Sense of Belonging

Chapter 6

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"Sirius Black is my father."

Jett admitted it aloud for the first time in a few years. As soon as her mother had told her when she was seven years old, she had asked everyone she knew for stories about him. She had desperately wanted to know why her father was not around, why he was not with them in France, and to find out what he was like. Along with that information, she had learned that Sirius was serving a life sentence in Azkaban, the wizarding prison, for the murder of thirteen people when she was about one year old. As she got older, Jett did her own research and decided that she had the best chance to get to know her father by going to his magic school: Hogwarts. Though she had found a few of Sirius' belongings in her mother's home in France, Jett did not learn much more about her father until she had met her godfather. Lupin was not keen to share too many stories, it being painful for him to think about his school times and what had happened to his best friends, but Jett had learned so much more about who her other parent was over the past year.

And now she wanted to finally share it with someone else – someone who shared that same feeling of longing to know who her parents really were. Even still, Jett braced herself for the certain backlash at the whole "my father's a murderer" thing she assumed would be her friend's first response.

"Sirius…Black? So then we're…if I'm…" Isabelle took a moment to organize her thoughts, it all flying by too quickly.

After a moment, Iz stood up and practically hopped up and down in excitement. "We're cousins! Almost like sisters then!" Forcing Jett to join her for a few jumps, the blonde girl then pulled away in confusion.

"You're not weirded out by that? That Sirius Black is my father?"

"No. Should I be? I mean, sure, yes, he's a blood traitor and he was kicked out of the family and all, but it's not /that/ important. But it all makes sense now! He was a Gryffindor, like you are, and those yearbooks you used to look at all the time in the library." Isabelle stopped jumping but was still smiling wide, naively, excited about the possibility that Jett could actually be her closest blood relative. What were the odds?

"Yes, but…" Jett did not know what to say. She had not been expecting such a reaction, even from someone she trusted. Who would be happy to have a convicted mass murderer as their father?

"Let's go and celebrate! We can get some ice cream before dinner, I know where it is in the kitchen. Oh, and I promise not to tell anyone. Pinkie swear." Iz made her way towards the doorway before stopping and turning around, sticking out her pinkie to show she was serious. The thirteen-year-old Gryffindor took it carefully and both felt a slight pop, followed by red sparks signifying their childish agreement. "Now come on!"

The two were unsuccessful in getting any ice cream to celebrate, however, as Narcissa caught them on their way to the kitchen. Informing them that Lucius would be working late, they would be having dinner in a few minutes and should not spoil their appetite. Izzy was bursting with excitement and wanted to talk more with Jett about the secret she had promised to keep but was forced to hold it in throughout the meal. Draco was watching his sister strangely, as if nervous the two girls were planning to prank him again. Having been working all day on a charm in his bedroom, he was glad when they invited him to practice dueling once again after dinner.

It was as Isabelle and Jett were heading down the staircase with their wands, strategizing about their duel practice and the best way to pull one final prank on Draco, that the two girls heard some sort of argument up ahead.

Someone seemed to have floo'ed to the Manor unannounced and Narcissa, who had been informed by a house elf, was extremely distraught by it. Concerned at hearing her Mother acting so out of sorts, the two girls made their way towards the North Lawn Drawing Room.

"…/creature/ like you dare you show up here – "

"I understand, Narcissa, but it's extremely urgent that I speak with Jett – "

"And how do you know that girl?" Narcissa's tone sounded dangerous and, as Izzy and Jett arrived in the room, they saw the woman with her wand in her hand, ready to strike if need be.

"She's my goddaughter. Didn't Isabelle tell you? I thought she must have mentioned it when she came to stay with us for a couple of nights. Jett – " Lupin started when he saw the two enter the room, moving swiftly to where his goddaughter stood. Pulling her slightly toward him, he bent down to be at her level before saying firmly, "We need to leave. Now. You aren't safe here."

