• Census

    Or, a brief overview of the denizens of the magical community of Harry Potter. A year's worth of 100-word, character-centric drabbles, updated each day. Content will tend toward serious introspection, and the focus will be on book canon for the most part. Day 1: Luna Lovegood.

  • Your Life is Laid Before You: Harry Potter Bad Ends

    One moment is all it takes. If events shift just the tiniest bit, the consequences can be dire. These are a series of "normal" events from canon given a nudge toward the horrifying. Because, really, it's so easy to gloss over all the dangers in the HP universe. Sometimes, the simplest changes lead to the biggest upheavals. Moment 3: Leaving Hogwarts after Harry's 5th year.

  • Kowtowing

    Even a steadfastly Dark family like the Blacks have trepidation when the Dark Lord is going to be a guest in your home. This is exacerbated by the fact that it's time for their daughters to make their Lord's acquaintance for the first time. A speculative little scene of how Narcissa and Bellatrix could have met Voldemort, in the guise of a parlor-room pureblood fantasy of manners.

  • Embracing Expiration

    Death comes to us all. How they greet it defines a person. See how a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor each meet their demise and how house affiliation plays into the end of each.

  • Habituation

    Marauders era. As his life at Hogwarts draws to a close, James is struck by just how different he is now than who he used to be. He's not at all sure he likes this version of himself, and is looking for someone to blame. Dumbledore, as is his wont, might have the answer if you sift through the quirks. More an introspective piece from James' POV about the Marauders and himself.

  • Incoherent

    Everyone enjoys a little naughty shennanigans once in a while, right? Well, mix in a healthy dose of revenge and you get something I am more than a little embarrassed I wrote. Nearly PWP.

  • Veiled

    A short rhyming poem with a darker-than-average look through Harry's eyes at his relationship with Sirius and parallels between them. Silver medal winner at Allpoetry!