• HodgePodge

    An unrelated collection of Jily drabbles that were too short and silly to post as stand-alone stories.

  • Retribution

    My name is Lily Evans. I'm twenty years old. I have red hair and green eyes. I have been experimented upon for the past two years. I tell you none of these facts from my own memory—because I have none. I suppose I'll just have to take their word for it then, won't I?

  • Promises In Frost

    Lily Evans has an important question to ask before Christmas.

  • Tracing You

    "Each student from the creative writing course will be paired with another student from the art course to work on a collaborative project over the duration of three weeks for a chance to be featured in the Hogwarts University Annual Art Exhibition." What are the chances that Lily gets paired with the one person she absolutely cannot stand?

  • We're Just Friends

    James Potter is in love with his flatmate. There. Best to get that out of the way before he is accused of being in denial or drowning in obliviousness.

  • Hoodwinked

    James and Lily release stress after a night of undercover work for the Order [J/L Smut]

  • Close Your Eyes

    "Really?" he whispered, voice tight, clearly hurt. "Do I really repulse you that much?" Written for the November 2022 Jilychallenge tropefest

  • so scarlet it was maroon

    James and Lily hide in a safe house after a mission gone wrong, even as unspoken pain lingers in the space between them.

  • Disgraceful

    James Potter is attracted to his neighbour. Lily Evans wishes she wasn't attracted to hers. Neighbours AU.

  • Drink Me!

    What do you do when you find a suspicious vial of potion left on your desk, accompanied by a cryptic message daring your true Gryffindor spirit? If you're James Potter, you drink it and convince others to do the same. If you're Lily Evans, you're others.

  • Loud Silences

    Silence speaks louder than words. And sometimes, James Potter learns, it speaks quite inaccurately.

  • Room Service

    When receptionist Lily Evans is informed that the hotel she works at will be hosting the owner's son for the whole month of October, she figures he's likely to be smug, and unbearable, and really nothing new. As it turns out, she's right about the first two assumptions—and terrifically wrong about the third.

  • Sharper Than Hope

    "You're…" A lick of lips; something sharper than hope on my tongue; another attempt. "You fancy me?" [Jilytober 2021]

  • Golden Whispers

    "Why the envy, Evans? You're the one who decided to keep this thing quiet." Emotions rage. Tempers rise. Bodies collide. [Jily PWP]

  • Lost In Symphony

    They've been at this for at least fifteen minutes—though time is hard to keep track of when she's got more vodka in her body than water—and she distantly wonders at what point everyone else decided to leave them alone to their little game. [Jilychallenge for August'21. Theme: Summer Feelings. Camping AU]

  • Fashion Disaster

    James Potter is roped into an awful dare by his best-mate, which involves dressing up in whatever clothes Sirius deems fit for all days until Christmas. If this wasn't terrible enough, he now has to contend with his maddening crush on the beautiful saleswoman at the clothing store, who can barely do anything but laugh at his fashion choices.

  • Fall Gentle Fall Soft

    "Please." She clutches onto the front of his shirt, and it's unfair because he's the one who's drowning; he's the one who needs an anchor. "Please, don't ask anything. I just—I need to feel something." [Summer of Jily 2021]

  • From the Edge

    A three-hour-long detention. A barrage of unspilled words. A kiss that has remained unacknowledged. Until now. [Jilychallenge for July'21. Theme: Idiots in Love]

  • Salt Air

    The last day of summer brings with it the courage for some much-needed conversations (and confessions). Now, if only James Potter could understand how to make it fun.

  • Underwater

    Sometimes, the fact that she'd chosen him, loved him, just the way that he loved her, felt so unbelievable that he could barely string two words together. Right now, with Lily's hand caressing his face and pale skin glowing like something magical, was certainly one of those times. [co-written with petalstosarah]