• Where Do We Go From Here?

    [PART TWO] This cannot be happening. She and Harry weren't serious like that. So, how was Hermione supposed to tell him that their 'arrangement' was going to get a little crowded?
  • On The Way

    Relationships. Work-Life. Finding yourself? Growing up and being an actual adult isn't always what it's cut out to be. You try your best or make your friends spend the night at your house to complain about it. From no-show tosser boyfriends to stressful and life-threatening career choices, Hermione and Harry walk, run, and stumble through and over the hurdles that is their 20s.
  • Watch It, Stud

    Harry asks Hermione to attend the annual Potter Halloween party. With nothing else to do, she reluctantly agrees and assumes it'll be like any other get-together. [cross posted on AO3]
  • Timely Interventions

    Hermione and Neville are confused by the appearance of a young man, who seems oddly familiar even though they've never met him before. Written for Hermione's Haven June 2019 Roll-a-Drabble. Prompt: Neville/Time Travel (Also available on AO3)
  • The Family Business

    Scorpius Malfoy is convinced his parents are secret agents. Fancy formal wear, stashed weapons. I mean, look at how they met!
  • Home for Dinner

    Hermione and Tonks need to get home in time for dinner.
  • Studying Lakeside

    Neville and Hermione spend some time studying beside the lake, sharing their time and thoughts of each other.
  • Tender Confessions

    Hermione's been hiding from her friends and Viktor. He eventually finds her and shares a startling confession.
  • Sleepless Nights

    Once upon a time, Hermione's mum told her the reason she lay awake at night was because somewhere out there her soulmate was lying awake too. But was there really any truth to that?
  • In Your Arms

    Harry returns 'home' hurt, once again.
  • Maybe In Another Life

    The most unlikely of friendships sometimes begin, but sometimes also ends.
  • Bringing the Boy Home

    Hermione and Viktor set out to bake an apple pie to get Viktor into her parent's good graces. But, maybe it won't be so bad.
  • Delicate

    A delicate portrayal of first glances and first meetings to friendly banter and loving touches.
  • A Feathery Sense of Retribution

    Hermione and Neville are tired of Ron's constant barrage of passive-aggressive insults and slights. They decide to take matters into their own hands.
  • One Movement Around the Sun

    Fifth year at Hogwarts was supposed to be composed of increased school work, new teachers, and hanging out with friends. But for Neville, fifth year has turned out to be much more than what he expected.
  • 500 Hours of Solitude

    [Complete] Post War. Three years later, Sasuke has been released from prison and is now assigned a sentence he isn't too sure he can complete. "How the heck am I supposed to accomplish all of this? I don't even like people!"
  • Living Different Lives

    [Complete] Raiden has a crush on a host. After joining the club, his sister appears and all pretenses are thrown out the window. Family secrets begin to unravel and questions of love, life and friendship begin to surface. Is everything really as perfect as it seems to be or do people really lead different lives?
  • Pumpkin's First Halloween

    It's baby Longbottom's first Halloween. Hermione and Neville decide to join the in-laws in a long-held Granger tradition. Family fluff. One-shot.
  • A Gentle Longing

    Hermione wonders if soulmates are real and whether or not we can find them [Written for Hermione's Haven Roll-a-drabble Sep 2018]
  • Your Hand In Mind

    Hermione and Harry fall through time after the incident in the Forbidden Forest with Prof. Umbridge. They try to make the best of it while trying to stay away from Tom Riddle. OS. Written for Hermione's Haven Roll-a-Drabble.