• A Riddle With Another Name

    Tom Riddle, Sr. suddenly awoke as from a dream to find himself married to the tramp Marvolo Gaunt's daughter Merope unable to figure out how he got there. Immediately extricating himself from the situation and deserting his pregnant wife, Tom hastily made his way back home to resume his normal life. Angst/Tragedy/Drama. AU. Rated T for language and situations.

  • Making The First Move

    The truth: Brilliant, educated and versatile people can also be ridiculous and obstinate. Hermione and Severus are in a battle to see which of them can be the most ridiculous and the most obstinate. We will have a ringside seat to watch the implosion and what comes after. AU/OOC/T.

  • Returning To His Roots

    Sent to Switzerland shortly after the end of the War. Draco Malfoy has been enjoying life. However, a nasty run in with Hermione Granger at a conference in France forces Draco to change his entire mindset. He will return to London to face his past and prove his worth as well. With all the mitigating factors, will Draco prevail? AU/T/OC/OOC Dramione/Blinny.

  • The Tale Of Two Wizards Full Circle

    Life is good for The Malfoys since their return to England in 2006. The only wrinkle is Draco's newly found proclivity for dangerous, Muggle sports. An accident in 2008 laid him up for weeks. Now, in 2009, it's clear to Hermione that Draco could be headed for disaster. 1st chap M for CHARACTER DEATH OC/AU. Tragedy/Angst. M/T. NOT DRAMIONE. Sequel to: The Tale Of Two Wizards

  • Love Vessel

    Everything in Hermione's life had become predictable, from the pseudo suitors to the frenetic Saturday nights out and the monotonous job she had once loved. So, when she spotted the short application stuck in a recently purchased book boasting of exciting, climatic ways to enhance her life, she filled in the form hoping some part of the advertisement was true. T/M Dramione.

  • Harry's First Real Halloween

    Every child, Magical or Muggle knows something about Halloween. Harry Potter isn't any exception. He knew about it alright. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, (The Dursleys), he had only been allowed to experience it the one time on his sixth birthday. Now at Hogwarts, he would experience it again. HP, RW, FW, GW, HG. One shot. K .

  • Cursebreaker Without Benefits

    Severus and Hermione are Cursebreakers married to each other. Hermione is now six months pregnant and not allowed in the field due to safety concerns and Severus' orders. It's all fine until Severus is caught by The Egyptian Guard in a restricted area and detained. While the Goblins work to get Severus released, the only form of communications between the Snapes is Letters. AU/T

  • Cursebreaker With Benefits

    It's 2005, seven years after the Second Wizarding War. In 2000, Hermione Granger had been invited and accepted as a Gringotts Cursebreaker alongside Bill Weasley and Severus Snape. The position while dangerous was exciting as well. It suited her mindset. It was also a plus she could count on Bill and Severus to have her back as she has theirs. AU, Adventure, Drama, One Shot, T/M.

  • Malfoy Magic

    Draco and Hermione are the last two students returning to Hogwarts after a Hogsmeade visit and find themselves in an unexpected, romantic encounter. After the deed, Hermione wants more of Malfoy. Draco wants more as well, but is not inclined to let it show. If Hermione means to get more of the Malfoy Magic, she'll have to bring out some magic of her own. Dramione. M/AU/Reworked

  • Remnants Of The Dark Lord

    It's 2005, seven years after the Battle at Hogwarts. Draco is a top Solicitor headed for a seat on the Wizengamot. In the past, The Dark Lord made Draco do unspeakable things. A huge secret is wreaking havoc in Draco's personal and social life. One of those unspeakable things won't stop haunting Draco's life. Dramione. Dark Topics/Voldemort Rated M.

  • Merlin Made Me Do It

    Harry Potter is going to write a tell-all book at Merlin's request. We will be sitting in on the initial meeting as Harry meets his ghostwriter for the first time. Harry will share information as well as many random thoughts with his ghostwriter, I.M. Notabeetle and with you, his audience. Humor/Drama/Romance. OC's Rated M for language, Everything Canon belongs to JKR.

  • The Last Shacklebolt

    Even the most staid and stoic wizards have a life outside of being a leader and fighting wars. We are going to have a peep into the other life of Kingsley Shacklebolt. One-shot. T. AU. Drama.

  • Powerful Magic

    Strange things are going on with Draco Malfoy. An unexpected and unwelcome Hermione Granger has been chasing him down, blaming him for…something. Draco doesn't know what the appearances are about. To save his sanity he has to find out. Drama/Mystery. AU. OOC. T. Dramione.

  • Last Night

    Draco is reminiscing about the previous night. It had been the first night he and Granger spent together as lovers. Draco was chuffed because he had been her first. What he doesn't understand is her attitude today. He is now questioning where will they go from here? One shot. T/AU DM/HG. Fluff, Anxiety, Drama. Dramione. Originally done in 2012.

  • One Moment Of Anger

    In one moment of anger both Draco and Hermione said things that were impossible to take back. Have they really fallen out of love? Ask Blaise. He's willing to help Hermione get over Draco. Angst/Drama. Dramione. T. One shot.

  • Their Nodding Acquaintance

    There are times when The Fates work to keep us away from our right place, right time and all we can do is move ahead taking the path they've laid out before us. But sometimes The Fates rethink their position and smile on us. Then, everything becomes negotiable. One shot. Dramione.

  • Time Has Stood Still

    Hermione and Draco have been divorced for a year. They have a son named Scorpius who is almost two years old. Everyday Draco regrets the mistake which led them to this place, but there's nothing he can do to change it. Neither Hermione nor Draco can move forward. For them, time has stood still. OOC. Light Love. Two chapters. Dramione.

  • Changes

    This story postulates what could have happened during the first seven years following The Battle at Hogwarts. It is a slice of life centering around Draco, Hermione and all their old and new friends. The Wizarding World and Dramione have moved forward….with a little help. A Dramione story told by Merlin.

  • Malfoy Magic

    Draco and Hermione are the last two students returning to Hogwarts after a Hogsmeade visit and find themselves in an unexpected, romantic encounter. After the deed, Hermione wants more of Malfoy. Draco wants more as well, but not necessarily from Granger. If Hermione means to get more of the Malfoy Magic, she'll have to bring out some magic of her own. Dramione. M

  • Harry Potter And The Blood Of The Godfathers

    Hermione Granger is living and teaching in Seattle, WA USA. Although she is halfway across the world from England, Hermione has managed to uncover an astonishing link to her best friend Harry Potter. T/AU HG/HP/OC Drama /One Shot. (Formerly, Blood Of The Godfather, 2015)