• The Peverell Legacy

    Harry accidentally missed his wedding and his fiancee came looking for him. Turns out he was in the nineteen-eighties. Big shout out to ClareR89 for being my sounding board
  • The Stag and the Flower

    Harry is dumped, Fleur is neglected. The two decide to leave England for a holiday together. What comes from their decision will change their lives forever.
  • Narcissa's Chance

    Thrust back in time Harry wants to destroy Voldemort. Narcissa Black wants a better life than marriage to Lucius. Time Traveling Harry Potter goodness.
  • Your Love Is All The Magic I Need

    Harry won the war but died in the final battle. Lives were left damaged and now Harry is sent back to make a better future. HP/NM/FD/NT.
  • Sing All Our Cares Away

    A one-shot that wouldn't go away. Let me know if you want to see more in this theme
  • JPBB 1960

    After the Battle of Hogwarts, a muggle photo was found among the effects of Bellatrix Lestrange. Why would she have a muggle-made picture? A one-shot that would not leave my brain.
  • Teddy's Excellent Adventure

    Six-year-old Teddy Lupin hates how unhappy his uncle Harry is. He decides to fix things. Time Travel to the rescue. HONKS. Shout out to Chaos Snow Kitsune for the idea
  • The Dark Lady Potter-Black

    Tonks and Harry are married. But that doesn't mean she has to stop being the Dark Lady she's always dreamed of being. It just means now Harry is even more along for the ride. Sequel to The Dark Lady Tonks. Don't take this story seriously, Lord knows I'm not
  • The Four Faces of Nymphadora Tonks

    Tonks meets Harry wearing four faces. It's just a fluffy one-shot I worked on while I'm coming up with an idea for the next chapters of my other stories. Shout out to Chaos Snow Kitsune, for this idea.
  • The Dark Lady Tonks

    ONE SHOT- When Tonks was six she discovered that there hadn't been a Dark Lady since Le Fey, she decides to become the Dark Lady Tonks. But there's a problem; every time she tries to do something evil, she ends up being a hero. Shout out to Chaos Shadow Kitsune for this idea- HONKS
  • Partners?

    Harry wakes up after the events at the DOM finding a semi-repentant Bellatrix LeStrange staring into his eyes. She proposes a partnership to keep the both of them alive.