Sense of Belonging


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (that magic belongs to J.K. Rowling).

The cloaked figure walked into the green and silver guest bedroom, the little, almost-one-year-old girl sleeping soundly in her extravagant crib. The figure trusted her sister to watch after her for however long she might be away. She hoped it wouldn't be more than a week, it always pained her to leave the child behind. But it would pain her more to not remain loyal and dedicated to her beliefs.

Scooping up the sleeping bundle, she sighed. Brushing her long black hair back, she kissed the baby girl's forehead. "You'll be safe here." She paused, then added, "I love you."

After a moment more, the figure lowered the child back into the crib with a pain she did not yet recognize. With one last glance as she backed toward the doorway, she whispered one final thought. "We'll see you very soon… my darling, Isabelle."

Please enjoy this sure-to-be long-winded tale :) Isabelle is a character I created, with this AU of the Harry Potterverse containing other OCs as needed. It will follow a similar storyline to the books, primarily from the perspective of Isabelle. Her experiences, friends, and adventures will guide you through the Harry Potter books from a different and (hopefully) entertaining angle.

Reviews, constructive criticism, and compliments are appreciated!

Enjoy (-: