• Envy Engenders Spite

    Their families could live, after all- if they don't muck it all up this go-around. Because after this, there are no more second tries. Harry Potter wakes up in Dudley's second bedroom in 1993, Ron in the room under the attic, and Hermione in the freshly painted third floor of her parents' flat. Then they all remember. (time travel fic 3rd year, no bashing)

  • Back for the First Time, Harry?

    After a night of typical teen revelry, Harry wakes up with a hangover and a choice. Maybe he would've chose differently if his head wasn't killing him but it's too late now- it's 1974 and he's a pipsqueak again. The Knights of Walpurgis are making waves in the political arena... while in the shadows, a mysterious character that goes by the name Lord Voldemort is seeding revolution.

  • Mirror Images

    When Harry Potter finally arrives at Hogwarts, Professor Severus Snape is drawn- unwillingly- into his orbit. He will find out there is more than meets the eye, and Harry will give an adult one more chance to prove trustworthy. (Featuring Snape growing as a person, no slash obviously, *only* canon manipulative behaviour from Dumbledore, Voldemort drama and classic Gryffindor!Harry)

  • Comics

    (Slash) Winter break's seized Hogwarts with inescapable Christmas cheer! Meanwhile, Gryffindor student Harry Potter is tormenting a Slytherin Prefect- or at least it feels that way to Tom Riddle. See, Tom's developed an affection for the curve of Harry's lip, the furrow of his brow... ehm. Anyways. Potter doesn't date, and Tom's been no exception despite his blatant flirting.

  • Tenacious and Unyielding

    WARNING:SLASH "I wish I'd never come outside. I wish I didn't ever meet you at all, and I wish—" Without warning, his mouth is on mine. He kisses me roughly. Completely unyielding. His hands are on the back of my head, holding me in place. And for a long, suspended moment, I'm frozen, unsure of whether I want to push him away. Then, all at once, heat spreads through me, and I thaw.

  • Questionable

    A government in turmoil is a people of unrest. There is nothing outstanding about that statement. Many of our parents were casualties of the battles, and we are children of the aftermath. But wounds haven't healed. Our childish decisions, children's paths- will move the currents of nations. Harry Potter just wanted a cigarette, and for a cigarette the world changed again.

  • Hadrian Riddle and the Crimson Lance

    Harry Potter saved the world. But he hasn't saved himself. In a search for happiness, he stumbles upon a spell that will give him a fresh start. In an alternate universe in 1971, the life of Harry Potter pales to the adventure that is Hadrian Riddle's. Perhaps 'Riddle' is not the best alias, but it was the first thing that came to mind, and most certainly the least of his problems.

  • Harry Potter and the Revolving Wall

    Despite everything inanimate speaking its mind and that being normal (!) in the wizarding world, Harry's hearing too many voices. Mystery is afoot as people disappear, plants revolt, and intruders arrive. The adults are bamboozled, some downright distrust-worthy. Welcome one and all to Hogwarts: where child endangerment is not only present, but in some cases actively encouraged.

  • Home is Where the Heart Is

    Harry had always been a bit twisted, a bit cold, cruel. But buried deep down is a good, kind-hearted boy who desperately wants a home. Faced with a dangerous choice: to be a better wizard or a better man, will Harry embrace his darker nature or fight for the good inside? He isn't quite so sure of his decision, when the looming darkness offered the thing he always wanted. A home.

  • Unintended Consequences

    One-Shot for Hadrian Riddle and the Crimson Lance. Harry has transported himself to an alternate universe in 1971, but what of those he left behind? Ginny finds herself looking for the boy she loves, to see only a destroyed laboratory. Love is the world's most powerful weapon, but it usually tends to destroy those wielding great amounts of it.

  • It's Who We Are

    Harry always seems to find trouble. In an accident early third year the trio end up in a very different Hogwarts. Translation for different: a thousand years in the past. They face trials like never before, and discover that it is not who you are that matters, it is what you become to survive. On their journey the three evade the inevitable question; will they ever return home?

  • Harry Potter and the Starting of a Legend

    Magic thrilled Harry Potter, though as the year wears on he finds a crazy side to it. Behind locked doors lay nefarious plots, precious stones, and bitter people with grudges. With strange alliances, political battles, testing the limits of magic itself, and a fond love of pranking, Harry already had a full plate. He struggles through the deception, discovering that truth can kill.