• The Three of Us

    Harry, Ron and Hermione gain a special bond after the incident on Halloween. Not just friendship but the power to read each other's thoughts and emotions. Will this soul bond help them accomplish their destiny to defeat the most evil Dark Wizard that ever lived? Not to mention getting through school without being killed...or worse expelled! {Soulbonded!Trio}

  • The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

    Book two of the Golden Thread series is here! Harry, Ron and Hermione's adventure continues. Visits from elves, dramatic late night rescues, attacks on students that leave them turned to stone and an annoying new teacher. Begins just after the violet pudding fiasco and Harry's warning from the minsitry {Soulbonded!Trio} {Abusive!Dursleys} Warning for chapter one in particular.

  • Harry Lies SongFic

    Took a mini-break from Golden Thread and decided to write this while listening to some sad music. Just a sad oneshot. Hogwarts is a day school instead of a boarding school (Don't ask how this world has magic..day school is totally possible) Ron meets Harry..and learns a terrible secret. {Warning: Mentions of abuse and character death} {Original Song: Alyssa Lies} {R&R}

  • Ron's Journal 1 (SS)

    11 Year old Ron starts writing the night before he goes to Hogwarts out of nerves and decides to continue to do it because it helps him calm down. but it's NOT A DIARY. Ron's perspective on the events of Sorcerer's Stone told via journal entries. Will continue through all seven books if there's enough interest. Please R&R

  • The Three of Us

    Harry, Ron and Hermione have a destiny to accomplish, defeat the most evil dark wizard to ever live. Oh and make it through school without being killed..or worse expelled :P what kind of bond will they form along the way. My retelling of Harry Potter. A lot of cannon so some stuff's skipped {Triofic} will update chapters after two reviews. POV varies by chapter.

  • Harry Potter One Shot Collection

    Just a bunch of one shots. Fluffy moments, sad moments and everything in between. Trio stories later on nothing too serious some swearing may come up in a few of them

  • The Roselynn Rivers Saga: Book 1 the start of the adventure

    Roselynn Rivers often has strange things happen around her. She's not just any young girl, she's a witch and her story is just starting. Soon she'll meet new friends as well as new adversaries, and discover that she's part of a whole world of mystery, magic and danger. (Depending on interest I'll attempt to go through all seven stories through Rose's eyes)

  • Reading Harry Potter at Hogwarts

    What will happen when the Umbridge finds the seven Harry Potter books and reads them aloud? Find out in this hilarious story with a new friend as well