The Selvage Fairy

  • An Entirely Different Childhood

    Vernon Dursely decided to take a direct approach to dealing with his "nephew problem". Found by the Gringott's goblins Harry is set on a path no one could have predicted. What will Harry's life be like growing up Goblin?

  • Expecto Patronum

    Harry discovers something about self-soothing that no one expected. I'm sure you can imagine where the story would go from here.

  • So, That's a Yes?

    Harry wants to propose to Severus. Severus wants to propose to Harry. Hermione and Draco have a bet.

  • Nine and three Quarters?

    This is just a bit of nonsense about why the platform is numbered 9 3/4. I wondered, and I thought maybe Harry did too.

  • Making a Deal

    Harry wants to trade something he has for something he needs. Has he chosen the right person? Does he have the right bait?

  • The Next Great Adventure

    Harry Potter did his bit for humanity when he was 17, and then happily faded into obscurity. But at the end of a long life, perhaps you can go home again. I own nothing.

  • Continuity

    After the war life, and death, go on.

  • The Souvenir

    Severus takes Harry on a trip to collect potion ingredients. But Harry has to bring home a souvenir, right?

  • The Christmas Brew

    Snape sets a lesson in creative brewing, and Harry must put his own spin on the challenge.

  • Possibilities

    After the war is over, life goes on. And for Severus Snape, things might just be looking up. No slash.

  • Possibilites

    The war is over and life goes on. A chance encounter leads Severus to think his personal life may finally be looking up. No slash. OC.