• I Loathe You BONUS CONTENT

    Bonus stories from the I Loathe You universe! Make sure to read that story first before reading these :)
  • Lydia's Dreams Come True

    Stiles and Lydia go to Disney World! I felt like the need for them to go on a vacation to the happiest place on earth, you know to get away from all the murder and wolves and stuff.
  • I Loathe You

    Rose Weasley has always loathed Scorpius Malfoy with a passion. But what will happen when she suddenly starts to develop feelings that isn't hatred?
  • Truth of Dare

    The Next Generation: The cousins play truth or dare, and it gets a little crazy. One shot, because I love writing stories about the cousins.
  • Jack Dursley's First Days at Hogwarts

    Bonus Chapter for Friendship with Dudley Dursley. No plot, just describing Jack's first days at Hogwarts.
  • Friendship with Dudley Dursley

    Years later, when Harry Potter has his own children he runs into his cousin Dudley Dursley, whom he hasn't seen since he was 16.9. Now Dudley has his own children, and when his oldest boy gets a Hogwarts letter, he must look to Harry's help to him adjust to the fact his son is now what Petunia and Vernon would call "freaks"