• The Curse of Orpheus

    Eight years had passed since the battle of Hogwarts. The British Magical Society is more or less healed. Everyone had moved on with their life. Being a muggleborn witch, Hermione decided to work for Muggle Government while still keeping in touch with her friends in magical world. Every thing seemed to be under control and peaceful. But something wicked is coming
  • Catch You When You Fall

    Hermione Granger disliked flying, for a good reason. But when one afternoon Teddy Lupin asked her to fly with him, she cannot really say no, can she? Written for The House Competition Year 5
  • Not a Mismatch

    What happened between Harry and Hermione after the interview with Rita Skeeter on Harry's 5th year? Written for The House Competition Year 5
  • The Book of Hermione Grangers

    Drabbles focusing on Hermione Granger. All story is stand alone. Enjoy
  • On the Night Like This

    Fourth year, after winning Triwizard Tournament, Harry returned only to realize he walked in a trap, bringing Diggory with him. When he returned to the common room, Hermione, as always, were there for him. Based on song, "On the Night Like This" by Mocca.
  • The Grangers in Disguise

    Disclaimer: Harry Potter belonged to J.K. Rowling After the war, Hermione Granger decided to return to the muggle world and took the same path like her parents. Life was good (or boring according to Harry). Now, 10 years after the Wizarding War, Hermione's life got turned upside down. Can she relied on her best friends this time around? Please review whether I should continue.
  • Harry Potter and The Rising of The Dark Lord

    Harry had been lucky. He had encountered You-Know-Who for 3 times and won. It was all dumb luck. What happened when the luck running out? Hermione Granger made sure it won't happen because now Dumbledore's not the only one with the plan.
  • Loyalty That Matters

    AU. Five students of Panem University overheard a plot to kill the president of the uni. They came from different background, different personality. Will they try to prevent that from happening or, as one of them said, "It is none of my business". Rated T to be safe