to talk about what kids at school that she could fly.

The next day at school Rose was happily telling her story to a group of her fellow kindergarteners, they listened but most of them just laughed her off. Rose was unbothered by their disbelief and ran off to play once she finished her story as she climbed a lader to go down a slide the boy in front of her turned right around on the slide and smirked nastily at her.

"Go on and fly, bird girl." he taunted and pushed her backwards. It didn't work this time and Roselynn landed hard on her butt. The boy laughed as Rose got up and dusted herself off he continued laughing as he turned round to go down the slide Rose glared at him and all of a sudden the slide shifted and the boy lost his footing and fell head first down the slide sprawling into the mulch at the end. He bawled and a teacher hurried over. Roselynn was staring down at her own hands in shock "D-did I do that?" she asked herself.

From that day on strange things continued to happen around Roselynn that nobody could explain. She hardly ever spoke about it to anyone except her parents who were just as confused as she was.

Little did they all know that this was the start of the adventure of a lifetime.