• Bluebird and Birthday Candles

    It only took a moment for the world as Harry knew it to crumble. For everything he thought he knew to be cast into doubt. High on the Cliffs of Dover, he'll learn not just about himself, but his bitter old potions professor, and his beautiful rescuer, each scarred by love and loss. Secrets are waiting in the winds. It will take all the hope in the world to bring them to the light.

  • Sirius Black's Service Dogs: The End

    It's all gone pretty wrong. Dumbledore is dead. and Snape... Well, he's trying really hard not to think about that. The Horcruxes are scattered off god knows where. Nowhere is safe. Not for anyone. The order is trying, which is great don't get him wrong. But will it be enough? Will anything? This year definitely takes the cake for the worst trainwreck of puppies and orphans ever...

  • Sirius Black's Service Dogs the Third: Dog Eat Dog

    So Maybe Harry really Does need a Service Dog? I mean it certainly feels like it some days. Dudley and Aunt Petunia have been a ridiculously huge help though. And surprisingly Snape! Also what the hell happened to Dumbledore's hand? Not to mention Draco Malfoy being a squirrelly git. Plus Susan's life has imploded around her. This year is definitely shaping up to be... not fun.

  • Sirius Black's Service Dogs 2: Petunia's Revenge

    So Sirius is still around, pretending to be a dog. Now dementors are in Little Whinging. But it turns out that Aunt Petunia can get anything she wants? And maybe Snape isn't as bad as we all thought? Course those weird dreams are still a big problem. Not to Mention Dumbledore keeping all those secrets. So There still a ways to go before everything sorts Itself out.

  • Unlocking Time

    Harry and his parents are ready to move on with their lives. Harry is doing well with his medical training, while he plans his future with Luna. Meanwhile, James and Severus have plans of their own. Everything seems to be going well. Then tragedy strikes. Amidst a sea of death eater plots and ministry conspiracy, everyone's plans are forced to take an alternate quel to ULAK

  • Sirius Black's Service Dogs

    What happens when you're ex-con Godfather decides he needs to be around to protect you? Shenanigans. Absolute shenanigans. On the bright side it turns out Dudley's not so bad? Plus Remus gets a job! So it can't be all bad! The Triwizard tournament is kinda throwing a wrench in the whole "everything's peachy" aspect though...

  • Under Lock and Key

    Harry needs answers. His life has just taken an unusual turn, where people he thought were enemies are now unlikely friends. So he returns to the place where he first looked for answers and what he finds causes him even more stress. He is now more lost then before. How you supposed to confront a man you hated for seven years, when you know you once called him 'Mummy?

  • Just one Year

    It only took a year for everything to change. For different characters to have a different place in the story. But the struggle is all the same. Harry still has to defeat the dark lord. But he's got a new set of allies and a new set of rivals too. Slytherin!Harry. Drarry Later.

  • OnTheMissinterpretationsOfInformationOverheardInHallwaysAfterCurfew

    It was all a big misunderstanding. All of it. Except for the master bit... and clutching my left arm in pain... and the sneaking off in the middle of the night...but it's not what you think! I am not a death eater!

  • The One True Queen

    In the future of the great pony war all of Equestria is enslaved by princess Celestia. In order to stop this horrid future from happening a young cross-eyed filly named Doohickey leaps back in time. Armed with knowledge She and a mismatched band of heroes will save what everypony believes is lost. !WARNING!: Fem Slash and Slash! don't read if your just gonna complain about it!:{(

  • Only Human

    Harry discovers a secrets relationship between himself and Severus Snape. But his dreams are crushed by the expectations of his classmates, his teachers and, the world. Soon, it is too much for even his impressive capacity for love to remain unaffected.

  • Life Just Sucks

    Harry believes that he's finally figured his life out. Sure he's leaving for a perilous unknown journey but at least he knows that doesn't he? And so he sits on July 25th under the impression that nothing surprising will happen… Life just sucks sometimes. p.S. This story can be found elswhere called "By Blood I Swear". It was in fact written by me so I am not plagiarizing.