• Becoming Calla Prologue and Chapter !, New Beginnings

    Muggle-born Calla thinks she is prepared for life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After all, her parents both went to boarding school, so what could be so different? Calla soon finds out that expectations are never the same as reality, and learns more than she ever thought she would about loyalty, friendship, good and evil.

  • The Game Changer

    What kind of things will happen between Severus and Hermione during a time of forced togetherness?

  • Redeeming the Past

    The past: some cling to it, others deny it; some learn from its lessons, while others are locked in the cycle of their mistakes. How far would a man be willing to go to move beyond his past and ensure that it will not define him? Severus Snape is about to learn. Author's Note: This story was published on another site under a different pen name. No plagiarism has taken place :)

  • Sonata

    They both felt the pull of a strong, instant attraction when they met up again after the war. Will the secrets in Severus Snape's life end up sending Hermione away?

  • Terms and Conditions

    Hermione and Severus' friendship was forged in adversity and strengthened in commonality. Will it survive when good fortune smiles on one of them?

  • Gardiner and Shipe

    A test of a new Time-Turner not only sends Hermione back into the past but entangles her in the investigation of an unsolved mystery.