• Lily Bud

    Lily Evans was a mother when she died, but before that she was a daughter, sister, friend, ally, girlfriend, witch and fighter. In her years at Hogwarts she learned more than just magic. This is her story. This story is a spin off from my story The Best, that is from James perspective.
  • Upgrade available

    You want a story where Ren and Kyoko get together fast and you can read pure fluff? That skips the long part before that and how it effects everybody else? Well that's not this story. Give it a try.
  • How to train a dog-owner

    This is an answer to the dog/cat/pet-challenge. Kyoko and Ren have to take care of a little puppy. Let's see how they are going to manage this.
  • Witch with a capital B

    England, who the hell would think moving from the safety of France to England in the middle of a war was a good idea? Nobody, but her parents apparently. Lily had spent her first five years at Beauxbatons and was now transferring to Hogwarts. Along the way she meets old and new friends. AU stories that follows Lily adjusting to her new life and changed relationships.
  • The Best

    „She has the best hair!" James claimed on their third day in Hogwarts. "It's so bright and red! Like a signal fire!" A small study of James falling in love over his seven Hogwarts years.
  • Magical girl

    What better place is there for a magical girl than the battle of Hogwarts? (Even if this one is boy.) And what do Fred and George have to do with it?
  • Valenprank's day

    Valentine's day is the day to tell those around you how you feel about them. Fred and George see good examples.