• The Return Of The Marauders Part I: Truths Revealed

    After hearing the truth from three of his teachers about the death of his parents. Harry Potter decides to investigate further. And after taking the advice of his adoptive older brothers, uncovers a shocking truth about the death of his parents. Resolved to free his godfather, he sets out on a journey to pull together the family he always wanted. Time travel story H/G, R/HR, N/L

  • The Return Of The Marauders II: Harry Potter And The Sorceror's Stone

    After the truth came out on Peter Pettigrew, Harry Potter and his family have decided to try and make an effort to live together. Now as the school year is about start, Harry and his friends are about to start their first year at Hogwarts a second time. As they prepare for a war between them and their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who is holding the soul of Lord Voldemort.

  • The Bonds Of Family And Friends I: Stargate SG-1 Need Aftermaths

    After the close call in the supply room, Daniel turns in the truth of what happened to him. And to the trio, General Hammond and Janet Frasier, before discovering a shocking revelation. Resolved to fix their bonds, they decide to change the past and to create a better present for their entire race with their new allies.

  • The Master Guardians-Phantom Menace Epilogue

    After destroying the droid control ship surrounding Naboo, the council decides to allow Anakin to train, but chooses Adi Gallia and her apprentice to be his mentors. Developing a bond, they, Obi-wan and Qui-Gon deal with events that circulated Obi-wan's life, as Anakin's rival Ferus Olin results in the events that changed Obi-wan. Alternate reality Jedi Quest, Qui-Gon alive.

  • Saving A Friendship-A Ninjetti Story

    After feeling how close a call it was, after Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa almost kills their team. Kimberly Hart makes her decision to return to the team the day they switch powers. As deciding to put things on hold early, they create a new plan. But unbeknown to them is their new enemies have a master plan. And join forces with their enemies to bring back Draco, the green ranger.

  • Saving My Family: Exit Strategy Aftermaths

    After dealing with multiple battles with his brother, Chris decides to go back to when Prue is still alive and Phoebe is dealing with Cole and his possible relapse. As he works at insuring his family is never torn apart. Alternate Season 3 Exit Strategy.

  • Resetting The Past-The Haunting

    After waking up in the past, Eleanor, David Marrow, Theo and Luke realize they can make changes to the trip. Before they go to the house and start a fresh start together. As they realize now, that this trip is meant to keep them together, they prepare the trip that changers their lives forever. Alternate Reality/Time Travel Story.

  • The Sun Wins

    After the truth comes out, she and Jake start growing closer again till things change after her try at cliffdiving. After saving Harry Clearwater's life, she decides to explore her powers. And as an omega, but the danger starts when the Cullens return. After learning Bella chose Jacob, and Jacob imprinted on Bella. Edward is determined to get her back again. Dangerous/Dark Edward.

  • Survivors Book I: Final Destination

    After the premonition, Alex decides to test his theory, and after getting everyone off the plane, they see he's right. As things are normal for a few weeks, but then the first attack hits. Working together, Alex, Clear and the agents work trying to head it off. As the close calls start getting worse, they and the team have to band together to face their biggest opponent yet: Death.

  • Return Of The Hawks

    After winning the JV/Varsity showdown, Charlie Conway learns that his team's biggest rivals in the Peewee leagues, The Hawks, are now challenging his team for the school mascot. Recalling every duck that was involved in the championship. As tensions arise between Peter and Charlie, in his attitude against Orion, can the rest of the team hold it together. Alternate time-line

  • The Mighty Ducks Re-Imagined I: The Mighty Ducks

    After the mutiny gets started, Charlie Conway goes to drastic measures to prevent them getting thrown out of the running. And gets help when Coach Ted Orion arrives, getting to the bottom. And of what Jesse Hall heard, this starts a chain reaction of events. As Charlie gets the shock of his life in learning Orion is more to him then he thought as they prepare for the championships.

  • Getting The Truth Out Book I: Final Destination

    After seeing the plane explode, it takes another week for the truth to come out. As the truth comes out in town as the rescue attempts bear fruit. The group realize that it hasn't stopped after the crash. But is only just starting as the tests reveals frightening results, the sextet band together to keep their unseen attacker from killing them, through it's conduit: Carter Horton.

  • The Chosen One and The Ancient One

    During a mission SG-1 finds a device that transports them to the Star Wars galaxy and learn that their new mission is to help Anakin from getting turned to the dark-side. Will they be able to save him or will they be stuck in that Galaxy and never return home.

  • The White Falcon and the Pink Crane

    What if Kim had gone to see Tommy before he got the letter, but the only ones who knew were their best friends. Soon after that the rest of the Ninjetti learn it as well, but the quartet don't give her a chance to tell them and it takes Tommy getting captured to get the truth out. Can the quartet fix the break in the team or will this be the end of the team and their friendship.

  • Knee Deep in the Dead

    It's been eight months since John Grimm came back from Olduvai and he's now part of the team that has gone to the Phobos, can he, Sam Grimm, Fly Taggert, and Arlene Sanders make it out alive or will they fall victim to the hell that has been unleashed on the moon's of Mars.

  • Misjudged Crimes

    What if Nat had a stronger reaction to being accused of stealing and ran away, will they be able to get him to come back or will he forgive the accusers on his own.

  • Return of the Potters

    After seven months ridicule and accusations of being a liar, Harry decides to show the world the truth by getting movies and books of his life. While changing his training program in the school and reporting the Dursleys, will this work or will it just hinder the war when the truth is revealed.

  • Discovering the Boy Who Lived: The Sorceror's Stone

    After nine months of being ridiculed, Harry decides to tell the wizarding world the truth and creates seven books to do it, will it help or make things worse, as the truth comes out, and will it get Umbridge out or will it cause a rebellion when the students parents hear the truth of the boy who lived.