• For you, always

    Lexi McNaughton returns to Hogwarts as an Auror, charged with protecting the students from recently escaped convict Sirius Black. As she struggles to contain her own demons of the past, she finds comfort from a very unlikely source... **Re-uploaded version of previous story**

  • For you, always: Part 2

    After discovering the truth about her former fiancee Sirius Black, and her new but troubled love for Severus Snape, Lexi McNaughton has spent the past eleven months travelling Asia. She returns to England to rejoin the Order of the Phoenix to fight the rise of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

  • For you, always

    Lexi McNaughton lost everything the night the Potter's died. After spending thirteen years as an Auror, she returns to Hogwarts as a duelling instructor and to also keep a watchful eye over her godson. After believing her former fiancee betrayed them all, Lexi begins to develop feelings for a certain Potions Master...