Voldemort's Granddaughter

Chapter 8

Hermione took it well. She had gasped when Adair first told them who her grandfather was, but her face had quickly set into a thoughtful but understanding gaze as she listened to Adair tell her story.

Ron…not so much. He had jumped to his feet, hand immediately going for his wand. He had a wild expression on his face. Harry had shouted, grasping his arm. He had had to take him into a corner to calm him down. When they came back, Ron was quiet, but he still stared at Adair with a suspicious expression on his face.

Afterward, Harry told them about how he had told Adair everything. They both looked alarmed, but Harry again calmed them down. "Dumbledore trusts her." He said, as if that solved everything.

It turned out to be wonderful, having people around who knew what she was going through. Now, when she passed them in the hall, Hermione would give her a little sympathetic smile, and Harry would grin at her though his round glasses, giving her a small wave. Ron would usually grunt at her, but over time, even those were getting friendlier.

She had taken to sitting with them in the common room. She learned that Harry had become suspicious of Draco Malfoy, believing him to be a death eater. She doubted it. From what she knew of him, Draco was just a spoiled little rich boy who liked to put others down to make himself feel better. But she politely listened to Harry's rantings so as not to offend him.

A week after the attack, as Adair was sitting alone in the library, putting the final touches on her Charms homework, (eighteen and a half inches on the strengths and weaknesses of glamour charms), she was approached by a tiny second year from Ravenclaw. "Dumbledore told me to give you this," she squeaked, looking proud to be the messenger for the Headmaster. Adair thanked her and closed her textbook as she read the note.

Dear Ms. Robinson,

If you are not otherwise engaged, I would invite you to please join me for tea in my office, and bring the fizzing whizbees.

~Professor Albus Dumbledore

Since the headmaster had not specified a time, Adair assumed he meant for her to come as soon as possible. Haphazardly packing up her papers and books in her bag, Adair hurried across the castle, taking every shortcut she could think of.

She arrived outside of the headmasters office out of breath, but managed to pant "Fizzing… .Whizbees" as she leaned on the Griffin for support. After delicately shaking her off, the statue haughtily replied, "Enter" and spun to let her through.

The headmaster was seated at his desk, looking over some papers. "Ah, Adair, you made quite good time. Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Is this about my parents?" After everything she had experienced over the past few months, Adair felt she could afford to be abrupt with the headmaster.

"That is one of the things I would like to discuss with you tonight, yes."

"Are they okay?"

"Yes, Adair, they continue to be recuperating well. As of tonight, they have been moved to another order safehouse, and I believe that it would be safe enough for you to go see them."

"Perfect. I'll just go start packing my things" Adair said as she turned for the door.

"Indeed, Adair, we can arrange transport for tonight, if that is what you wish. But I beg you to indulge me for a few more moments as we discuss another issue of great importance; one that has come to light in recent events." Dumbledore gestured to the chair in front of his desk.

Adair suppressed a sigh as she turned again from the door and walked over to the seat that Dumbledore had indicated. She didn't want to wait a moment longer to see her parents, but the rational part of her knew that another half hour or so would not make a difference.

Professor Dumbledore gave her a twinkling smile as she sat down. "Thank you for accommodating me, Adair. I know it has been frustrating to remain patient after such a dramatic event."

Adair nodded, not feeling the need to provide more acknowledgement of this obvious statement.

"I would like to discuss more fully the ramifications of the vision that you had on the night of your parents attack, Adair. As we have discussed before, I believe that you were, in fact, performing Legimancy over a distance of hundreds of miles, an incredible feat that not even the most accomplished practitioners of Legilimency could perform without years of practice and months of intense preparation."

Adair frowned. She honestly hadn't given much thought to the revelation that she had performed Legilimency in her sleep. She had assumed that it had been a fluke, or even a lucky break. But now, to hear the headmaster say so plainly that it was something that most grown wizards could never accomplish, she was forced to confront the fact that it meant there was something fundamentally different about her that had allowed her to see into her mother's mind that night.

"Yes, Professor, and I still don't understand how it's is all supposed to work."

"That is exactly what I would like to discuss tonight, Adair. Given the fact that you obviously have a gift, I think it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I think that we should begin training, and give you a way to control your gift, allow you to use it for a higher purpose."

"But the only time I have ever used it has been that one time, Professor. I would have no idea how to turn it on, or initiate it, or whatever. And no need for it! I've already told you, I don't want to go poking around in other people's thoughts."

"I don't believe that is true, Adair. That is, that you've never used it before. Have you ever found that you are able to guess the feelings of others before they tell you themselves? Have you ever felt confused that other people don't seem to understand the way other people are feeling towards them, when it seems so obvious to yourself?"

Adair paused at this statement, caught off-guard. As he had said them, Adair knew the words to be true. She had always assumed she was simply perceptive, but could it be true that she was actually reading people's feelings, reading their minds, without knowing it?

Dumbledore, nodding, took her silence as an acknowledgment. "That is usually the first sign of a witch or wizard with the gift of Legilimency. Adair, you do not have to be afraid of this gift. It does not have to involve invading the minds of those around you. Legilimency can be used for good - to sense danger, to calm tensions in the room, or to protect loved ones, as you demonstrated the other night. The magic itself takes many forms as well. A few rare witches and wizards are born with the power to hear the thoughts of everyone around them, as clearly as if they were speaking out loud. Others have just to touch a person to gain access to all their memories. Still others have a more precise skill, to enter the mind at will, sifting through thoughts and memories as they please. I believe that you fall most closely into this category Adair, which is why you have not shown any obvious signs of the gift before last week. This type of Legilimency requires the most training and control."

Adair was admittedly fascinated by this information, but was still struggling to believe that she was capable of doing any of the things Dumbledore described. "Professor," she began politely, "I see your point, but I'm really not sure -"

"Surety is a rarety in this world, Adair" the headmaster broke in, still softly smiling. "All I ask is that you give it a try."

Adair nodded, hesitantly. "I suppose there is no harm in trying," she admitted.

"Wonderful!" the headmaster clapped his hands as he stood from his desk.

"Is that all, Professor?"

"One more small thing, Adair, I would like to show you a recent acquisition of mine. Follow me this way." He beckoned her over to an ornate gold cage that had been installed in a corner of his office.

Adair followed, puzzled. The headmaster didn't seem like the type for bragging about new pets, especially when he knew she was anxious to see her parents. As she approached the cage she saw a large and rather beautiful snake, draped across a large tree branch that had been installed diagonally throughout the cage.

The snake was bright red, with a diamond pattern of yellow, white and black cascading down her back.

"She's beautiful." Adair stated, as she looked up at the headmaster, questioningly.

"Come closer, Adair. Stand here, by her head, and take a closer look."

Adair did as she was told, and leaned down so was eye level with the snake.

"You're not sssssso bad yourssssself," hissed the snake.

Adair screamed, and jumped back. "The snake just talked to me!"

"And so, it is as I thought, Adair. You have not only inherited your grandfather's talent for Legilimency, but his ability to talk to snakes as well. You are a parselmouth, my dear."