• Corvus: Flash Forward

    A scene that should belong to "Corvus et Serpensia," if I ever get that far. It's set in the middle of Severus' last year at school, when the refuse really hits the rotary blades.
  • Corvus et Serpensia

    The dark is rising, tainting life, friendship, and love as it spreads to Hogwarts. This story concerns Severus Snape and the first rise of Voldemort. It is an intermediate draft, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. In progress: 12 of ?
  • Linquens Lucem

    Severus Snape gets a reminder that he is good at heart even as he leaves to join the Death Eaters. NOT related to "Corvus et Serpensia." This is a finished piece, but thanks to those who wanted more!