• Locker Room Antics

    Summary: During Christmas Holidays Harry hears about some of the things his parents got up to at Hogwarts. 6th Year Lily and James are Alive, Harry and Hermione Pairing.
  • A letter from Mother to Son

    Tittle tells all
  • The Wedding

    Yeah why did you wake us up at 5 in the morning" Alice put her hand on her hip and said indignantly "Because..." "I'm getting married today" yelled Frank running downstairs half dressed and hugging Remus Lupin who was still in his dressing gown
  • Lily and the Marauders

    A couple of shot during Lily James' 7th year - Hey there I'm James Potter, I'm 17, head boy and Quiditch captain. By my friends I'm known as Prongs No1 most handsome Hogwarts bachelor... No you're not the most handsome I am. My name is Sirius Lee Black ladies. To my friends though I'm Padfoot and Prongsie is hopelessy in luuuuuurve with-Ouch prongs that hurt
  • Is that alright

    Set after the scene at the black lake inspired by the song 9crimes by Damien Rice. Enjoy and Review I own nothing
  • Mr Potter's Letter

    It was a bright summer's morning when 17-year Lily Evans received the letter that would change her opinion of one Mr James Potter forever.
  • Meeting Harry

    Luna's thoughts when she first meets Harry Potter
  • Light and Dark

    Two and against one hardly a fair fight. Gretel a Grand white witch goes to fairytale academy where she discovers to Grand Dark witches one with a heart the other without. Please be kind- first crossover
  • Harry Potter in 66 words

    explains all
  • Your Mother, My sister

    A little one shot between Aunt Petunia and Harry
  • The Story of Lily Evans and James Potter

    Tittle tells pretty much all
  • Sirius Black and Maddie Davies