Harry Potter Finally Graduates Book V -- Ginny's Quest Continues

Chapter 1

Harry Potter Finally Graduates Book V – The Quest Continues And Harry Is Minister

Authors Notes: Many of the characters in this book were introduced and developed in the first four books of Harry Potter Finally Graduates. This chapter will make much more sense if you read the initial four books first. At the bare minimum, please read books III and IV first.

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Chapter 1 – A New Start On Vanaheimr

I had one last duty, before I left Asgard. I summoned Blacky and gave him instructions to look for 'heavy' spots and strangers in the area of seid-space where we had rescued Odin and Gna had tried to murder the us and the history of our worlds, using the bomb I had carelessly left for her. Blacky gave me a report on his activities, since I had last seen him. Odin had visited my lands beside the pyramid once, just walking around the pyramid and storage building, not even entering either. Frijjo had visited Odin at Valaskjalf. Nothing unusual about any of that. Blacky's final report was most unusual. Narcissa Malfoy had slept at our camp outside Odin's observatory and unsuccessfully attempted to enter both the observatory and the forge. Blacky was certain of this. He had watched her the whole time she was there. I saw the raven-eye view of Narcissa Apparating away from the camp. Blackly watched the area for another day, but Narcissa did not reappear.

We were walking directly into Vanaheimer by way of its pyramid, but before we made that very short journey of almost infinite distance, I paused to update Harry and to contact Frijjo and alert her that we would arrive on her world within minutes. I also asked Yggdrasil to alert the Servers of the Black Stone on Vanaheimer.

Frijjo met us as soon as we trooped into the pyramid. The Servers yielded the front spot to her. I gave Frijjo a quick hug and then hugged all of the Servers. Cerce looked a bit the worse for wear, as if she had lost a fight. Before I could inquire, Frijjo regained control.

"Welcome! I needed your help sooner, but feared it would be another week or more before I saw you. I know that the Unicorn herd will help magic in the long-term, but their presence has further upset the balance of magic, and I badly need help in the short-term. It is my error, I oversold the arrival of the Unicorns and my people expected immediate benefit. They certainly didn't expect magic to be weakened in much of the City. I know that you have plans and expectations for the re-start of your Quest, but I need at least part of your team to begin work on the pyramid circle immediately."

"That was my plan. We've studied this circle and drawn images of the magical force lines and flaws in the webbing between the stones. I'm sorry and surprised about the Unicorns. Unfortunately, that means some of the study needs to be repeated before we can begin repairs, but the same Hogwarts students are with us and they won't need to fully repeat what they did last visit. They won't redo their drawings, just work with Cho to revise the repair plan. That can be finished today and then that team can move right into upgrading the circle. I can feel that magic here is less than it should be. I see that this circle still has its purple diamond. It should be at least twice as powerful as it was. The addition of many more Unicorns to our world required barely a tweak to two circles. I don't foresee a huge problem.

"While Cho's team works on that, Hermione and I will lead a team to examine the damage around the White Circle and try to fully understand the circle which Miomor built. I do want to build a new circle there, but can't do anything about the White Columns, until Yggdrasil teaches us how to rebuild them. We also lost a White Column on my world, so I am very eager to learn how to fix or build new White Columns. I want to at least learn enough by exploring whatever is left of your White Stones and their caverns that it will be easier for us to understand what Yggdrasil tries to teach us about repairing or rebuilding them. Odin probably told you, but we are to have a vacation after we complete our first three weeks of work here. Part of that time will be meeting with Odin and receiving more lessons on seid and at least our first lessons on White Columns. In the meantime, we can start on the circle which will accompany the new White Columns. I hope that the lodestone remains in good condition. That would be the hardest part of that circle to fix or replace. I don't know where we might find a replacement on your world and it is far to heavy to bring from another world. We will spend our initial time carefully studying your lodestone for damage. I think we can fix a minor crack, but a large crack is catastrophic. I'm willing to start work on that as soon as we commune with The Great Black Stone."

"Okay, but slow down a moment. There are a few things I must tell you. First, the caverns are still filled with rubble, exactly as they were when your battle ended and your bomb went off. I know that Odin gave you a report on the state of the caverns, he has seen them with his own eyes and agrees that the damage is massive, but I also know that you only fully believe the evidence of your own senses and investigations. So, I have touched nothing. Your people and my people must begin today by clearing stone rubble. There won't even be a clear space from which to work until we complete that unpleasant task. I hope I did the right thing in delaying this work until your arrival."

