• House Lestrange

    Rodolphus Lestrange has worked tirelessly to bring his family back to its former respectability. A marriage law might throw a spanner into this.

  • Frankincense and Myrrh

    Hermione Granger finds out more about inherent magic and the Old Ways. And she might find love along the way.

  • Hiking

    Hermione Granger meets someone unexpected while on a hiking holiday in Austria.

  • Jolene

    Hermione Granger happens upon two of her colleagues singing and playing the guitar

  • Look at that 4

    Hermione comes home to an astonishing sight.

  • Moskva - Odessa

    Antonin Dolohov fled the Battle of Hogwarts and took a plane to Australia. Walking through a suburb in Perth he hears his favourite song, Wendell Wilkins is singing it while firing up his grill.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    Albus Dumbledore attends an IWC conference in New Zealand. When a cruel prank occurs his deputy Minerva McGonagall has to act.

  • Futility

    Severus Snape comes back to England after extensive travels after the war and reads a surprising announcement about his former lover Hermione Granger.

  • Mrs Evan's Muffins

    On the way to a hardware store Severus Snape smells something that transports him into happy childhood memories of Lily Evans and himself eating her mother's muffins. Following his nose he finds a these muffins and a severely abused little boy.

  • Hallelujah

    Severus Snape watches his own funeral.

  • Abide With Me

    A glimpse on the preparations for Minerva McGonagall's funeral.

  • Harry Hunting

    Severus Snape is sent to keep watch over 4, Privet Drive. Disillusioned, he encounters some children playing a game called Harry Hunting . Rescuing their prey is a spur-of-the-moment decision that has long-reaching consequences and requires surprising alliances.

  • A Laundry Basket or no Laundry Basket

    Hermione makes some fairly rude comments about Severus' love life.

  • Emergency Housing

    After the fire in London's Grenfell Tower Tobias Snape has to leave his council flat in Manchester for renovations. He knocks at his son's door.

  • Self sufficient, secretive and friendless

    Harry Potter is not happy with Dumbledore's treatment of an eleven year old Tom Riddle. Would Harry's life have been easier if the headmaster had shown the least amount of compassion towards the orphaned boy?

  • Muggle Means

    How a petri dish and a determined Potions master, with the help of Lily Potter and Lucius Malfoy and some disillusioned Death Eaters and their wives, vanquished a Dark Lord and made the wizarding world of Britain flourish again.

  • Mrs Stringer Goes Shopping

    Mrs Stringer is in need of new lingerie. At Harrods she meets Yaxley.

  • Her Majesty's Most Humble Servant

    A botched Portkey delivers Antonin Dolohov near Eton College with interesting results.

  • Her Majesty's most humble servant

    A botched Portkey after the Azkaban break-out drops Antonin Dolohov near Eton College. With unexpected consequences.

  • One Night a Year

    While out sailing on Winter Solstice Emma McFarlane encounters an island that should not be there. Something compells her to rescue the prisoner there, Antonin Dolohov. Sheep farming, Swing dancing and the rescue of Severus Snape ensues.