lilly hope holmes

  • Harry Potter and the Very Bad Influence

    Set in GOF, Harry and Ron have been fighting ever since his name was called from that cup, Hermione is trying to avoid the conflict at all costs and Harry seems to have made a new friend. There will be triggering subjects as well as Darry and Wolfstar in future chapters, a warning will be provided.
  • Prompt Challenge

    A random set of prompts I found on google images. There is potential for a lot of different pairings and scenarios. Rated T for Language and possible mentions of Triggering scenes in future chapters. These will all be clearly marked and each entry should have a WARNING at the top with the prompt.
  • The Boy Who Lives to Irritate Me

    Set in Goblet of Fire. Harry opens up to Draco right before the final task. Rated T for language and eventual sexual references. Harry's parents come back... I explain further inside. Male X Male pairings. Pairings include: Drarry, Blaise X Nevile, Ron X Mione, Remus X Sirius and James X Lilly. Title is a line from the story. good, yes?