• Fighting Back

    The muggleborn start a sit-in at Hogwarts. It spreads. The wizarding world won't know what hits it when the muggleborn fight back. How will this affect the wizarding society?

  • A Ghost's Revenge

    Harry wakes up to a voice in his head when he's six years old. Lily has stuck around, and now she's going to fix his life. First, she has to take care of Petunia. How dare that woman treat her son this way. Then she's going to find out who mucked up Harry's life in the first place.

  • The Problem with Potions

    Something went wrong with the revival ritual and now Voldemort is almost parental towards Harry. What could have gone wrong? This will be a bashing fic. Those who like the Weasleys, the younger, and Dumbledore will not like this fic. A bit of Hermione too, but she'd redeemable.

  • With Knowledge Came Help

    Sirius gets ahold of seven books on Harry's life. How does that change things? Who reads them next? No reading of the books happens in this story. It is glossed over.

  • Payback Time

    Harry gets struck by magical lightning and get stupidly overpowered. It's payback time. No one is going to be walking over him anymore. This might veer into crack territory, I'm not sure yet.

  • Nope, I'm Gone

    The standard Harry leaves when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. This time, he's not coming back.

  • Protecting Harry

    The spirit of Hogwarts feels Harry needs protection. Dumbledore isn't doing a good enough job, so she calls on the only man she feels can get it right. Prophecies fear him, demons flee from him, and Slayers love him. Enter Xander Harris. Original story, Potter's Protector, is written by mjimeyg.

  • Harry's Private Army

    In 'The Shock of It All' many people stated they wanted to see what an army of doxies could do. Well, here's my take on that. Harry is bored, so he creates a small army of household pests out of the ones found in Grimmuald Place. Just how much did the horcrux change them? And what will it do for them now?

  • Deadpool's Fun

    Deadpool drops in on eleven-year old Harry with an offer. Ends in a cliffhanger. Adoptable. Think of it as a challenge.

  • When Death Intervenes

    Death doesn't like how Binns teaches, so she replaces him. Watch out Hogwarts, ghosts are invading. This is a repost of Replacing Ghost, an old story of mine.

  • Vamp Voldy in the Buffy Verse

    Halfrek has turned Voldemort into Tommie the female vampire. She dropped a chip in her head and abandoned her in Sunnydale. How will Tommie cope? Okay, since so many of you asked, here is a short sequel from Back at Ya. If you haven't read that story this one will make no sense.

  • Wizarding World's Darling

    A supportive Wizarding World stands by Harry during his trials in 4th and 5th year. A fluff Fic. Very little bashing, even Ron is put in a good light.

  • Back At Ya

    With one simple wish to a vengeance demon and Harry gets some of his own back. Response to Scott the Wanderer's challenge, When Harry met Hallie!

  • Walking Dead Utopia (Teaser)

    Harry, joined with a few others, is running from the apocalypse. Well, they know they can't run from it, but they are going to do what they can to save as many as they can. No one is going to stop them from helping! How do the werewolves come in play? Almost completely AU. BAMF!MCs. A Walking Dead crossover. On hiatus due to illness.

  • Reclaiming the House of Black

    Sirius reclaims his house and stands up to Molly. I wouldn't call it bashing, just my point of view.

  • Looking for a fic

    Read inside, and help a girl out.

  • Goose in the Neighborhood

    There be aliens about, and Voldie is about to meet one. Not really a crossover.

  • Through the Veil

    Sirius falls through the veil, Harry follows. They wind up somewhere new. Knowing there's no way back, they seek to help their world as best they can. Just a quick one-shot.

  • Grinning Goblins: Hermione's Alternative Turn

    What if Hermione acted a bit more like she does in canon? What if she brought her parents? And they were just like her, or well, she was just like them. Still, things turn out a bit different. A quick little one-shot. It's supposed to be funny, maybe a bit crackish.

  • Harry Potter and the Grinning Goblins

    Harry feels it's really stupid to alienate those who control your money. See how his first trip to Gringotts should have gone. Just a quick light-hearted oneshot.