• Empty Space

    "Would it be so wrong?" he murmured against her temple. She shivered and her breath caught. Oh it would be so easy. "You still want me," his voice held a touch of disbelief. She couldn't meet his gaze. "I never stopped wanting you."
  • Suggestive Ways

    One night at a Muggle nightclub, Sirius knows he should be feeling uncomfortable at the very least when eyeing the young woman who had been his godson's girlfriend, even it was brief. Not intrigued. Not turned on. Yet here they were.
  • In the Shadows

    Hermione yanked his injured arm towards her. "I've seen your blood Malfoy. I've actually kept it from spilling out all over the floor. And let me tell you, it looks the same as mine." She angrily flung his arm away from her. "People will die Malfoy. People like you. People like me. But in this moment, we live outside of that. We are the same."
  • Morning

    It had been one year since the last time they had done this. Stolen kisses in empty classrooms. Passing touches in the corridors. The Room of Requirement had been put to interesting use that year. And here they were again.