• Moments of Harmony

    Collection of romantic one-shots/drabbles. Rating will vary per chapter. Just little Harmony moments throughout the books and how they could have (or should have) gone. Relationship fluff, some angst, etc.

  • Silent Ecstasies

    Sometimes spicing things up in the bedroom means trying to stay silent... Shameless Harmony smut. Oneshot. [COMPLETE]

  • The Perfect Brew

    Oneshot. Tea shop!AU. Muggle-verse. Harry can't help noticing the girl who comes by his parents' tea shop every day, and Hermione can't help noticing him as well. But they don't know each others' names... Yet. Shameless Harmony fluff ahead. [COMPLETE]

  • The Magic Kingdom

    Semi-AU. Oneshot. Hermione's childhood love for Disney reemerges shortly after marrying Harry, and so she decides out of the blue to take a vacation with her husband to Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort... Harmony fluff. Six years post-Battle of Hogwarts.

  • Odysseus's Penelope

    Poem. In Penelope's POV while awaiting her husband's return. Written is "semi old-fashioned" style to stick with the original story's theme and tone (I hope).

  • Two Worlds and Memories

    One-shot. Kagome thinks about Inuyasha and Kikyo, after witnessing them under the Tree of Ages. Nothing original, just more of her feelings and thoughts of their relationship... Takes place after episode 46 in the anime, and around volume 16-17 in the manga (it's hard to keep track; such a long series!)