• Life is beautiful

    Harry realises something when he is nine years old that changes his life forever. Follow Harry as he drifts through life, simply happy that he can see the sky. Happy!Harry Neglected!Harry (not a major fic, I just wanted to make a story where Harry is really easy going). SLASH IN THE FUTURE (fourth year)
  • Harry's descent into darkness

    Harry, spending his childhood learning that adults couldn't be trusted, honesty was painful, you couldn't be who you are and they needed to pay, has become a master manipulator who longs for revenge and trusts in the darkness that he used to fear. Dark!Harry Abused!Harry Manipulative!Harry WARNING:CHILD ABUSE
  • The Blood Moon

    Sequel to The Boggart! Harry has to learn how to survive the never ending torture of not being allowed to die, and the slightly ironic tournament that wants to kill him just as much as he does. Draco has to learn how to flirt. And Neville has to learn the whimsical ways of a certain Little Moon. Warnings: SLASH, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS/ATTEMPTS, PTSD, PAST CHILD ABUSE
  • Secret Romance

    A the story of a blossoming romance between Harry and Draco. Filled with tragedy and the terrors of war. Can they overcome the horrors of a world set against them? WARNINGS OF ABUSE, VIOLENCE, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, MENTAL ILLNESS, SLASH. UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY. THE BOOK IS NOT FINISHED! NEW CHAPTER SOON
  • Dream Land

    Harry Potter, prisoner and beloved of Bellabee, falls into yet another one of his torturous dreams... only, this time, is it real? Warnings: Slash, Torture, Dissociation, Identity Problems, mentions of child abuse.
  • The truth inside the cupboard

    Harry and Draco are at a party in eighth year when they get a dare that brings back bad memories. COMPLETE.
  • Unfounded Disbelief

    A short story of Harry and Draco's relationship not being believed by ANYONE! COMPLETE
  • Don't die, my son

    I originally started writing this because I wanted to point out how unlikely it was that Harry's parents would want their son to die... But then I sort of got sidetracked on an evil Dumbledore tangent and one thing led to another. ONE SHOT
  • The Stairs

    Harry Potter, on his first day, comes across a conspiracy to do with the stairs of Griffindor Tower the moment he is told of it. Shocked!Everyone Sneaky!Harry Open-minded!Harry (I don't normally label my characters but I thought 'why not, man')

    Crack!Fic Couldn't resist. Harry studies, passes his OWLs... and everyone else can't cope.
  • Hufflepuff logic

    Mandy tries to explain why Hufflepuff is best, in her opinion anyway. Is everyone prejudiced against the other houses? ONE SHOT
  • The Taint

    A short one shot with a Hermione P.O.V. and a manipulative Harry who reveals himself for one reason or another... Probably boredom. (This story doesn't make much sense, and the plot isn't truly understandable. Basically Ginny has been cheating on Harry, he knows, but doesn't actually care, because he doesn't care for her.)
  • Voice

    A small short comedy/drama that concerns Harry's realisation over fanfiction. Hopefully original?
  • Long Grass, Pillars, and Portals

    Harry Potter, aged 8, is spent whirling through time. What is this place? Was there a battle? Why have they kidnapped him? And, god, where have they taken his new devil-child friend Tom? Warnings: Abuse (via Dursleys), Major Character Death.
  • Marks of the Soul

    Harry Potter, a boy trapped in an unloving house, having given up on his parents love, wishes with all his heart to be united with his guaranteed love: Tom Marvolo... Warnings: abuse, slash, bullying
  • Androgynous auror

    Its about OCs... so, uh, yeah. Aurors. Yep. (I am so good at descriptions)
  • Pride

    A Luna/Harry fic inspired by a rainbow... Um. Take it or leave it.
  • That culpable smell

    A drarry humorous fic regarding theft, lips, and romantic treachery! Warnings: slash, minor crime. Rated T for safety.
  • Concubines and sibilant emergencies

    Harry Potter, desk jockey for the Auror department, is bored out of his skull on a Friday afternoon. What strange happenings will occur when his mind and work drifts. Warnings: slash (kinda). Smexy thoughts.
  • A birthday bash

    Post-Hogwarts, Harry's family has *peculiar* ways to celebrate his birthday. Warning: mention of child abuse (isolation/inadequate sleeping quarters). A small drabble for this drabble craze I have delved into.