Actually, it was fine and not fine. Our progress would be delayed by a week. On the plus side, I had no way of knowing whether or not Yggdrasil expected us to gather up and save all of the big and little pieces of White Column for use in their reconstruction. If Frijjo had mistakenly discarded them, the whole project might be lost, before we had started. I hoped that Frijjo had at least done the Vanir equivalent of an 'Accio' to remove the dead bodies from under the rubble. I had the sinking suspicion that she had left them where they died. I said nothing more than "I think you made the right choice, we probably need to preserve all of the White Column fragnments."

"Good. I know that you and Hermione will want to thoroughly examine all of these caverns, to convince yourselves that you have found each little secret which they and we are hiding. I'm convinced that, apart from the cavern beneath the lodestone, that you've already found all of the significant secrets. I don't know anything about that lowest cavern myself. I just peered into it. It's filled with rock rubble. I saw enough of the upper walls and roof of that cavern to know that it's new, no older than a couple of your centuries, at most. We'll explore it together. Beyond that, I think Miomor fooled you. You thought, now without some logic, that she kept insisting that you build a modern circle in the Village Vana 'at once' to prevent you from finding the secrets of the White Column's caverns. I don't believe that. You found those secrets only because Miomor left you alone for too long and foolishly failed to incapacitate her secret circle fully, before you even arrived on Vanaheimr. You could have built your new purple-diamond circle, successfully tested it and been none the wiser. There certainly was no risk of explosion. You would have gone on your way and Miomor would have stolen your diamond from the circle. I believe that the real secrets lie in the Village Vana. Miomor understood you far better than you realize, or Prudence guided her manipulation of you. She knew that you'd rebel against her insistence and refuse to even set foot in the village. Village Vana is where her most loyal supporters live. It's where the royals who were loyal to her live. It is no surprise to me that the secret circle beside the railroad tracks was in that empty farmland. The village is but ten miles away and her supporters could observe and defend it, while going about their business as farmers. You were totally fooled by Miomor. I know I shouldn't gloat. She fooled me too. We must be friends and treat each other well. We will explore Village Vana together. When I go with you, we must go in force. That place is where the greatest danger and most important secrets hide. I am sure of that. Now it's time for you to visit our Stone."

The half of the team which would come to Government House with me sat with as much of our bodies as our particularly physiology permitted pressed up against the Great Black Rock. We linked hands and Hermione and I managed to guide everyone, even Captain Davies, into the Stone. We greeted the Stone, received its permission to enter Vanaheimr, and requested an update and guidance about conditions on its world.

Conditions have not been good since you were here. Frijjo has been away too long. She doesn't really know Vanaheimr as it really is today and the Vanir neither know nor trust her. She has very few whom she is certain she can trust. Many of hundred royals think they or their kin should be monarch. Some supported Miomor. This group and Miomor's old guard force have fought Frijjo. Even this pyramid was invaded. I am a peaceful being, but was forced to kill two attackers or else my Servers would be slaughtered. Arce killed two others. The other Servers joined the fight after Arce fought. Frijjo arrived and together we drove the attackers away. Frijjo took two captives. You must question them.

Magic is not good and that makes the Vanir more restless. The Unicorn herd unbalanced magic. We could have fixed that, but the fighting destroyed two of the calcite crystals. We replaced them with the inferior crystals we had. We replaced the damaged gold webbing, but my poor circle is hurting badly. I hope that you brought good calcite crystals with you. Frijjo's pride doesn't permit her to admit how bad her problems are. She needs your help. We all do.

I assured her that we had brought some truly excellent calcite crystals with us and would immediately deploy two of them to improve the pyramid circle. That was the first order of business. It was foolish to try to temporarily re-tune a circle witch two very inferior crystals. I mentioned the plan to Cho and then gathered my half of the team to follow Frijjo to Government House.

Our rooms were right next to the rooms that Miomor had given Prudence. We were bunking four to a room, but the rooms were large and the beds felt great - far better than what Miomor had provided for her good friend Prudence. We had a very nice bathroom, with tub and running hot water, nestled among the rooms assigned to us. Barb told us that she and the young auror, Penelope, would room with Hermione and me, while the third auror would sleep in Percy and Callista's suite. Frijjo frowned at that announcement and started to make noises about our group not sufficiently trusting her, but Barb silenced her with "I have my orders from Director Shacklebolt and may not deviate from him. He was not at all pleased with the two attacks upon Ginny and Hermione on their last visit to Government House."

We were quickly settled in and off to the White Column pit to start clearing rubble and mapping the area. As we stood upon what was left of the balcony and peered over what was left of the railing, it suddenly became clear just how much rubble had to be cleared. The entire floor of the pit was covered with rocks, pebbles, and dust. There was no open space on which to stand and begin the project. The rubble was much deeper and the pieces much bigger at the end of the pit, where the balcony and part of the stairs had collapsed under our curse and the explosion of the bomb. The layer of debris seemed thinnest right in front of this area. That is where we would start. As we carefully made our way toward the major rubble, it became absolutely clear that Frijjo had not been pranking us about leaving the bodies where they had fallen. The stench was awful. I put on the gloves which Hermione had provided and decided to limit the excavation crew to the two of us, plus Barb, Penelope, and Catta. I thought Elf magic might be needed to apparate the heaviest pieces of balcony and stairs from this pit to the lawn in front of Government House.

Cantring certainly couldn't handle the impossible footing on the floor of the pit, ad it seemed unfair to subject the very young Cissy to such conditions. I instructed Cantring and Cissy to draw what they saw from the safety of the sounder sections of balcony and stairs. We had one of the Hogwarts students on our team. She could also draw from a distance. I wanted all of the drawers to focus upon the immediate vicinity of the White Columns. I asked Aagog to expore the ceiling and upper walls, searching for damage and hidden secrets. I told her that I was especially interested in the condition of the quartz cylinder in the ceiling and the top of the lodestone.

As we gingerly stepped across the smaller rubble toward the big pieces, I suggested to Frijjo: "Let's move the two biggest pieces, while we still have our full strength."

Frijjo agreed. She had 3 of her guards to assist the five of us. We arrayed ourselves around the biggest piece of stone. "Remember," Hermione warned one and all, "this huge stone is going to be flying along with us and we have to avoid any part of us landing under it. Get a good grip, everyone and we apparate on the NOW! after three. Okay, one, two, three, NOW!"

We found ourselves arrayed around a truly big piece of stone from the balcony. Fortunately, we had sustained no injuries. I suggested that we walk back, rather than apparating to conserve magical strength. That was acceptable. As we returned to face the second largest stone, I saw three legs and an arm protruding from it. They looked to be far from fresh, as I knew they must be.

"Okay, same plan as last time. Get a good grip, watch your feet and one, two, three, NOW!"

Out on the lawn, but not in as good shape as the first time. One of Frijjo's guards was groaning and pointing to where the stone had pinned his leg. "Sorry, I started to slip just as we apparated.

"Okay, most of us must apparate the stone a few paces over there, we'll put it on top of that short bush. Hermione will stay here to tend to Raquen. If something goes wrong and we can't move the stone far, she must pull him to safety. Otherwise, she must quickly stop any bleeding. I'll count this one. One, two, three, NOW!"

That went fine, but I turned to see Hermione working to stop the flow of what I knew must be arterial blood. Hermione, being Hermione, stanched the flow by the time we reached her side. She rendered her verdict: "I'm sure his femur is broken."

Frijjo dispatched one of her guards to apparate Raquen to 'hospital', which apparently was somewhere inside Government Building. "No more stones for today, but the rest of us must deal with the bodies which were under the stone. We'll apparate them right here, beside the largest stone." She walked over to that spot, pointing where she wanted the row of bodies to start and indicating about a six-foot spacing away from the stone. We again walked back to the work area.

There were three bodies and they were not in good shape at all. Based on clothes and the medallion of office on a chain around her neck, I easily identified the middle body as Miomor. Two of us were assigned to each body. I grimaced as Hermione and I grabbed hold of Miomor. We were to place her in the spot nearest the stone. She was bloated and sort of leaking, from damage caused by being crushed beneath the stone. I suppressed a gag, telling Hermione: "Okay, one, two, three, NOW!"

With Miomor on the ground, Hermione and I stepped away from her toward the stone. A few seconds later, Barb and Frijjo arrived with one of the guards. As they were walking to join us, Penelope and two of Frijjo's men arrived with the body of the second guard.

