• Transfixed by Silver

    Basically Harry bites the bullet and actually asks Luna to Slughorns party. Can be taken as a short one shot fo the moment, unless I decide to continue it.
  • Transfixed by Silver

    Basically instead of asking Luna to Slughorn's party as a friend, he bites the bullet and asks her as a date.
  • Harry Potter Runs Away

    This was a reward to the 1,000th reviewer (acelly) on my story Nobody Cared. Harry is eight years old and runs away from the Dursleys. Consider this a possible side-shot to the Nobody Cared world.
  • A little bit of crazy never hurt anyone

    Sometimes crazy isn't necessarily the most accurate description. Odd, irregular and weird are perfectly acceptable terms, but crazy should be saved for the truly mentally ill, not simply those we don't understand. Harry will eventually come to realize this with one Luna Lovegood