• No More Lies

    Sirius Black has a thing with lying, but what happens when he's the one who tells the lie? Stretches from 6th year to the night of the Attack on Godric's Hollow. Sirius' POV.
  • After The Sunrise A Harry Potter Epilogue Series

    The Dark Lord has fallen and dark wizards and creatures alike have scattered. The Second Wizarding War is finally over- but is there something darker looking on the horizon? Will dark forces lay at bay or is something sinister brewing in the shadows?
  • Fred's Funeral

    This is my take on Fred's funeral, a very important event in the untold portion of Harry Potter.
  • How Far We've Come

    The war becomes more and more real as it hits home, causing our close-knit characters to split up. As stories of the past unravel, chaos ensues and escalates to a crescendo. When that fatal moment comes, a sacrifice has to be made- but will it be in vain?
  • One In A Million: A Collection of Oneshot Requests

    This is a collection of oneshots that i've written. If you read my Brick By Boring Brick/Come Back To Me/Far Away/How Far We've Come series for Harry Potter, fill out the form and message it to me if you want a oneshot!
  • Far Away

    Jenny's 6th year of Hogwarts is approaching and she now faces a new problem, which becomes a gateway to other problems. She must sort through her priorities and decide how to act, for it will affect everyone around her and perhaps even fate itself.
  • Brick By Boring Brick

    Jenny has built, brick by brick, a wall in her consciousness that dissociates her from reality. She escapes into a world of magic at Hogwarts. There, she will discover secrets of her past that lead her to unearth her destiny.
  • A Brick By Boring Brick Summer Series

    I've decided to write a summer series from the summers between Brick By Boring Brick, Come Back To Me, and Far Away. They are by no means in order or fit into the story. Reading these is optional, but these scenes will have more fluff than the stories.
  • Come Back To Me

    A sequel to my Harry Potter story: Brick By Boring Brick. Jenny finds herself at a turning point, all of her unanswered questions could be answered by making one single choice. But this choice comes with a consequence. It could cost her everything.