"I think we must burn the bodies," Frijjo announced. "First we must examine what Miomor has on her person. I'll do our equivalent of your 'Accio" and lay them out on the flat part of this stone."

As she finished speaking, objects arrived. There were a number of easily identifiable large objects. I saw the treaty copy, which Dad had signed. It was neatly rolled up and tied with a bright gold ribbon, but the Miomor joices. I happily left it to Frijjo. The medallion was of no interest. Hermione and I were both drawn to a large brass ring with at least twenty brass keys. I knew what Hermione intended as soon as I saw her point her wand at her carry bag. A bar of brass plopped onto the ground, Hermione stared intently at the keys, requested that Frijjo turn them over, stared some more, and then with a flick of her wand materialized a copy of the keys for us. She waved her wand over our set of keys, undoubtedly performing a series of sanitizing spells and then chucked the keys into her bag.

"I hope you aren't planning to sneak into my new office," Frijjo half-jokingly complained to Hermione.

"Only if you are as remarkably silly as not to change the lock, to what I'm sure is a high-powered, Godly lock. There are so many keys, we are bound to encounter a lock which one of them will open. That may allow us to escape a trap or discover some more of Miomor's secrets. I know that some of Miomor's guards fought the Servers inside the pyramid. That tells me that a lot of dangers, and likely deadly traps, still abound on Vanaheimr."

There was a wad of British pounds, which we sanitized and took with us. We left everything else to Frijjo, leaving her to burn the bodies. I said we were off to our rooms for baths and rest, asking where and when we should join her for dinner.

"Don't worry about that. We'll eat in about two hours. It's in my private dining room. You've not been there - a guard will swing by to escort you at the proper time. Chef is finicky and I can't predict dinnertime to closer that a half hour."

Hermione told me to take the first bath and to be quick about it. I was as quick as I could be, but had to wait for Cissy to finish, the rest of the team getting back to our rooms ahead of Hermione and me. My muscles felt much better after a five minute soak in the hot water. Even though we had worn gloves and masks for our distasteful assignment, I still scrubbed viciously at my skin, determined that not the faintest trace of Miomor remained. Before donning clean clothes, I performed cleaning and sanitizing spells on both my used clothes and upon myself.

I had been quick, but Hermione was waiting, towel in hand. "Make your report to Harry, I'm going to have to take at least ten."

As soon as I lay down on my bed to contact Harry, Aagog scrambled up onto my stomach to give her report. "I find secret hiding spot near ceiling with two quartz cylinders and many diamonds. Catta help me. Cantring is hiding all stones. Quartz cylinder in ceiling is broke. I find nothing in rest of search."

I thanked Aagog, telling her that now I must make my report to Minister husband Harry. It was obvious that I caught Harry in busy mode. I was quick, just dumping everything we had learned, including the report from Aagog. Harry wasn't to busy to be very upset. "It sounds like you are in great danger, if Miomor's people were able to invade the pyramid. You are supposed to be building circles, not handling war dead. You could catch something and die! Please be safer! Things aren't great here, either. I talked to McGonagall and Draco. They don't know where Narcissa is and were surprised she had been on Asgard. I talked to the pyramid guard. They say they thought Narcissa had permission to walk through to the pyramid between worlds. She had a very functional ring. They confirm that she left our world, she actually did that while you were still here, and returned almost as soon as you left. Perhaps she spotted your arrival in Asgard. Fran and Angela Lester are at Hogwarts and seem settled in. Cissy and Henry have met with Steven. Steven and Henry got along better than could be expected, given the age difference and their individual problems. Mrs. Longbottom is going to prosecute Eva Duerr. The trial starts next week. McGonagall is already something of a load. Perhaps picking her was a mistake. I won't burden you. Maybe I will. McGonagall has convinced herself that Madam Bones's violation of the Secrecy Act somehow makes her uniquely qualified to play a leading role in handling the situation, including the integration of the Lester's into our world and following up on the leak, which couldn't possibly be down to 'poor Amanda, who was just trying to be helpful'. I'm not at all convinced that your father's hallway conversations are the source of the leak. We arrested Rita Skeeter, but she quickly convinced the truthtellers and Mrs. Longbottom that she had nothing to do with it. we've heard nothing of Roger since we lost him in New York City. Rita might have helped us track him. Opportunity missed. I love you, but I gotta go."