• First Impressions

    A series of short stories and drabbles featuring some of my favourite first meetings, and meet-cutes, from film, television, and literature, adapted for die-hard fans of Harry Potter, and especially fans of the Marauders Era.
  • Like Magic

    [L/J] [MUGGLE AU] Lily and James take a cool dip in a creek on a hot summer's in the South of France, only for them to find out their feelings aren't so misguided
  • Set Fire to the Rain

    Lily Evans says goodbye to the boy she grew up with. Not all things are meant to last as she sets fire to the rain and turns her back on the past. "She wanted to turn around and apologise, to hug him, to kiss him, to leave some trace of sweetness in their goodbye, but her body decided otherwise."
  • Le Fou

    "He wanted to move his lips and say a command, but they were frozen shut, and the ice crept up his throat, maiming him and making him lame. He wanted to tell his companion to take him back home, back to his brother. But his voice had left him, and his lips were too numb. Was this how it felt to be voiceless? To be lazy and numb?"
  • Yes, My Darling?

    Seraphina Picquery is on a quest to find out more about her father.
  • The Brothers Black

    "They had made a promise to never forget that they were brothers. To promise that they would always protect one another and never let anything come between them. They had been young and foolish to think that such childish promises, even a vow between brothers, could withstand the forces and powers of fate." [Rated T for a bit of swearing]
  • A Load of Tosh

    [J/L] Lily and James find something surprising in the Hogwarts Herald / "James?" "Yeah," he replies as he lifts his head from the back of the sofa to look at her. "Have you read the Hogwarts Herald today?"
  • Old Black Magic

    [MODERN AU JILY] "No, I guess not. But I do have some rapid fire questions for you before we go?" "Yeah alright, hit me with it." "Are you living with anyone?" "Nope, flatmate-free!" James smiles, "Do you have a boyfriend? Fiance? Husband? Someone you're keen on?" "Definitely not."
  • Peter Pettigrew Makes a New Friend

    "For years and years, he and his nan had always thought that it was only Mr Lupin and his wife that lived there. In fact, had Peter not seen him come out of his house that one time during summer last year, he would have never even suspected that a boy – probably about the same age as him – lived there at all."
  • Lily Evans: The Not So Pure Witch

    "As she stares at the canopy of her bed, thinking about the evening past, she was right. It had gone one of two ways indeed; after all she'd seen something rare. Even if she did now harbour a vendetta against unicorns - especially the purist ones at that."
  • Beef Wellingtons and First Impressions

    [MODERN AU] [J/L] [M for Language] "The unknown critic with ginger hair sat by herself and was tapping away on her phone with a smile on her face. If he didn't resent her for insulting his mum's beef wellington recipe, he might've tried to chat her up. But as it was, she had insulted his mum's recipe, and he wasn't going to chat her up even if she was the last person on earth."
  • The Wednesday Shift

    [L/J] [MODERN UNIVERSITY AU] Bartender, James Potter is covering for his skiving mate, Sirius' shift. He expects nothing but misery until an unexpected customer walks into the pub.
  • Thank the Lucky Stars and Tampons

    [L/J] [MODERN AU] "If you aren't here with her fucking tampons in TWENTY MINUTES, i'll throw a wad of her gross bloody uterine walls at your face when you come in"/James Potter, who is absolutely not a toff, finds himself at Tesco's, looking for tampons, and being accosted by a shopping trolley. Maybe there's a reason why he shops at the Waitrose up the road [Rated T for language]
  • Goodbye Brother

    "Reg, even if it does put us in different houses, and even if we play Quidditch against each other, and even if we don't get along every day, that doesn't matter. Because you're my brother. You'll always be my little brother." "Do you promise?" Reg whispered, his voice a little bit croaky from crying. "Yeah, I promise."- A short series on how two brothers drifted so far apart
  • The Pope and Ginger Spice's Romantic Rendezvous

    [LJ] [MODERN AU] "Lily Evans hated parties. They were loud, claustrophobic, and meant getting tarted up. But if going to a party meant meeting the person who could possibly be her life's great love, she would endure a hundred more just to cross paths with James Potter again." / James and Lily meet at a party.
  • The Birds & The Bees

    [J/L] A short (hilarious and entertaining) series on how Lily and James find out they're going to be parents. [Rated T for language, references and themes]
  • Chasing Pavements

    "Sometimes an omission was better than telling the truth, and it was a burden that Sirius was ready to bear. A burden that he would happily bear if it meant that his friends would be happy, if she would be happy." / In an alternate universe, Sirius' feelings for Lily aren't entirely platonic.
  • The Talented Mr Pettigrew

    All is not as seems with Peter Pettigrew. [Modern Day AU]
  • Eight Weeks

    "The baby, her baby had been forming inside of her for eight weeks. A baby, who had been, conceived on their first anniversary weekend in Ireland. For eight weeks she had dreamt of the small baby that grew inside her. She had wondered about whether it was a boy or a girl, whether it would look like James or her, or whether she'd mind either way." / A tragic Jily story
  • A Furry Little Problem

    The story of how Lily Evans found out about Remus Lupin's furry little problem; told in six parts. / [Includes a hefty amount of the Marauders (because duh!) and an even heftier amount of Jily (again, because why the heck not!)]