• Harry Potter Finally Graduates Book V -- Ginny's Quest Continues

    While Ginny continues her dangerous Quest, on behalf of Odin, newly sworn-in Minister of Magic Harry Potter must face new challenges in Wizard Britain. Ginny and Hermione slowly learn the true purpose for their Quest.
  • Ginny's Quest -- Part IV of Harry Potter Finally Graduates

    Ginny Weasley must lead a small group of Witches and other females on a dangerous Quest to wrest control of the ancient magical circles from the old Gods and Goddesses. She must repair these circles so that magic is strengthened around the world and Muggles can become magical. Harry and Ron may help at a distance, but are tied up with problems of their own.
  • Harry Potter Finally Graduates Part III

    Ginny and friends progress toward their Hogwarts graduation, while chasing Barty Crouch and Thicknesse, advancing the Light Guardian religion, repairing the Gringotts Circle, and forwarding the platform of the Weasley administration. Lots of infighting.
  • Emako The Student Ghost

    After Emako is killed by Professor Quirrell/Voldemort, she remains at Hogwarts determined to protect her twin, Harry Potter, and her boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. The initial story in this series, Emako The Red-Headed Twin, is published on this fanfic site. We pick up the story in Harry Potter's second Hogwarts year, through the eyes of Emako as narrator.
  • Emako, The Red-Haired Twin

    How would a female twin change Harry Potter? How would she change the people around Harry? Would she help Harry kill Voldemort or would she have a different agenda? Will the romantic pairings be the same? Who will become the mate of Harry's twin? Is she even supposed to be alive? Friendships will be tested, assumptions will be challenged, and unlikely heroes will step forward.
  • Harry Potter Finally Graduates Part II

    This continues Harry Potter Finally Graduates through formation of the new Wizard governments, plus lots of in-fighting, bombings, killings, perils of young love, and further knowledge of Hogwarts, Gringotts, and magical creatures in general.
  • Harry Potter Finally Graduates

    The story begins where J.K Rowling ends. It covers the seventh year of Harry and his friends, told from Ginny's point of view. The students face new hazards and learn the true nature of Hogwarts as they help the Order establish a democratic government.