• Legacies

    Romina lives with the dark legacy her family left under the Voldemort's reign, including the Potters' murder. Despite knowing Harry Potter in the Muggle world, Romina still faces many problems at Hogwarts, amongst them choosing – in everyone else's opinion – the wrong boy to fall for. Romina finds that she clashes with Harry & Draco altogether. Maybe you just can't escape legacies.

  • Darkest Before Dawn

    Agent Seren Soul was groomed by SHIELD to one day lead the Avengers Initiative under the alias of Stardust. Nowhere in her training did it say she would ever have to help a man from the past adjust to their world. Steve Rogers needs a civilized woman but all Seren knows is to be a loyal Agent, a dutiful Stardust & most of all an alien. Neither is ready to unfold their troubled past

  • Metamorphosis

    Renata has survived her illness & regenerated. With everything seemingly put behind them, she & the new Doctor decide to give themselves a chance but will they last? With newcomer Amy Pond, Dr. Song lurking by - claiming things from the future - & Renata's belief in her inability to change for the better, things might not be looking so great for her & the Doctor. *2nd in Home Saga

  • Against All Odds

    The chances of meeting the same stranger twice is slim yet Spencer & Aitana manage to do it under unusual (or exceptional) circumstances. The math just doesn't fit there. They wouldn't fit together either. At least that's what they each silently decide when things start getting a little "exceptional" between them. But sometimes all odds can go to hell if something just feels right.

  • Dare To Forget Me

    Detective Montserrat Novak originally planned to transfer to SVU but mysteriously withdrew her papers. Nine months later, Olivia pulls her profile when Montserrat becomes a material witness to a case. From there, Montserrat can't really get away from SVU. Now she finds herself dealing with a Detectives & an ADA whom she seems to have a talent at pulling all his right strings.

  • As If It's Our Last

    After the Hollow separated the Mikaelsons, the Quarter has peace for 7 years...until Hope Mikaelson ignites the fuel for a new war against hybrids. Despite unable to be together due to the Hollow, Maleny & Klaus each return to the Quarter to figure out who's targeting their hybrid kinds. But once there, their feelings for each other are inevitable. Tick, tock goes their time...

  • Written in the Stars

    The Silence is gone & newlyweds Avalon & the Doctor can finally see the world. The Ponds begin to travel less with them, though, making the Doctor sadly conclude it's their time to start moving on. But HIS Pond, his wife, is forever & together they will be...hopefully. A mysterious child follows them through space & time to change the world, even predicting EVERY Ponds' departure.

  • Oh, the Mornings

    **One-shot**. It's early in the morning when Maribel asks Peter to make pancakes for breakfast but when she falls asleep right after, Peter decides to have a solo morning...

  • Maribel

    It's while Peter waits to be called into the principal's office that he finds out a seemingly average girl at school can indeed clock someone and it turns out she was absolutely right to do it.

  • Sweet Ambitions

    Spending her entire life cooped up in secret, Anais relishes in her new freedom. It's only later that she learns it's not easy living as a human when she also wants to be Solar with Supergirl. She has good-hearted ambitions but that's not the case for those around her. Not everyone is Kara Danvers, or Winn Schott. "Friends" lurk by & to top it off, CADMUS rears its ugly head.

  • Hearts' Limits

    When she's placed at the center of a case, Emilia feels like she might spiral. Sonny Carisi knows it which is why he puts his best efforts to help ease her nerves during the case...but that's the only reason why. He knows his job as a detective but he also knows Emilia explicitly trusting him shouldn't make him feel anything. Emilia has trouble keeping the limits between them too.

  • Cards on the Table

    **One Shot** Ace has more than one enemy at the library but at least this enemy is more willing to help him and his friends solve a couple mysteries. The only issue he can't resolve is why he keeps coming back to the library when he doesn't have to. Agatha Rhodes isn't nice at all. Then again, she would say the same thing about him.

  • A (small) Christmas Story

    Aitana suffers when Spencer has to leave for BAU cases and just when she decides to surprise him with a full decorated house, she realizes she just isn't up to speed anymore.

  • The Detective & the ADA

    A collection of one-shots between our dear A.D.A Rafael Barba & Detective Montserrat along with other characters including minor OCs. {Companion story to 'Dare To Forget Me'}

  • Make You Stay

    Barry changed the timeline without ever thinking it would harm everyone he loved, literally everyone. Flashpoint planted the seeds for their misfortunes & as much as Belén tries to help Barry fix things, they come face to face with prophecies. Savitar. The Bringer. Amalgam. One will kill, the other will bring Amalgam. Belén & Barry find themselves in a new race for their lives.

  • My Honey

    Theo's best friend decides to do a self-care Saturday, leaving him without much to do except join (or rather annoy) her. Matilda's sure Theo won't be able to stick around out of sheer boredom. And yet, one serum, moisturizer and lotion bottle later and suddenly they're spilling long-kept secrets to each other. Who knew how important the scent of honey would be for the two of them.

  • When the Night Came

    One Shot**. Arlet keeps having nightmares over the Tri-Wizard tournament and a reluctant Fred is volunteered to help her. The only reason he's reluctant about helping is because he's been pushed inside Arlet's room uninvited and without a plan.

  • For the Days Lost

    The battle of Hogwarts left Romina & Draco with no choice but to end their relationship. At the risk of losing each other permanently, they figured it was better to leave things as they were for the time being. The "time being" turned into years. Now here they are again, one divorced, the other widowed, both with kids, & the same yearning for each other as when they were younger.

  • Thoughts of Dreamers

    *One shot*. During a sleepless night, thoughts and plans of the future are discussed in a world where they don't seem possible anymore, at least not the way they had originally intended.

  • Next Stop, Everywhere

    She's clever, and he likes it. It's a good thing she likes him too. So are they on the same page? She and he, in the TARDIS, next stop everywhere? *First of the Monsoon Seasons*