• Makeshift Family

    (AU Fem!Harry, Neville is the BWL) Darcy Potter was rescued from the Dursleys by Remus and Sirius when she was four. A collection of one-shots about her life with them.
  • We Can Make News Ones

    (AU: Fem!Harry is raised by Sirius and Remus) It's been four years to the day since James and Lily were killed, and Sirius is having a hard time being present. One-shot.
  • The Family We Need (REWRITE)

    (AU: Fem!Harry, Neville is the BWL) Sirius is released from Azkaban after Maisie Potter's third year, and comes to rescue her from her relatives.
  • For Research Purposes Only (REPOST)

    (AU: GB!Teddy and Victoire) Professor McGonagall can't shake the emotions that come up when she sees one of her students deeply engrossed in a text about werewolves. One-shot.
  • ISO Fanfic

    (will delete if/when story is found) Looking for fanfic, please review if you know the story I'm talking about!
  • You're Welcome

    (AU) The one time Sirius Black actually tried to be a good wingman for his best friend, and how it went surprisingly well. One-shot.
  • Advice

    (AU) James Potter needs to talk to someone. Not just anyone, someone unbiased. He knows exactly who he needs. One-shot.
  • Our Own People

    Sirius goes to visit his cousin and her two-year-old daughter, and they have an important conversation.
  • Around Her Finger

    (AU: Fem!Harry, Neville is the BWL) The first time Sirius watches baby Maisie alone. Part of the "The Family We Need" universe. One shot.
  • Her Favorite Gryffindor

    Minerva McGonagall was not expecting Sirius Black to end up in her House, and she was definitely not expecting him to become one of her most beloved students. One-shot.
  • History

    (AU) A brief history of the relationship between the Black and Potter families. Warning: Quick but non-graphic mention of child abuse.
  • The Family We Need

    (AU) Sirius is released after (Fem!Harry) Maisie's third year. ***Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived***
  • See You Again

    Raina Lupin was looking through the ruins of Jackie and Luke Potter's home when she found a letter that helped her free her best friend and find the truth. GB!Marauders
  • Her First Friend

    Maisie Potter (Fem!Harry) makes a friend for the first time.
  • Funny Seeing You Here

    AU-James and Lily survive. Harry sneaks into Hogsmeade during his third year and sees his parents in the village. *One-shot
  • Who's She?

    AU - Fem!Remus. Raina sees Sirius talking to another girl in Hogsmeade. *Marauder-era Wolfstar.
  • October 31, 1981

    AU - Part of the "The Family We Need" universe. The night James and Lily Potter were killed by Death Eaters.
  • Not As Planned

    AU - Part of my Fem!Remus series. Sirius and Raina go on their first real date, and it doesn't go as planned.
  • Jealousy

    (AU - another installment of my Fem!Remus series) Set in the Marauders' fifth year. Sirius sees Raina talking to the Ravenclaw Prefect
  • Her Memories

    (Fem!Remus) Harry, Ron, and Hermione jump into Professor Lupin's Pensieve