• A Matter Of Pride

    James Potter left for Paris 1 year after graduating, leaving his old life behind. 2 years later, Lily is stressed, single, and trying to balance her life. After certain events, the two are forced to deal with what happened and work together. Slightly AU

  • Breaking Plates

    Sirius comes to the Kitchen with the purpose of distracting himself from something that is bothering him and for his favorite cheesecake, and finds instead Lily Evans surrounded by a mess of broken dishes and in the process of throwing eggs on the floor.

  • Moment of Weakness

    She met him at his brother's her Ex's wedding. She was trying to get through the reception. He just wanted to escape a crazy Aunt. Rated T for language.

  • Everything Clicked

    A poem describing Ginny and Harry's relationship, set around Harry's 6th year. Freeverse!

  • Bald

    Written for the "32 Reasons Why We Love" challenge. Andromeda is attempting to write an essay in the Library and there are certain disturbances.

  • Too Perfect

    . Their relationship, if that’s what it was, was always a side note. Tucked in the shadows, but constant. The duties of the War, family, friends, seemed to overwhelm..." Reviews very much appreciated!

  • Three Inches

    A poem on Ginny's feelings when she ends up sitting next to Harry after the war. Reviews appreciated!

  • Reasons Why

    Lily's reasons for her friendship with Severus and the reasons that she ended it.