Voldemort's Granddaughter

Chapter 5

When the time came for winter break, Adair was excited to see her parents again. It would be good to talk to them in person about everything, now that she had calmed down and accepted what she had learned. She took longer getting packed than any of the other Gryffindors, so when she walked down the dorm stairs, the common room was nearly empty. Everyone else was making their way down to the train.

She was in such a hurry and so excited to get home that she didn't notice Harry until she bumped into him as he was coming in through the portrait hole

Her trunk knocked open and some of her stuff scattered on the floor. She swore, rushing to pick some of it up. Harry hurridly bent down to help her.

"Running late as well?" he asked, casually.

Adair nodded, feeling awkward. As she continued picking up her stuff, she saw it at the same time as he did. The picture of Lavinia and Winston had fallen out of her book on the floor. Harry picked it up and started to say "Is this-"

Adair cut him off. "Yes, it's mine." And she grabbed it out of his hand a little more forcefully than was really necessary. She tucked it carefully back into her book. She refused to look at Harry, who was looking at her, contemplating.

All of her stuff was back into her trunk now. "Thank you," she said shortly. She turned and began to roll her trunk back to the portrait hole.

"Wait" she heard him say. She turned around. "Wait for me, I'll- I'll walk with you to the train. I just need to grab something I forgot really fast," he said it quickly, as if he didn't really know why he was saying it.

Adair looked at him. It was ridiculous really, the way she was treating him. Everything else in her life had pretty much gone back to normal, why not her casual friendship with Harry as well? She shouldn't have to feel guilty for something she hadn't done.

So she nodded and smiled at him. "I'll wait right here."

Harry looked taken aback, probably surprised by her sudden change in attitude. He gave the "one second" symbol, and dashed off to his room. He came back carrying a tattered old potions book.

So they walked to the train together, casually chatting about classes and schoolmates, neither mentioning the awkwardness that had been between them for the past few months. When they reached the train, Harry helped her with her trunk and they each departed for their separate compartments. Adair was in a good mood for the rest of the train ride.

Christmas at Adair's house was quiet. She was right, it did feel good to talk to her parents again, getting to know them now as Joann and Eric Wesley, a muggle born witch and a half blood wizard, aurors for the Ministry.

But something was off with them but she didn't sense that it had anything to do with her. They were worried about something. They were continually glancing out windows and talking in hushed voices when they thought she couldn't hear. They kept their wands with them at all times, but she didn't know is that was normal for them or not. Once, she asked them if anything was wrong, but they just brushed it off, assuring her that everything was fine. She didn't ask again.

When the time came to go back to Hogwarts, they gave Adair a tearful goodbye, still trying to pretend that everything was normal. Well, as normal as it could be. But by this time, Adair was sure that something was up.

Back on the train, Adair resumed her "I'm perfectly fine" routine as best she could around her friends, but she was still worried about her parents.

The first night back, there was a party in the common room. Adair snuck out with Seamus to nick some food from the kitchens, a secret they inherited from Fred and George Weasley. Sneaking along the passageways, giggling at Seamus, who was pretending that they were on a very serious mission and kept ducking around corners and somersaulting across passageways, she felt just like her old self again. She was able to put the tension that had existed at her house out her mind.