"Mr. Lupin? What are you doing here?" Izzy asked, concerned, not liking the stressed look on the man's face.

"You /know/ him, Isabelle?" Narcissa's strangled voice made out before realizing what the man had said about her daughter staying with them for a couple of nights.

"What do you mean, I'm not safe? What's going on, Moony, you're scaring me." Jett replied, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, Mother, he's Jett's godfather. He, um, owns the cottage I went to visit Jett at before." Iz explained, looking a little guiltily towards her friend, knowing she had kind of lied to Narcissa. She glanced back towards her mother, who looked both absolutely horrified and ready to curse someone at the same time.

"Your father, Jett, he's escaped. Somehow, they don't exactly know how, but the Ministry informed Cecille, who sent word to me. We're heading to France tonight, now, just to be safe – "

"But I don't want to go to France – " Jett began to say, not fully comprehending what Moony had just told her.

"Her father escaped? From where?" Iz interjected, confused by the thought. Where was Jett's father normally?

"Azkaban. I need you to get your things, Jett, /now/," Lupin insisted, guiding her towards the doorway where the two girls had entered, assuming that was the direction which her belongings were in. Jett hesitated once more but took off out the door and up the stairs to get her things, a bit frightened by her godfather's demeanor.

"Azkaban? Why was he in Azkaban?" Izzy, still not getting what the big hurry was, questioned Lupin as he turned back around.

"Who is that girl's father?" Narcissa choked out finally, regaining her composure and attempting to take control of the situation. She made her way forward and pulled Isabelle away from the light-brown-haired man standing in her drawing room.

"Sirius Black." Lupin admitted with a slight glance towards Iz, wondering if he gave away Jett's secret before she was able to tell her friend. But there was no time to worry about that at the moment – he was concerned for his goddaughter's safety.

There was silence as Narcissa processed that information. But Isabelle already knew the name – she just did not know why it was so important.

"Why was Jett's father in Azkaban?" Isabelle repeated, pulling her arm out from her mother's grasp and moving towards Lupin again with a curious look.

"No, Isabelle." Narcissa grabbed her arm once more and pulled her back again, turning her daughter around to look her seriously in the eye. "No more. Go to your room and stay there until I come and find you. Understand me?"

"But – " Izzy began to protest, looking towards Lupin even more confused.

"Go." Her mother commanded and pushed her slightly towards the door, away from their intruder. Not wanting to get into any more trouble, she glanced once more at her friend's guardian before heading towards her room. She passed Jett on the way, who was hurrying down the staircase with her bag of stuff.

"Jett, what's going on?"

"I'm sorry, Izzy, I'll try and send you a letter. I've got to go, Moony said – "

"Wait! My History essay – "

"I'll get it later. Bye, I'm sorry – " Jett repeated once more before continuing down the stairs, stuffing Paddy her stuffed animal into her bag along the way. She rushed towards the drawing room and Iz lost sight of her friend without even a true goodbye.


Narcissa had come up to Isabelle's bedroom only a few minutes after Jett had so abruptly left with her godfather. She had explained the situation as she understood it to her daughter: how Sirius Black had been expelled from the family for his behavior when he was sixteen, how he had somehow managed to kill thirteen people and was sent to Azkaban without trial at the end of the Great War, and how he had somehow managed to escape that inescapable prison and was now a danger to the wizarding community, and supposedly his own daughter.

Narcissa tried to not take her feelings out on her daughter – the surprise that Izzy had spent three entire nights in the house with /that/ half-man or that her daughter's closest friend was actually that of a mass murderer. She did, however, give Isabelle an earful about the fact that she had been lied to by her. Though Iz tried to point out that she had not actually lied, but rather did not tell the exact truth, this simply made Narcissa's blood boil further.

Grounding the dark-haired girl to her bedroom for the rest of the evening with the promise that they would further discuss it at breakfast the next morning, the youngest Black sister had left Isabelle to her own thoughts.