Araesson's Storm

  • Close Your Eyes

    Alexandria Haven Potter is left to die by the Dursleys. She is saved, as luck would have it, by John Winchester. Alexandria decides to leave behind her old life and become Haven Winchester. Haven's life is no fairy tale, but with her brothers at her side she is never alone. And that is all that really matters. Fem! Harry. Part 1 of In My Dreams Lies Reality.

  • Annual Marauder's Easter

    It's Easter! Like every holiday, the Marauders have a special way of celebrating it that definitely involves pranks and general chaos. What craziness is in store for Hogwarts this year?

  • First Encounter

    To say Charlie Weasley was excited was an understatement. After all, it was his first few days on the job at the dragon reserve. What wasn't there to be excited about? One-shot

  • The Goddess Among Peasants

    No one liked Zacharias Smith. No one ever seemed to think much of him apart from the fact that he was annoying and always had something to complain about. Yet, he still joined the DA, and never told. One sided Zacharias X Hermione. Part 3 of the Introspection Series.

  • Broken Record

    Follow the journal of Harry Potter- or is it Sirius Black?- as he finds himself trapped in a never-ending time loop after he should have died. Like that ever works. He's fate's favorite chew toy, after all. Be prepared for some language.

  • An Act of Kindness

    Since his birth, Blaise had been taught that the only way to make allies was to lie. To tell them what they needed to hear in order for them to trust you. It takes another to teach him that sometimes small acts of kindness, a small extension of trust, that can forge alliances far stronger, and far more fulfilling. One-shot

  • My Honor As a Marauder

    Sirius's boredom without fail always leads to interesting events. This time it may or may not have been encouraged by Remus (you can prove nothing). One-shot

  • Operation: Make It Stop Crying!

    The adventures of the five-year old Ginny turn sour when she gets a snake bite. Can her brothers save the day? One-shot

  • Thief

    Eyes tell you so much about a person. So do hands. Her hands only said thief. One-shot; Part 2 of the Introspection Series.

  • Words, After All, Are Just Words

    There were two main truths of his life: He was Ron Weasley, the easily forgotten Weasley. And words meant nothing. Post-war feelings about his relationship with Hermione. One-shot; Part 1 on the Introspection Series

  • Second Chance

    Facing a threat unlike any the Clans have ever seen, StarClan decides that the present cats need the help of powerful icons from the past, whose hearts are the purest. Unwillingly, they sent with these cats other cats with the capabilities to destroy the Clans- or perhaps save them. Who knows, maybe these cats can forsake their evil ways? Nothing is certain.