• I Really, Really Don't Care Where You Go

    Flint's have been in Slytherin for generations, until suddenly...they weren't. Single dad! Marcus
  • The Boy

    Singe dad!Percy. Life was perfect for Percy Weasley. That is, until the dreadful day the boy came into their lives. OR: Molly has a crush on a boy and Percy is not happy
  • A Heartfelt Discussion

    Single Father!Percy. Percy has avoided talking about his ex wife for a long time, that is, until Lucy wants answers as to what happened to her mother.
  • Invisible Bruises

    AU. Set during the summer before HBP. Percy Weasley is eager to move on with his life and become the extraordinary person he knows he's meant to be. Too bad he didn't know that sometimes our deepest desires are the most dangerous.
  • Of Drinks and Lectures

    Molly gets drunk behind her dad's back so Percy has a talk with her
  • Harry's Birthday

    Harry is VERY upset when our favorite Dark Lord forgets his birthday
  • What If?

    What if it wasn't the Weasley's that rescued Harry just before his second year? What if it was the Creevey brother's? What if Colin isn't the stalker to Harry that he is in the books? What if Colin (and later Dennis) becomes best friends with the trio and joins them on their adventures? Note: Not a Ron bashing fic!
  • How Far I'll Go

    Dennis Creevey is a successful photographer and Professor of Muggle Studies. He's living a relatively normal life; for a wizard anyway. What happens when Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy tell him that they might have found a way to bring Colin back?
  • Things I'm Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts

    Seamus and Dennis go through the list of what they're not allowed to do at Hogwarts Snape, Colin and Fred are alive!
  • Death-Cycles

    Teddy wants Dennis to ride his motorcycle with him. Dennis is being stubborn. Rated T just to be safe
  • A New Beginning

    Harry is returning to Hogwarts for his final year. He meets Draco Malfoy on the train and he's...nice? Fred and Snape are alive in this fic